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10 Legends Who Can Still Deliver One More Great Match

Countless wrestlers have retired from putting on great matches, entertaining sizable live audiences, and putting their body’s on the line to do what they love…only to come back out of retirement and wrestle once more. The running joke in wrestling is that retirement is just a very light schedule. However, recently there have been some wrestlers who have taken their retirement seriously, staying out of the limelight and the ring, whether by choice or because they were told to do so. Here’s an interesting look at 10 currently retired wrestlers who would be able to come back and give fans one last great match.  It won’t include any current wrestlers who have retired due to significant injuries (Edge, Austin) or those too beat up to be able to put on a good match without causing significant harm to themselves (Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Hulk Hogan, etc.)

triple-h shawn michaels

HBK– When he left, he was on the shortlist of best wrestlers in the industry. He was physically moving well, had few serious injuries, and his character was adored by wrestling fans the world over. He retired because he felt that he had done enough, and he did the smart thing by leaving while healthy and in a position where he was still producing quality matches. He was in such good wrestling shape when he left that this one is a no-brainer, (people are actually expected him to wrestle again at some point) but who he would wrestle would be an interesting story. I’d love to see him wrestle Hulk Hogan in a rematch of their notorious Summerslam 2005 match, but seriously, he could wrestle pretty much anyone in a final match and it’d garner at least 3 out of 5 stars.

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  • justanothervictim

    Wrestling God!

  • fcpmac

    Dusty Rhodes! He can barely move on NXT he couldn’t wrestle and as for Ricky Steamboat i’m pretty sure he had major heart surgery or something like that last year. JBL could still deliver a great match I think after all he is a wrestling God.

  • Y2J

    Disagree with 2 and 3. I know Dusty has little to nothing left in him, but Steamboat might, idk for sure about him.

    • I agree, but the only person i really really want JBL to return for one last run as wwe champion or as the tag champions with Ron simmons, then be put into the HOF together as the A.P.A

      He really was such a overlooked wrestler. He has the power, the mic skills and is a very technical wrestler. JBL could do it all, hell he even used to do lots and lots of suplex variations, he did tiger suplexes, dragon suplexes, queen suplexes, he did them all before.

      • Y2J

        Yeah, I think him and Shawn are the only two on here that could go full time for a six month run or so. Also, why isn’t Billy Gunn and Road Dogg on here?

        • Yeah i would love to see teacher vs student, Shawn Michaels vs Dragon ala Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania If that match were to happen and be 20 to 30 minutes long, hell even 15 minutes it could very well steal the show and be a match of the year candidate. They’re both extremely talented, Mr wrestlemania vs The best entertainer in the world ( Due to the fact that C.M Punk now has that moniker and they won’t allow Bryan to ever say that he was the best wrestler in the world before C.M Punk.)
          As far as JBL goes i want him to team with Ron Simmons against whoever is the tag champions by then, even if it’s The Shield i wouldn’t mind it one bit if The A.P.A were to win and have that run as tag champions, either that , or let him go for the WWE title or world title since he never held the world title and actually win. And have his final run as champion since he’ll actually be there every week in some capacity. I wouldn’t mind him facing Daniel Bryan too, or whoever’s the champion cause i’m pretty sure the match will still be very entertaining.

          As far as DDP goes, if he were to ever wrestle again let him wrestle Orton and have him in some other kind of role where the storyline is who has the better cutter since Orton really haven’t even been using the RKO he’s been using the Ace Crusher. Back then he used the RKO with one hand. I’m down with any of these options but i’ll be more happy if it were to be JBL but wouldn’t mind HBK if it were to be a match against Dragon over anyone else. And i’m guessing Billy Gunn or Mr A** and Road Dogg aren’t on here cause they had their matches already on WWE TV and live events. So that’s probably why they weren’t included here. However, if they were to ever come back as a team let them have one last run as the wwe tag team champions too since the kids and girls are actually into them.
          Speaking of tag teams, who wouldn’t wanna see TOO COOL Return? Since Scotty Too Hotty still got it, i dont really know about Grand Master Sexay though. But i wouldn’t mind seeing them together again, since that disgrace of a crowd didn’t even give Grand Master Sexay a pop or anything when he came back doing his skit and promo to Lawler.

          That was a really bad return for him there. So if that was his last i’ll be disappointed really really bad. I would love to see the both of them back together fighting for the tag titles or wrestling against Fandango or something considering Fandango does his dance when he does his leg drop finisher even though it’s not called a leg drop but a variation of it called the ” Maine Jam ” That’s his finIsher name while Grand Master Sexay dances on the rope too and does his Leg Drop which is a leg drop. But i rather see them have a run as Tag Team champions again then to come back for a singles match. Then maybe in the end we can get some old school memories. Too Cool, vs The A.P.A Vs The New Age Outlaws for the tag titles which again would be very entertaining and would bring in viewers and nostalgia value back into the WWE.

          • Y2J

            Dude! When I was little I used to do the worm all the time because of S2H! He was one of my favorite tag/mid card guys back then and I definitely love to see him return. And if Grand Master Sexay doesn’t have it anymore, they could always just bring back Rikishi.

          • Yeah dude i had a few friends who were big fans of Scotty Too Hotty! and used to always do the worm when we were little kids, i always failed at doing it while they said i was humping the congrete floor and mats lol i always liked the both of them. I want Too Hot And Too Much as Too Cool. Their old nick names lol but i wouldn’t mind Big Kish coming back with The Uso’s though and start saying i did it for my sons! xD But yeah i love Too Cool, one of my favorite tag teams next to E & C And The A.P.A
            i wasn’t really into the new age outlaws that much but were still fans of theirs. Too Cool should have one last run as the wwe tag teams champions or if their permanent i wouldn’t mind it either since they both can still go.
            The A.P.A not permanent but just have a final run as Tag Champs then if JBL wanna still go have him win the world title then he can retire or if he isn’t willing to do that just have a final run as tag champs then HOF and rest up.
            I love T&A too. Those were the top 4 tag teams that i actually liked. The Hardy not much till the Dudleys came around.

  • Summer

    Dusty can’t move well, Tazz has his neck injruy (that’s why he is commentating), JBL has major back issues and other commitments. Steamboat, yeah he was good with Y2J but that was awhile ago, i believe he also has some injury problems. Vader no, fans just shouted you still got out of respect, but seriously what exactly did he do that was so fantastic, nothing really, especially against an uber jobbing Slater. Backlund and Flair are 50/50 at best considering their health and age. Only one’s I would put are the other 3, especially Micheals and Trish, not so much DDP but compared to the rest on the list he would stand a better chance on putting on a good match.

    This article is seriously misinformed, the writer seems vastly uneducated and inexperienced of the wrestling world as a whole, and it looks like all the information was googled and tweeked in the author’s opinion, and not fact based.

    Previous artilces by this same writer has been in the same vein, and he still gets to post? Why?

  • JH

    Why do you say ‘although under contract with TNA’ in regards to Tazz, surely one more match could be done just as well with TNA, he wouldn’t have to return to the WWE to have one last good run.

  • Sean Patrick

    I wish JBL had Zeb Colter’s gig.

  • Sean Patrick

    DDP & Orton vs. Finlay & Sheamus

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Trish is the most likely possibility, even being pregnant. I personally would love to see AJ Lee take The Strap very soon, carry it all the way to Mania, and then defend against one of her three heroes: Stephanie Mac (who is looking like an MMA fighter right now), Lita (who should be on this list over most), or Trish. She should face one of those female legends and go over in a passing-of-the torch match that might just save women’s wrestling.

  • I would only want JBL to have one more match if it was against Dolph Ziggler so we can see him sell the Clothesline from Hell like gold

  • Lilreuche ?

    Ric Flair, no. He had his “one more great match” against Shawn Michaels. that’s that. no more. i think he’s too old to wrestle, but that’s just me.

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