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The Rock Returns … But Will He Wrestle At Wrestlemania 32?

The WWE was hyping up a huge superstar return prior to the January 25th edition of Monday Night RAW, and as fans worldwide speculated on the whether it would be Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, or The Great One; the (somewhat) dull Miami audience quickly got a shot of electricity when the it was evidently clear (and to quote him) that, ‘Finally, The Rock has come back’ … to help entertain RAW audiences.

And entertain he did, the segment with him was flawless, and only The People’s Champ can get away with what he got away with: talking with a Hulk Hogan impersonator, making references to recreational drugs, casually chatting about a one-night stand with Lana, referring to Rusev as smelling like rotten testicles; and oh-so much more non-PG related stuff. The New Day lowered his momentum a bit, but still the segment was a breath of fresh air, and overall, entertaining. Much like when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shows up, fans are treated to plenty of entertainment, reminiscent of the Attitude Era. Lots of talking, but very limited wrestling.

Which is not Austin or The Rock’s fault. I mean, Austin simply couldn’t wrestle, because of injuries, and The Rock? He has studios to answer to; films to make and promote; television shows that need to be produced; endorsement deals (hello, Under Armour!) that need to rolled out; not to mention a production company to run. He simply can’t wrestle, because he cannot risk injury. You can tell his heart still belongs to the WWE, and he cares for his fans, he loves the electricity of the crowd, and he has a passion for this business; however, seeing The Rock wrestle once again, that is, in a match, where a storyline has somewhat been tussled together, is a thing of the past.

Now, anything can happen; life is unpredictable. I never say never, and always avoid always; but I highly doubt we will see The Rock wrestle, in a match, in the near future. And that rules out Wrestlemania 32. I say that in all confidence, because with the Royal Rumble behind us, The Rock’s appearance on the January 25th edition of RAW could’ve helped pushed (or hint to) a potential storyline for a match; and sadly I didn’t really see anything that remotely may have teased that. What I saw, was The Rock, help promote WM 32; aid with increased sagging RAW rating by an entertaining (and surprising) segment; and help push his cousins The Usos over with the fans, as the duo have not been getting the reaction they (or WWE officials) have wanted since Jey has returned from his injury (and this could also be thanks to The New Day, and their popularity, despite being heels).

Now, this is just my own personal opinion. While ‘Mania is months away, The Rock’s schedule is complete unpredictable, and I highly doubt we will see him as much in the weeks leading up to WWE’s flagship event. Maybe one more appearance? But that even seems highly unlikely. Sure, The Rock doesn’t need to be at RAW to hype up a match; that’s what his social media accounts are for. But if the WWE higher ups had a concrete plan for The Great One; then RAW would have been a perfect opportunity to lay the foundation for a program and a match.

What are your thoughts WNZ fans? Do you think Rock will wrestle at WM 32? Does it even matter, with the entertaining value he brings to the table in a non-wrestling role? Leave your comments below!

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  • Victor82

    Imagine if The Rock interferes in the triple threat match at Fastlane costing Lesnar the title match at Wrestlemania and benefiting his cousin. Rock vs Lensar. But what will happen is the same, with Bray Wyatt instead of The Rock. I can see Dwayne in Roman’s corner at Wrestlemania against Triple H (with Vince in his corner).

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    As much as I want him to wrestle, I doubt he’ll wrestle at Wrestlemania. The last time he wrestled, he wound up getting hurt and wound up getting surgery, which delayed filming for one of his movies. Hollywood executives or his own business partners wouldn’t like the idea of that happening again to a guy who’s box office in films. I do see him wrestling in the future but not this year.

  • The one and only great one

    I think WWE did throw out a hint during that segment when The Rock mentioned his family, his role at WM32 could be that he’ll be in the corner of Reigns & The Usos. If there was any hint of him wrestling , it would be The New Day vs The Usos & The Rock, but since he’s not going to be wrestling he’ll probably just be in his family corner.

  • biz

    Do you guys read the articles on this site? You guys have posted multiple times that the rock will not be wrestling due to insurance issues. I’m not sure why this site recently started just filling your articles with head cannon. First I read wrestlers under contract to different promotions might be surprise entrants and now this.

  • The Shockmaster

    • Someguy


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