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Dear WWE Creative, Draft Well Done

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Dear WWE Creative,

It’s been a crazy week in WWE, as the closing chapter around your much-anticipated brand extension took place. And I’m here to applaud both Monday Night RAW and especially, the first-ever SmackDown Live, draft edition, the next day.

You know, you’re lucky that I’m writing this letter WWE Creative. My colleague John Deegan wasn’t too hot on the entire thing; and if you are curious about his thoughts, you may want to click here.

I was very excited, during both, highly entertaining shows. Monday Night RAW successfully closed its finally full roster show, and not only were you able to tell a solid story around programs heading into your July pay-per-view (PPV), Battleground, you were also able to close a chapter on RAW, and start a new one around another brand extension.

Of course, I was on Twitter that night, as I always am, and watched everything explode on Tuesday night, as superstars were drafted, and the reactions on Twitter (both from fans, and the superstars themselves). It was interesting to see everyone’s perspective, and it was appropriate to have some talent, stay in character on social media; and this was a good opportunity to do so.

And the SmackDown show itself was entertaining. I not only loved the back and forth banter (and anticipation) from Commissioners and GMs, as each name was revealed; I loved the fan reaction, and the overall roster outcome. I honestly think both side are evenly and appropriately stacked well.

Sure, I was shocked, not only by some picks, but the order of some of the picks. There were also names missing from both rosters (namely, Bayley, Nakamura, and Aries): but, I have a feeling you know exactly what you are doing … and I think these names were missing from the draft, for a very good reason. Disappointment sometimes only adds to the excitement of when a superstar does get called up. Not every one of these names could make it in the top five (like Balor), or even top ten: and perhaps their debuts just might be bigger than the draft itself.

But, where do you go from here?

The anticipation of what the SmackDown and RAW rosters will look like is gone. There is no more wondering about who will land where, or how these brand teams will shape up. While a few things are still in the air, mainly some inter-brand programs, and if we will see the re-birth of the World Heavyweight Championship title; here’s hoping some of these will be answered come Sunday’s PPV – or in the weeks to come.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but what I’m hoping for is some solid feuds, continued compelling stories, and dream matches. Moreover, I’m hoping this brand extension will provide you with an ability to truly focus on the stories of some talent that may not have been able to truly achieve main event status, or be placed in the title picture, because of the size the older roster once was (I’m looking at you Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, and Cesaro). Moreover, a spotlight does deserve to be placed on certain talent, and hopefully we will see some golden pushes in the near future.

The only thing missing? I loved the back and forth of the picks, but really missed seeing the superstar’s reaction to get drafted. That was the only missing link, in my opinion. It was near impossible to try and go back and forth from SmackDown to the WWE Network (where the Draft Center was set up, and in full swing) to see the superstars’ reaction to their drafts in interviews; which was a shame, because there were some pretty good promos that took place in there. While the coverage may have been interesting, and the set up and idea behind it was bang on, everything going on at the Network didn’t really have an active audience during SmackDown… and felt like a bit of a waste of production. Upon reflection, perhaps the draft should’ve been a Network special; although I get the idea of you all wanting to promote and hype up SmackDown Live. As with anything, maybe you can nail it down better, the next time. You still get an A for effort around the SmackDown Center concept, in my humble opinion.

One other thing I would’ve like to see, is at the very least one or two former WWE talents. There had been word around the internet, that you had approached some. It would’ve made for some more shock value, but I understand why you may have held back. Perhaps you simply want to keep the shockers coming, post-draft, and if you do have former WWE talents, you will and can provide that: a surprise return. Or maybe the idea of approaching older talent, was all just what it was; a manufactured rumor that circulated around the internet, but was never truly reality.

Regardless, all in all, it was a job well done, and in a busy week like this one, with a PPV around the corner, you don’t have much breathing room to bask in its success. I get it, it’s a revolving door, WWE Creative. For now, keep the excitement coming, those stories developing, and entertainment exciting. As for the wrestling … leave that to the talent, they are sure to not disappoint. Perhaps the real job, of holding onto the hype, is just around the corner.

Until next time, WWE Creative.

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  • Zack

    There might be an interpromotional war between Dorathy and John ?

    • Dorathy

      That would make for an interesting program :)

  • It Begins kid

    I would love to see the SmackDown draft in a video game like they did with SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth.

  • Si Nicholls

    I enjoyed the draft, I have just got around to watching it due to work commitments. I wasn’t shocked by Fin’s call up, he’s as good in the ring as AJ or The Rock’s cousin’s call up Nia Jax.
    But as someone who doesn’t get to see NXT, are the rest any good?

    • Zack

      American Alpha is a great tag team. When you think of tag teams that stood out in their era (Dudleyz, Hardyz, MNM, etc) they could be good fits to define the tag division.

      Finn Balor and Nia Jax you’ve mentioned.

      Alexa Bliss might well be the next Trish Stratus because a lot of her qualities are exact reflections of each other. As a bonus, Bliss is agile and has shown to be a good high flyer.

  • Mike

    I liked he draft. I’ve said I think they saved some of the bigger nxt names for a more appropriate time, if they’re just drafted in the pre show or towards the end it immediately dims the impact I think. Balor had to come up, it was time and to pick him in the top five was enormous. I think he will be wwe champion inside two years, and we will see the demon appear on the main roster soon enough. Nakamura, Joe, Aires, askuka will have more impactful surprise debuts and they needed to keep star power on nxt to have a chance to create new stars and not just gut the show all at once, otherwise nxt loses its buzz and becomes another main event or superstars. Bayley should of been drafted, but I’m hoping she is sashas surprise partner at battleground, and then becomes a free agent with sd and raw fighting over her. I did enjoy draft centre, some good promos. Some that stand out were cenas, and Dolph ziggler showing a lot of passion, sheamus who cut a very honest out of character promo, where he was very face like, maybe a face turn is coming, enzo and cass, especially after graves said he wanted cass to split from enzo and persue the world title and Kevin Owens as usual was great, also Seth and dean cut nice short back stage interviews.

  • NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    The Draft was so under whelming…lol Well Done? More like just came from the slaughter house ?
    Still too many questions from this…
    Why not keep the Wyatts together? (Strauman by himself is like WTF…he has been in like 3 single matches this year)
    Why not keep The Club together?
    Are they gonna let Charlotte and ND float between both shows?
    Are they gonna add a World Women’s title and World Tag title? If they do are they gonna sign more women and tag teams? (because knowing WWE they would add those titles without adding more competition LOL smh)
    Why not have TRADES in a DRAFT?
    Why wasn’t there “free agents” even involved? (and that goofy shittt going on with Slater doesn’t count lol)
    Why not have done this after SSlam?
    Why have a “WWE special” like the draft on the two hr show? (and don’t say because of Smackdown Live…already saying its gonna be live should have been enough)
    ? #Overhyped ?

  • jcice13

    well done??? the draft sucked, it was a silly inane show and was terrible to watch, listening to the 4 people and their banter was ridiculous and a waste of time

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