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12 Most Underrated Superstars and Divas

bannerThe headline is simple enough, but let’s explain the line of thought for this one, shall we? As WWE fans turn their eyes toward WrestleMania, we are on the brink of having Roman Reigns in the main event for the second consecutive ‘Mania. And, one would argue that Roman is not organically pushed, but rather he has been force-fed to us. Many might even argue that he’s overrated.

So, if you don’t like Roman because of how good he is, or how much of the spotlight he gets, then guess what? This would be a perfect list for you. The ideas are simple, really. I’ve taken the time and pored over the roster to see who stands out as the most underrated on the roster. For the most part, this will stick to those on the main roster, but if need be, we may call upon someone currently serving time in NXT.

Just keep in mind, these aren’t in any particular order.

Damien Sandow

I don’t know exactly why they are burying him currently, but the man has that “it” factor in my eyes. Look at his work as Mizdow, or Macho Mandow. He has that charisma, that uniqueness to him that gets him over with the crowds.

Maybe he won’t ever be a main eventer. Maybe him holding the Money In The Bank briefcase was as close as he will ever get to a world championship. I don’t know. But even if he can’t break through, you can’t convince me that he can’t have some strong runs as an Intercontinental or United States Champion. Or, find a strong partner to pair him with, and make a run as a tag team. He has the skills, and WWE needs to use him.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I wish Curtis Axel debuted earlier maybe he could’ve been in legacy

    • Drama Mustafa #NewNation

      That would have been awesome

  • fargsnalt

    I think Bray would look strange with a championship. If he wins one, he should go the Stone Cold route and have his own personalized belt with buzzards on it. Maybe it’s not even a belt.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      I could see Bray and Balor having custom titles

  • James Fields

    If I was Vince I would had Adam rose attack a top superstar and had turn back to Leo krueger lot of potential their, then u have Zack Ryder who was all over the internet but cause what happened lost his push, and well how bout Kofi yes he is tag team but their alot u can do with him besides tag team to me u have great roster but Vince don’t see lot potential in some superstars cause their not like cena

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