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WNZ Open Season: Titus O’Neil Suspended

In case you missed this, there was a seemingly harmless interaction between Vince McMahon and Titus O’Neil on Monday night, as McMahon was walking up the entrance ramp after RAW went off the air. This was broadcast on the Network feed. I personally did not watch it live, but I’ve seen the clips (which WWE has pulled from their sites for the time being).

Now, what I saw was not the full, live interaction, and it was not HD quality, so I personally wasn’t able to really decide what happened either way, beyond Titus appearing to grab or shove Vince, and Vince responded. However, based on all the reports of it, from folks who saw it live on the Network feed or who have obsessed over the footage since, virtually everyone noted that it all seemed playful, and that Vince, Stephanie and Hunter were all smiling or laughing about it.

So, imagine the shock when news came out that, when showing up for the Smackdown tapings last night, Titus had earned himself a suspension, which has been speculated to be for 90 days.

Come again?!?

Here’s a Superstar in O’Neil, who of late has been getting a new lease on a Singles career, not long after he’d been working with his old partner as part of the Prime Time Players. He’s gotten attention for a notable Father of the Year award, and has been doing a lot of press work for WWE. It’s been a good few months for O’Neil. And now, he’s on the sidelines, and if the rumored length of suspension is anywhere near accurate, he will miss out on WrestleMania.

So, in all honesty, what gives?

Everyone seemed jovial about it on Monday night. And Titus was on seemingly strong footing, based on recent accolades.

Is this a matter of, unless Vince tells you to as part of the script, you just don’t touch the boss? Or is there something else going on that we just don’t know about? Generally speaking, a 90 day hit is in line with a Wellness Policy violation, so unless it’s killing two birds with one stone, something seems odd. Let’s say that the punishment does not fit the crime, and it’s really debatable if any “crime” were actually committed. If McMahon was unhappy being touched, he surely could have just said so. And, let’s be honest. Unless something else was said or done by O’Neil that the cameras didn’t show, I tend to think that Vince’s actions were more obvious and physical than Titus’ were. Not that that means anything, just pointing something out.

So who was out of line?

If I were Titus, I’d bet he wishes he didn’t get playful with the boss, hindsight being 20/20. But the suspension Vince levied? Either there are other issues we just have yet to learn about, which is entirely possible. Or Vince has gone off the deep end on this one, and felt like he needed to send some sort of message.

Personally, unless we find out that there are other issues hiding under the surface, I think Vince overreacted on this one.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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