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11 Most Hated Babyfaces of All Time

BabyBannerYes, believe me, I know the title is a walking contradiction — but it does happen. Someone in some office somewhere, thinks some wrestler would make a great face.

This wrestler will be adored, they say! Fans will love them!

Except that when the push happens, it goes over like a lead balloon, and the performer is stuck in a really bad spot — positioned to be a top face, but hated by the fans they were supposed to be adored by. Other ways to get on this list? Be polarizing, so a good chunk love you and cheer you, but a nearly equal chunk of fans don’t (or, at least, a small but very vocal group). So with that said, let’s get right into the list, shall we?

John Cena

No list of most hated babyfaces could even start without this man. He’s been a face for what feels like forever, and he’s about as polarizing as can be. Some love him, some hate him. It’s about a 50-50 split. That he remains a face, in the face of the resistance? Impressive.

He’s acknowledged it and played along with it, which I think goes a long way toward people, regardless of whether they hate him or not, at least respecting the guy. It will be interesting to see if this love/hate dynamic actually survives through his eventual Hall of Fame induction. Wouldn’t that be something?

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  • KingBack

    I think HBK deserves a spot on this list

  • Z….

    I personally dont understand what problem people have with Randy Orton

  • That boy Alejandro

    I don’t recall randy orton getting booed while being face but your missing the rock he got booed plenty of times when he was a face.

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