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16 Worst Entrance Themes Ever

Worst-Entrance-BannerRight off the bat, allow me to say this: what makes something the best or worst ever can be very subjective. I will do my best to be fair with the list, but I have no doubts that at least one or two on my list will get panned, or be a lightning rod for controversy. That’s fine. I invite it. I want the feedback (it’s why we have a comments section!).

That being said, I sat back and took things into consideration, and came up with the list you see below. Keep in mind that these are the worst entrances in my opinion. What I hated, you might not. We just have to agree to disagree, and go from there. Without further adieu, here are the entrances that made my list.

Shawn Michaels

This is one where it comes down to a very personal choice. And for my own choice, his entrance theme is terrible. Flat-out bad. I think, in all my life, I’ve probably popped for it less than five times – all when he made a surprise return.

The theme does not strike fear in opponents. It does not sound scary or ominous or aggressive. And when you are one of the smaller dogs in the fight, you want every edge you can get, right? And, maybe it’s just me, but it did not age well.

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  • Crazy_Victor

    I disagree with almost 12 of your 16 picks. I love HBK’s and Ziggler’s entrance themes. Those two fits very well to their characters. I put AJ Styles theme on the list, his TNA theme was way better in my opinion.

    • Bonkerz

      In full agreement.

    • JMD

      there was talk a year or two back that Steel Panther was working with WWE/DZ to come up with a new theme. I think that would be so much better, though it might be hard for them to keep it clean.


      Zigglers theme is horrible .It doesn’t fit his character or gimmick

  • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega

    You do know cesaro first theme was a remake of dean malenko wwe theme

    • JMD

      hardly blasphemous. it’s one opinion versus another.

      did not know/notice that cesaro’s was a remix, sounded pretty fresh to me. for me, i always recall malenko more in his ECW era, as thats where i saw him most.

  • Si Nicholls

    I like Cesaro’s theme and there’s nothing wrong with the subtle link to Scott Steiner.
    AJ Styles has to be the worst one currently its not dynamic enough

    • JMD

      my issue with any link to steiner is the dude is f’n nuts. and his (steiners) theme…sucked. plus, i really don’t see any reason to link the two…steiner is a roided up freak, where cesaro is not.


      Cesaros theme song sucks .Changing his theme song killed his career.If they would of stuck with the real Americans for Caesars theme he would of been a main eventer by now .

  • Lemmy Is God

    Sexy boy is a classic theme….however I will say it was perfect when he was a young singles star but it could’ve been changed when he got older….and Foley’s theme were perfect for his characters, that’s what the entrance is for….whether or not they’re considered good doesn’t matter, the theme is suppose to fit the character and that’s what his themes did

    • JMD

      agree with you there. i think you got what i meant, better than i said it. Shawn’s theme does not work for him now, but he’s had it so long, he’s stuck with it. where as a theme like Hogan’s or Bret Hart’s remains effectively the same, and is generally timeless. Macho Man, Warrior, Piper…Flair too. those stand the test of time.

  • Bonkerz

    Are you kidding??? Kharma’s theme could be summed up in 3 words – Unnerving, Intense, Awesome.


    Dude you clearly have no knowledge of wrestling hbk theme song is one of the best theme songs ever . It fits his character perfect , when that song hits especially on a return it is a mark out moment .when hbk won the the title in the chamber in 2002 his theme song made it a mark out moment and very special.

    • JMD

      And you may not understand what an opinion is…because I do have plenty of knowledge, and no, I do not consider the HBK theme to be one of the best ever. It’s a matter of taste and opinion, but to me, every time that song hits, I cringe. Maybe when he came back after his long layoff, I may have had some initial fondness for it, but I’d be much more likely to mark out for the DX music than his.

      Best ever, as I mentioned before, would include Hogan, Hart, Savage, Flair, Piper. LOD. Dusty Rhodes, No HBK.


        You know nothing of wrestling …you just got super kicked

        • JMD

          not hardly.

          if you really think Shawn’s ranks above any of the ones i just mentioned, then i think you’ve taken one too many chair shots


    It’s all about a good theme song and entrance .That’s what most wrestlers lack these days .Reings , Ambrose , Ziggler have terrible theme songs . A good theme song and entrance have always been more important than wrestling skill , just look at hulk Hogan and the warrior

  • It Begins kid

    Since this is about theme musics

    BRIEEEE MOOODE!!! Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah

    Wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo


    • JMD

      You know, I honestly should have probably included Cena. But with his absence, I have happily not been thinking too much about him, and thus, blocked the song from memory. It’s defintely a love it or hate it tune.

  • Tyler

    always preferred Stephanie’s ‘All Grown Up’ theme to her current, but I have since gotten used to it. disagree with majority of the list though.

  • si69

    How can you say the first two are rubbish because entrance music should be scary and intimidating and then have mankinds music on the very next page. Someone has been sniffing the glue stick

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I can’t even read the rest of this just because you said Shawn Michaels theme sucks lol

  • Fat Owens Fat

    John, seriously, how old are you? o.O HBK had one of the most interesting entrance themes of all time. People of all ages would pop before Sherri starts to scream! Not to forget the pyro and the kneel down on the ramp that every kid I knew would imitate. Infact, I would wait to hear HBK’s theme song hit everytime he faced a heel HHH who had a badass The Game theme himself. It was a yin-yang kind of contrast.

    • John Deegan

      Not sure why age would matter here. Apparently, I am in the minority, but i never found HBK’s theme overly appealing. However, what’s probably telling here is that, in the feud of Hart versus HBK, I was pretty much always on the side of Bret. Bret’s theme trumps Shawns, just like Hunter’s trumps Shawns.

    • JMD

      shane deserves something more punched up. i was on the fence including it, and to be fair, i had made the list before he came back. perhaps it grew on me, but i wish it had that strong opening, a la the rock or austin (tho, most wrestlers wish they had those kinds of themes)

      vince’s? it may fit him, if you want to say that…but the song is tired. if i never heard it again, i’d be totally fine with that.

  • JFJ

    How do you not have Right to Censor or TL Hopper on this list? They had a buzzer and a flushing toilet respectively. Worst ever doesn’t just mean the current roster and the recently retired. Also how is J-E double F J-A-double R-E-double T ha ha ha ha that’s Double J Jeff Jarrett not on this list?

  • Jakerams

    I’m glad you put Cesaro on the list his theme is terrible, Dude Love’s theme was terrible, the rest on the list were atleast decent including the LON compared to other horrible themes like biscuits and gravy, X-Factor’s,brie mode, and a few others.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Kane’s current theme sucks compared to “Slow Chemical”. That was a great song.

  • Robb Frymyer

    Well based on your opinion of what is a good and bad theme song. I’m gonna say your probably a Bieber fan. Enough said. And HBK and Ziggler’s themes fit them personally. But Opinions are like A-holes and yours stinks.

    • John Deegan

      so so wrong. couldn’t be further wrong.

    • JMD

      you really couldn’t be more wrong.

      and besides. if i WAS a bieber fan, then a song like they have for HBK or Ziggler? A bieber fan would love those.

      • Robb Frymyer

        I still stand by my statement, your opinion stinks

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Also, how do you not have Adam Rose and the Funkasaurus theme in this?

    • JFJ

      Funkasaurus’ theme wasn’t his originally. It belonged to Ernest “The Cat” Miller first.

  • Joseph Lisnow

    I’m going with King Booker b/c it took 15 minutes with how slow he walked and Sharmell yelling “Hail King Booker” until I wanted to change the channel. Once, the enhance was so long I was able to buy gas and a snack from the 7/11 down the street.

  • Damian Starr

    HBK and Ziggler bit harsh? especially over things like BRIE MOOOOOODDDDDEEEE etc. ok now we got that out of the way…
    I think the LoN theme could be good if they were a dominant stable at the top of the card but the way they are booked with only one real title contender in the group (and that’s for the flippin US title), the overly grand music doesn’t really work.
    Jerry Lawler is a case where that style of music worked, seasoned veteran with many championships over the years, it worked with his gimmick of the king and usually a heel persona I believe and hearing the Great Gates of Kiev just made it

  • Luke Harper’s Bald Spot

    I guess we’ll forgot the fact that TL Hopper, Bastion Booger, Eve Torres (first theme), Isaac Yankem DDS, IRS(first theme) are much much worse then these choices.

  • Mizanur Mowla

    1st of all who gives a damn about you man. Seems like you have no experience about wrestling at all. You telling me HBK music worse? Perhaps HBK’s music one of the best music theme in the past and present wwe’s rosters so as well Vince and Stephine McMan. You indeed suck man.

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