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10 WWE Superstars on the Chopping Block


With spring weather comes the usual WWE cleanup. After WrestleMania the WWE has made it a habit of releasing those wrestlers who have been wasting away on the shelf.

Judging by how some big name wrestlers were left off WrestleMania 29, it’s safe to say the roster is on the full side. It’s feasible the WWE releases nobody in the foreseeable future, but that’s doubtful, as some wrestlers haven’t appeared in months.

On occasion, there are some shocking releases. With that, here are 10 superstars who could be wished all the best in their future endeavors at any moment.


Alex Riley

The Miz’s protégée has fallen quicker than the mentor. Alex Riley went from runner-up on NXT to being cornered with the WWE champion.

The young man’s future looked promising, especially after pinning the Miz on a pay-per-view shortly upon him dropping the belt. Rumors are a backstage incident with John Cena led to the halt of his push.

Career Saver: Partners with the Miz again and they both reinvent themselves.

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  • Paul

    What about Yoshi Tatsu?

    • Joseph Lisnow

      He was close, but he’s their Asian market and I see him as a potential Tajiri, who was a greatly misused WWE superstar.

  • Iowa_Contact

    I thought Hunico, Camacho, Primo and Epico had all initially been at least loosely affiliated? Should just make them a super-group. Better than what they’re doing now.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I think they were for like 2 weeks. They should be a super stable. Maybe Alberto Del Rio could be their leader if he was to become a heel again.

  • Tyler Drummond

    While I agree that most of these superstars seem like they could get released at anytime, I don’t agree with most of the “Career Savers”. Most of them say return to old gimmicks. But the thing is they are in this current position because those gimmicks clearly didn’t work. Whether it was WWE not liking them, fans not responding, etc. What a lot of them need are new and fresh gimmicks and ideas to make them relevant and interesting again, not returning to old gimmicks that clearly got them no where. That’s my opinion.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I liked the older gimmicks some used. It just needed better attention and more time on TV to evolve. Like you said, that’s my opinion.

  • Xbias

    Cryme Tyme is the best and most obvious career saver. It would be a great way to help reignite the tag division.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Never understood why they were split. They’ve done nothing as singles wrestlers.

      • Kedo2

        Exactly … I was waiting for them to being pushed but … NOTHING ! 😐

    • Joseph Douglas

      It is a good idea, but as someone that never cared for them anyway it would not be a big deal to me.

  • zip

    What’s up with discus? 3 old notifications popped up.

    • Kedo2

      It’s bugging since the last week.

  • JH

    The only way Ryder gets let go is if he opts not to renew his contract whenever it comes up, during any negotiations he’s gonna have the upper hand because he’s still very over with the fans, he’s got too large a fan base to future endeavor.

    As for the rest of the list the only ones I think are legitimately on the chopping block are JTG, because honestly no one cares about him anymore at all. The other is Johnny Ace, having been replaced in corporate by triple h’s guys I’m sure they’re just keeping him around ’till his contract expires.

    However I think they should let mystico-cara go and give the sin cara gimmick to Hunico, I thought he did a really good job filling in for him last year.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I think Ryder has pissed the WWE management enough. Or maybe, it’s a huge swerve.

  • Suicide

    The tag team division needs a little bit more investment, so to say & reforming Cryme Tyme n Ryder & Hawkins come together again.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Right on man. Let the lesser known wrestlers form a tag team. At least they’ll be wrestling in the ring.

  • Kedo2

    I would be sad if Riley had to go 😐
    I think he has IT to be the main eventer. He may be not the best wrestler but he is on the way to be better and better.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      He’s young and shown he can wrestle with plenty of room to develop. He should be in the mid-card title picture.

  • ajuk2k21

    I agree that some of these people could get fired, but the career savers are just stupid. Literally almost all of them say to return to old gimmicks. That’s just dumb. I like how even the author used this list to rip the Miz. Miz will always be hated by people because of his reality tv background. Miz has improved a lot and has become a top wrestler and mic worker.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I felt the older gimmicks weren’t given enough time for the WWE audience to sink in.

  • Charles Smith

    I think hunico and cumacho would be better off going with an LAX angle. Zack Ryder should turn heel. Ezikial Jackson, I think the wwe should bring back a fraction we haven’t seen in over a decade, the nation of domination. This would give guys like Jackson direction. Jackson would fill in the Mark Henry spot, maybe get prime time players for the D’Lo and Godfather roles, or possibly turn Kofi and/or R-Truth heel. Give Ron Simmons a last run as the leader again. As for jinder n Hawkins I really don’t care. a-Ri needs a better mic and camera presence, Ted deboise would be better off following his father’s footsteps n buying his own group. Two birds one stone, he pays Jackson to be hid bodyguard. I definitely agree with bringing back cryme time , first thing they should do Is steal hunicos and cumachos bike. Most of these guys are former tag team members and the tag team division sucks these days, in both TNA and wwe, perhaps the tag team part of pro wrestling is over, but I would love to see it revived. I grew up on lod, Steiner’s, bushwhackers, hart foundation, NAO, Hardy’s, Dudley’s, edge n Christian great tag teams who carried the division
    In their eras and I don’t want to see it die but the tag teams today can’t carry the division. Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars are good bug every time the wwe gets a good tag team they split them up, ala heart dynasty, Kofi n r-truth, cryme time. Wwe has their reasons like needing to fire one of them do they break them up, but that’s why the division is failing.

    • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

      I agree with you about bringing back The Nation Of Domination and i’m all for it. But knowing WWE, they would screw it up with these 2 moments:

      1. Teddy Long would be selected to be the leader of the New Nation Of Domination.

      2. David Otunga would be added to the group.

      Sorry Dude but this would (and possibly could) happen.

      • Joseph Lisnow

        NOD was so great in their heyday. I never found out until re-watching their footage over the past few years.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I really dig him buying his own stable like his father did. Great points throughout.

  • What wwe needs to do currently with the wrestlers on the roster but are missing in action is to give them a chance to actually show what they’re capable of. You have many many skilled wrestler on the roster who aren’t used at all. Hunico already healed from his injury i believe and is the perfect guy to receive some sort of push; Not a major push as we know WWE would never do that but considering that Hunico is already 35 you only have alittle bit of time to actually give this guy some sort of push.

    He has the skills of a wrestler, the technical aspect of it; and the high flying abilities that are bound to get people to say something in response; His best match so far in wwe was against Justin Gabriel on SuperStars and if he’s capable of giving that kind of match every single week he’s bound to get over very well, even as a heel; He has all the tools to actually make people love him with his in ring skills, his promo skills are ok, and i’m sure if he’s giving more time with the mic he can very well get better at it; You have your chance in bringing him back to the main roster as a face since no one ever knew what happened to him, and if he start being a good guy on tv when he returns you can very well see that he would get over very well, Hunico is one of those guys if giving the opportunity he can run it and nail it off the roofs. If they decide to bring him back to tv let him wrestle for the IC title, build him up slowly by letting him get a upset victory against Barrett or whoever is the IC Champion, and Barrett can say it was a fluke of a loss and it’ll lead to the match where Hunico beats Barrett and have a run with the title; Either that, or repackage him and let him return with his mask on, and let him return as the short lived El LoCal that Ricardo played as for abit, and air those videos of his debut similar to how they did with Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio before and it’s bound to get some sort of ovation, well not yet at least not until they see what he can do. You even might see some fans chant Chimaera! Or Ricardo! Or Hunico! At him when he debuts, have him debut against Wade Barrett and beat him then it can start the fued and build up to the match for the IC title and let him win and you could very well have your next breakout star in him. I don’t see any other way Hunico can come back at all besides that way, unless they decide to bring him back only to job him out which wouldn’t be good for his career since that ruin his chance at ever becoming anything at all, he paid his dues by filling in for Sin Cara and paid his dues with the short lived team of him with Epico and Primo that would’ve become a success but wwe messed up and decided to just dropped that great faction…

    Curt Hawkins And Zack Ryder

    The only thing i can see going with him is if he were to come back as a tag team with Zack Ryder, as the major bros, wwe had the idea of teaming them up again but it was short lived and was only on WWE SuperStars. Well here’s your chance again with Ryder constantly losing, yet winning at live events for some reason and how people said he was becoming more serious at those live events yet they still jobbed him out every single time they have him on tv, he’s just a big joke now.

    You can bring them back together to revive the Tag Team division once The Shield beats Team Hell No at the Extreme Rules ppv and with the rumors that Team Hell No will split and Dragon getting his big push while Kane well be the joke character that he is and maybe going back to telling people to embrace the hate or whatever they got going. I can see him going for the tag titles with Undertaker for one last run as tag team champions, since the rumors are that Paul Bearer is going into the 2014 HOF and those two could induct him and need a moment as the brothers of destruction. If none of those were to happened…. What’s left for The Shield after they get the titles? Attacking random people? Or fueding with the 3MB jobbing team?
    You can rebuild your tag team division like this by having real tag team wrestlers team with each other and what better way then Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder? Maybe The Shield can cut a promo about how they’ve beaten all your heroes, and have no more competition now and then leads to the real tags wrestlers to come out and start something with them, and i’m sure it’ll be a great match too.

    Now onto some more tag team wrestling talk, you have Brodus Clay and Sweet T as a tag team, and they’re beginning to shine and show how good they’re as a team, if you don’t believe me watch WWE Superstars or MainEvent more often and see what they’re capable of when not in the joke of a show nowadays smackdown and raw where they aren’t capable of showing how good they work together as a tag team. They’ve been doing more and more actual tag team moves, rather then the ones you always see in wwe. I’ve seen them develop some really good tag team moves suck as a backbreaker hold into a elbow drop into a side walk slam, and a few other tag team moves that i’ve seem them do, and they actually have a tag team finisher too just like the Major Bros. So if they were giving the chance as tag team champions one day i would be happy to as long as they show what tag team wrestling is about.

    3 Man Band, i don’t really see wwe going anywhere with them at all, even though a face turn from them been teased many many times before, these guys can work better as single wrestlers but since Slater is experienced in Tag Team wrestling they’re bound to stick together and wrestle The Shield for the title, but i hope they don’t win or anything, maybe in the near future but not now, let them develop more first by winning some sort of tag tournament like they use to always do before and get their title shots there, then they can beat The Shield for the belts.

    Alex Riley could never be saved as long as Cena still is pissed off about that backstage incident apparently so i have no faith in his career ever being out of the dog house at all, same thing happened with Orton and Anderson apparently so i have no faith about that considering that ARY doesn’t wanna speak out anymore at all.

    The wwe has many options they can choose from and this is their chance to rebuild the tag team division or start pushing these sidelined wrestlers, i don’t really wanna see Christian return just for the whole ” One more match thing ” I want him to return and fued with whoever’s the world champion but not do that whole one more match/chance thing. I don’t really know about JTG, the only thing i can see from him is him finding a new tag partner, maybe in Camacho since they pretty much messed up Camacho and turned him into a mexican even though he’s samoan just from the way he talks and act, but yeah i can see some chemistry from the two and they both have experiences in tag team wrestling too. Camacho with Brodus Clay before and JTG with Shad before too. So i’m pretty sure they’ll work well together and you might see the G8 from them too as their tag team finisher. But knowing wwe i doubt anyone of the things i see better suited would come true at all, but theres no saying in actually trying to believe things like this.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I feel a lot of these guys get one chance with the gimmick their given and if it doesn’t work, sorry about your damn luck. I hope Christian has another good two years in him with maybe another title run. He’s getting injured more often as of late.

      • Yeah it works, if wwe actually decides to stick with it, the whole Hunico being a thug gimmick and lead his gang could’ve been very successful but i guess they didn’t really know what they were going to do…. As for Christian… He deserves a run as WWE champion, he’s getting injured alot lately and needs that run as champion, he could go for the world title as well but i just don’t wanna see the ” One more match…. ” I love the phase and chants when he says it though….

  • Sam Giuliani

    Sorry to correct you but Alex Riley wasn’t runner up…Michael McGillicutty was…

    • Joseph Lisnow

      He must of been in the top three. Thanks for reminding me. I think the winner of the final 3 was declared on the same show. That was the last decent season before it went downhill and became an internet show.

  • Rob

    Nooooo not JTG we are so close to 6 years


  • Kayfabe Fan

    Um indians aren’t arabs …

  • Rachel Miller

    I highly doubt that the WWE would release Hornswoggle but my surprise name to be released is none other than Cody Rhodes! It seems that the only time that he gets a win is when he is on Superstars. Your thoughts?

    • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

      Ummm……yeeeeah, there’s a good chance Hornswoggle might get released. His whole gimmick’s been stale for a while now.

      And Cody Rhodes getting released ??!!- That’s crazy talk.

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