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10 WWE Superstars We Could Do Without

This selection is a little cheeky. R-Truth has been a veteran for over 20 years, wrestling as K-Kwik and Ron Killings, and although K-Kwik was received nicely thanks to being in a tag team with Road Dogg, the R-Truth character has ran its course. He could be a better wrestler than half the guys on the current roster yet at 41 years old, he is still coming out as a rapper and will not hold any major titles anymore, let alone compete consistently on pay-per-view level. He has had success under the TNA (Total Nonstop Action) and NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) banners but right now as it stands with WWE, he has nowhere to grow from a lower to mid-level competitor - especially after the Little Jimmy angle. That’s what’s up.

There are a number of wrestlers contracted by WWE who are definitely worthy of their spot on the main cards and television – while there are others who are constantly being shoved down our throats or who do not even get a chance to shine in the spotlight to begin with. Here are 10 superstars we could do without in WWE right now, since there are better opportunities for their peers and some of which cannot even hack it over lengthily careers. Do you have a wrestler you could do without seeing that was not on this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • sonik

    What about Yoshi Tatsu?

    And there is this guy…

    • Some Dude

      Still Employed Fah Fah Fah FAH LIFE

  • JH

    Wow, you’re being so edgy and controversial with your suggestions on who they should get rid of, kudos to you sir.

    But this terrible list, most of the guys on there are solid wrestlers, or niche attractions that are good to keep available to you. The only guy I agree with here is Ezekiel Jackson, and only because he hasn’t been sidelined for months, he’s been sidelined for years it seems.

    Hunico is a strong in ring competitor, but yeah, a pretty lame character I’d get rid of botch cara and put hunico back under the sin cara mask.

    And so it’s cool to give up on Jinder but not the rest of 3mb? As if its that pesky Jinder that’s holding them back and not the fact that the group fills a specific jobbing role on the roster?

    And Ryder is another entertaining in ring character, and his character isn’t just based on the jersey shore. He’s a bro, and the crowds still love him. He’ll get pushed again soon.

    Even Khali, terrible ring mobility and all, is super over with kids and is great as a bridge to give a crowd some relief between big matches on tv and live events.

    And the Miz? Really? The guy who loves the business, and is one of the company’s top media ambassadors? But is also happy to fly around the world promoting various live overseas tours and still be back for Raw and give a solid performance in the ring?

    And even if David Otunga’s best work is as an obnoxious coffee sipping, now tie wearing lawyer, it’s a character worth keeping around. It’s not like they’re bombarding us with terrible Otunga matches every week.

  • Rich King

    The dance contest on smackdown featured 3 of the 10 on the list. thats crazy.But yes,Tatsu should be on the list

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    until a few months back I thought hunico was out with an injury ?

    • Alejandro

      He was. He injured his knee and had to get surgery. And like always creative doesn’t know what to do with talented wrestlers like Hunico.

      • Luis Malaret

        Hunico is ready for action but isn’t placed due to creative. It was like that for Christian who was ready WAY BEFORE wrestlemania, yet creative had NOTHING for him until recently. And now, Christian again is being wasted while Hunico IS STILL WAITING!

        • Alejandro

          Well I know Hunico has been cleared for action. And Christian recently had a concussion and isn’t cleared yet. I hope he returns soon. I want to see him feud with the Shield and the Corporation.

  • Zack

    I agree with most of this list but I haven’t yet given up on R-Truth. He’s a pure talent on the mic and in the ring. Give him another solid year and we’ll see where he’s at then.

    • Luis Malaret

      I say bring back the conspiracy angle back to him, that was always a good one for him.

  • Kevin

    You should tell each wrestler in person that we could do without them and see what happens.

  • Nick Turner

    What a crappy article. People who should lose their jobs because im bored with them. How about people who need repackaging. Im sick of some characters too but damn I font think they should lose their jobs.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      Exactly what should be said…this article was written by a total twat.

  • Rotnerd

    R truth needs to break away from this rap gimmick and just become a little more extreme in the ring, think he can get way over but age is going against him.

    Ryder is great but needs to go heel, he needs to be fed up with wwe and be in an anti wwe faction.

    Tensi and Brodus need to be looked at as huge monsters they are. They should have the presence of APA( which is hard to live up to). Tough and hard hitters.

    Otunga wasn’t great in the ring but would make a killer manager. He can work the mic and wrestles good enough to be in a few gimmick match’s.

    MiZ has been very boring and wwe has no clue what todo with them, I dont blame them. He is great on commentary though and I see him in his older age as the next Jerry Lawler.

    I feel bad for 3mb, I think they all have talent but wwe sees them along with ryder and Truth as a job squad. Maybe they need to be all together like a nexus team and attack WWE,

    Agree Khali,Hornswoggle would have no loss with fans.

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    Lets get something straight with Ryder. Ryder was a on a serious role until the WWE decided to get Cena to try and coast off that. That killed Ryders momentum and is the only reason why he is now jobbing.

    It’s a shame that you put Hunico on that list when realistically it should be Sin Cara. Hunico has being out for a while with an injury since a house show and only came back pre summerslam I think it was. The guy is a great talent if they let him perform his full moveset instead of some bits here and there.

    • Joseph Douglas

      I could not agree more with Ryder. Every time someone gets over they have to pair them with Cena, hoping the popularity will rub off on Cena. Instead it has the opposite effect, which is why I call Cena the fame killer.

    • jcice13

      ryder a “great” talent???

  • Moh.T

    It’s kinda sad …
    Miz was a great heel, we couldn’t do without him.
    Khali was a great “threat” to the likes of Undertaker & Cena – currently we can
    R-Truth is just … I don’t like him that much, but it isn’t fair. Just imagine yourself in his shoes, having accomplished nothing.
    I never liked Mahal, I don’t like Del Rio too
    The saddest of them all is Ryder, because it’s true.
    The WWE diminished him. He made a name for himself, they should’ve pushed him enough!
    He lacks some skills, but certainly not charisma!

  • Joseph Douglas

    I agree with most of the list, except Miz. I was a big Ron Killings fan in TNA and he did a great job in his brief heel run in WWE, but they don’t use him wisely. Hunico is an amazing talent that needs to be pushed more, possibly bringing back the Cruiserweight title. On this list you forgot JTG and Santino. There are only a handful of people in the WWE that I cannot bear to watch because they annoy me so badly, and Santino is at the top of my list, second only to Cena.
    Lets not forget the failed Sin Cara experiment, as well as Mysterio. So called legend or not it is time to hang up the boots.
    Brodus Clay under his current gimmick, just repackage the guy. We have had way too many boring and awful dancing characters.

  • Devon

    Truth should be a world champ. Ryder should be IC champ. The Miz needs to leave

  • KingBack

    Why The Miz?
    He is somebody WWE have a lot of faith in when it comes to promotion of the company
    and he did a decent job as a heel back in 2010.
    I know he is a bit stale now but getting rid of him is not the way to go.

  • godngreatnwoo

    This article is way wrong about rtruth and the miz. The only reason there boring now is because the wwe is havin them jobbing but look at both there heel runs very entertaining especially when they were a badass team jumping the rock cena..etc all they needs is good heel pushes as for zack ryder poor guy I feel bad for him

  • Brock Lesnar

    This is a horrible article, You were the same people who jumped on the bandwagon when miz won money in the bank and were high on him, and he was a great heel, but his face run has been poor, r-truth as a heel was the best work he ever did, put ryder and hawkins back together and youve got another team in the tag division

  • Drew

    Wow!!! I did not know another company would be dumb enough to hire the Great Khali. Especially New Japan.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I think half of this list is right and half of it is almost absurdly off base. Ezekiel Jackson has essentially been replaced in type and function by Big E Langston, who is younger, has better upside in the ring, much more personality and (at least in the early goings) is much more durable. Probably better legit strength, too. I actually think the reason Khali is still around is because Jinder Mahal didn’t get over. I know it’s not politically correct to say so, but let’s be honest – Khali’s only around because WWE has a lot of fans in India and needs a representative to that country. If Jinder Mahal wasn’t 1.) a natural heel and 2.) very unextraordinary, Jinder would be replacing Khali, who would be allowed to lumber quietly into retirement.

    The fact that JTG was stuck in the Cryme Tyme gimmick for so long probably stunted his development. He’s actually still very young for a guy that’s been with the company for YEARS. He made his initial debut on the WWE main roster in late 2006, at the age of 21. I think the only guy to debut on the main roster anywhere near that young might have been Rene Dupree, who won the World Tag Titles as part of La Resistance at 19. In any case, the drawback of that was that he wasn’t given time to experiment in developmental. Sure, some guys just aren’t extremely versatile. Some guys don’t need to be versatile, character-wise. But JTG was never given time to see if he could do anything except for the ‘Cryme Time’ gimmick, so he couldn’t dissociate himself from it, and the fans couldn’t dissociate him from it. (This is one of my fears for the Shield if they stay together too long, but that’s another article, I guess…) In any case, he’s still only 28, but 28 with almost a decade of experience of wrestling under his belt already, and guys like that don’t grow on trees. Hell, he’s been off TV for so long at this point, WWE could probably repackage him entirely and not have fans chanting his old ring name for his first couple of appearances.

    I actually used to be in the camp of ‘release Sin Cara’s current actor and let Hunico take up the mantle.’ The only thing that bears watching about that is that Sin Cara would have a very short shelf life in that case – Hunico is 36 already, and he just blew out his ACL last year. You might get current Rey Mysterio without the extensive resume to fall back on, and that’s… no good. I actually think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Hunico to be attached to ADR as his lackey. Actually, I think that should have been done a year or two ago because Ricardo’s too well liked to be a heel manager now.

    Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins should reunite and go to the tag division as heels – ESPECIALLY if the Shield break up in the next year. If they’re really planning to reboot that division, they can’t afford to be short-handed. PTP are there, and then the Usos, Los Matadores (let’s see how long that lasts…), and then… um…. yeah, my point exactly. Unless they put Harper and Rowan in the Tag division, which I don’t think would be a good idea given what’s happened to the Shield. Hell, throw 3MB in there, too, and make them a freebird team.

    I actually beg to differ on Miz. I actually think WWE can’t do without him – not because he’s a great wrestler, but because his promotional work is (sorry, had to do it) awesome and because his passion for the WWE and for the business is such that he’s willing to do anything WWE asks of him, no matter how ridiculous it makes him look (take Friday’s Smackdown for example). He’s a safe option that’s proven to give WWE no problems at all outside of the ring. Not even a so-called blue-chipper like Randy Orton can say that. And, for what it’s worth, I actually think he may be a pretty good commentator once his in-ring days are finished.

  • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

    I dare this writer to walk up and say these load of bullshi* to all of these wrestlers faces, especially Hunico. Very distasteful article and whoever wrote this is a complete joke who has no respect for any of these wrestlers. What’s next? Punk or Bryan and Axel jobbing = let’s get rid of them? And here I thought Zack Arnold articles were bad for the most part, and I even thought that one guy who wrote articles calling wrestlers by their names were bad which is disrespectful to the wrestling business too. Don’t believe me? Walk up to Raven and call him Scott Levy and he’ll go on a rant straight to your face and will Punch you and teach you a listen, same with Punk.

  • SdotC

    Ryder and Truth are awesome. Idc what the IWC thinks about Ryder, I’ll defend the guy til my dying breath. You don’t hit a million Twitter followers and have all your merch sell out without even being on Raw. Oh yeah, that’s right, he did. No one else could do it, but Ryder did. And he’s decent in the ring, not as good on the mic, but if he was given the chance, if he was given 20 minutes to work on house shows, and 5 minutes to cut promos… had they started that in Jan 2012, when he was a hotter babyface than Cena, rather than burying him to get Cena over, by now he’d be a very important player in the upper mid-card scene. How many “we want Swagger” signs do you see? How many “I paid to see Sheamus” signs can you recall seeing? And those are upper mid-carders. Had I replaced those names with two guys who are jobbed out like Ryder is, this paragraph would be even more poignant.

    As for Truth, I admit that he’s up there in age, and that it may be too late to pull the trigger on his push, unfortunately. But it’s also incredibly demeaning to a veteran like him to get saddled with the gimmick of a pseudo-crackhead hearing voices, talking about conspiracies with bug eyes, and talking to invisible children. And he’s also an asset backstage, helping the younger talent. I could keep going for both men, but I’m sure it would just be more of me educating you on things you didn’t even consider before you decided to crap out another terrible, ignorant article.

    To quote a certain legend: Fahk Yu, and hav-e-good day.

  • jcice13

    if the WWE dumps ryder does that mean TNA will have to fire Robbie E as well

  • FordOLoads

    miz? no way!

  • tt2000

    This article is so racist. Of the ten only two are white. All the others are black/latino/indian/midgets.

  • Lee Rodriguez

    you forgot 3 WWE superstar starts we could do without and thats Triple H,Vince McMahon,and John Cena

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