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Roman Reigns Moves On To Main Event Wrestlemania 32

Wyatt Family
Live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, Roman Reigns won the Triple Threat Match at the 2016 Fastlane pay-per-view(PPV), and will be the one to move on and face Triple H at Wrestlemania 32, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. When all was said and done, Reigns was able to pin his former Shield buddy, Dean Ambrose, to gain the win, and grab the coveted spot of headlining the biggest WWE event of the year, WM 32.

Full results of the 2016 Fastlane PPV, below:

Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain the U.S. Championship – Two-Out-Of-Three Falls – Pre-Show Kickoff

Surprisingly this match was placed in the Pre-Show Kickoff segment, and it started off with a bang; with Kalisto flying off the top rope, outside the ring, onto ADR, moments after the match started. The first fall went to Kalisto, when Del Rio hit him with a chair and got disqualified. Second fall quickly went to Alberto Del Rio, evening up the score, as Del Rio was able to capitalize on the effect that the chair hit had on Kalisto; ADR pinned Kalisto. In the end, it was a roll-up pin by Kalisto on ADR which gave Kalisto the second fall, and the U.S. Championship win.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks defeated Tamina and Naomi – Divas Tag Team Match

The ladies opened the Fastlane show, with an incredible match. While Team Unity dominated a majority of the match, beating on Lynch, and doing every underhanded trick in the book to stop her from tagging in to Banks; when she finally did tag in … all bets were off. Unfortunately, with Lynch out of commission outside the ring, Naomi and Tamina ganged up Banks, and Naomi even laid her Rear View finisher on her; but was unable to get the pin. In the end, Banks laid her Bank Statement on Tamina, while Lynch laid her Dis-Arm-Her on Naomi; and both divas tapped out in unity, to lose the match.

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Championship Match

Kevin Owens dominated the start of this match, obnoxiously yelling out to the crowd, the announcement team, and Ziggler during the match, in typical Owens fashion. While Ziggler did come back, after a DDT, and quick cover, he could not gain enough momentum to pin Owens. In the end, thanks to the referee getting in the way, Ziggler could not deliver a quality Super Kick, and hesitated before hitting it on Owens. Owens capitalized on this, grabbed Ziggler, laid his Pop Up Powerbomb, gained the three count, to retain the IC title.

Ryback, The Big Show, and Kane defeated The Wyatt Family (Braun Strowman, Erik Rowan, Luke Harper, with Bray Wyatt at ringside) – Six-Man Tag Team Match

In a small upset, Ryback, The Big Show, and Kane defeated The Wyatts, when Ryback laid his Shell Shock on Luke Harper, and gained the three count. While the Wyatts did dominate most of the match, after a shuffle with all six men outside the ring battling it out, Ryback was able to gain the win when he was left alone with Harper inside the square circle. While Bray tried to interfere, Kane was able to knock him down off the apron, so Ryback could place his finisher on Harper, and score the win for the team.

Charlotte defeated Brie Bella to retain the Divas Championship

Amongst the crowd chants of YES!, both ladies took the opportunity to mock each other: first with Charlotte chanting YES; and then with Brie yelling out the signature Flair ‘wwoo’, and then strutting across the ring, mocking the “Nature Boy” and his daughter. While Charlotte worked hard to wear Brie down, Bella remained quite resilient and refused to back down. Charlotte showcased some chops (made famous by her dad), and Brie performed some Yes! Kicks (made famous by her hubby, Daniel Bryan). While Brie had Charlotte in a half-Crab, set for a tap-out, when she tried to re-adjust, Charlotte was able to leverage a shove, throwing Brie into the corner. She then quickly placed Bella in her Figure Eight submission move. Brie tapped out, and Charlotte retained the Divas Championship.

AJ Styles defeated Chris Jericho

With the Cleveland crowd split down the middle, chanting both superstars’ names, the two had an evenly-toned match; where no one single competitor dominated the bout. With high-flying maneuvers, which occurred inside (and spilled outside) the ring; the two had moves and counter-moves on each other during the entire match. Perhaps the highlight of the match was AJ Styles getting out of Jericho’s signature Walls of Jericho finisher. When all was said and done, AJ scored the win via submission when Chris Jericho tapped out to Styles’ Calf Crusher. When all was said and done, the two shook hands in the middle of the ring, post-match, as a sign of respect.

Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth – Impromptu Match

In a non-scheduled match within the Fastlane PPV line up, R-Truth and Curtis Axel locked up. While Axel pulled out the win with a roll-up pin; Goldust did arrive ringside, to equal out the odds for Truth, as he battled not only Curtis Axel, but the rest of the Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, and Adam Rose). Sadly, Goldust failed to really help R-Truth; still, post-match, Goldie tried to (once again) convince Truth around a tag team partnership.

Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose Brock Lesnar – Triple Threat Match To Determine Number One Contender For The WWE World Heavyweight Championship, And Main Event Wrestlemania 32

It was clear, the Cleveland crowd was not behind Roman Reigns, still that was the least of Reigns’ concerns: as Lesnar took an offensive attack on both him and Ambrose. As the crowd chanted Suplex City, Lesnar laid German Suplex after German Suplex on Roman and Dean. While Ambrose did poke at The Beast Incarnate a bit, by slapping him in the face; Lesnar continued with the suplexes, and even laid some F-5s in between on both men. Mid-match, Reigns and Ambrose realized they needed to work together to get Lesnar down, and slammed The Beast into an announcers’ table. Once Lesnar was down, Ambrose turned on Reigns immediately. While they battled it for a bit, they then realized Brock was coming back to; and turned back to him. Together, they once again slammed him into yet another announcers’ table; laying him out once again, and then also burying him under a table this time around. The match once again turned into a two-on-two bout. However, as the two ex-Shield mates were battling it out, incredibley, Lesnar came back, once again, out of nowhere. While Lesnar threw Ambrose out of the ring, he then laid the Kimura Lock on Reigns. While Reigns tried to break free, Ambrose came back into the ring, with a chair, and hit Lesnar numerous times, as well as Reigns. In the end, Reigns was able to come back and Spear Ambrose, to pin him for the three count, and win the match. Post-match, Triple H came out, and he and Reigns had a stare-down, while looking at the Wrestlemania banner; foreshadowing their WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which will headline WM 32.

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  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    They are getting dangerously good muting those boos. Fucking assholes.

  • Lisa

    HHH in the main event of Wrestlemania just doesn’t seem right. He looks so old these days. Cutting his hair wasn’t the best idea but he probably did it because his hair was thinning.

    • El Marichachi

      Kind of how you have a landing strip bald spot on your fat old man virgin head that you got From Your mom

      • Lisa

        Your mother should have kept her legs closed.

    • The Shockmaster

      I think he cut it as he thought he would quietly retire from active competition, then his ego got in the way…

      • Lisa

        He should grow it back then because he looks older than Taker these days.

    • siddus

      And the award for shallowest “fan” on the planet goes to….. you! Congratulations, you officially dethroned Vince Mcmahon himself for the honour.

      • Lisa

        So you feel 46-year-old part timer Triple H should be main eventing Wrestlemania?

        • siddus

          I’m much more ok with him being in the main event than I am that Reigns is in it. Triple H could phone it in and still give a much better performance than Roman Reigns trying his hardest.

          • Lisa

            Triple H is too old to hold the world title. And despite being backstage at all WWE events, he never wrestles. He’s sitting on his as_ waiting for Wrestlemania.

          • Mean Dean

            Ric Flair could even put on a better match at 100 than reigns

  • The Shockmaster

    So WWE want the most booed main event ever?

    • Mean Dean

      Let’s see if they’ll even be able to sell it out, I doubt it

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