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Time For A New Program

Wyatt Family
Still reeling off of a tremendous pay-per-view (PPV), not only did Hell in a Cell (HIAC) offer incredible matches, and entertainment; it provided closure for a few programs, with the ability to open doors to new feuds on the horizon.

Bray Wyatt And Roman Reigns

Their HIAC match was a great watch, and an excellent way to end a riveting feud. As Bray and his Wyatt family clan are clearly moving onto The Undertaker, will Roman Reigns make is way into the title race picture now (finally)?

Kevin Owens And Ryback

Call it bad in-ring chemistry, but after Ryback failed in his attempt to recapture the Intercontinental title from Kevin Owens at HIAC, these two clearly have closed a chapter in their recent feud; especially when you consider that Owens cleanly defeated Ryback at the PPV. Where does Owens go to next? He’s been pretty unstoppable since he first entered the WWE, and debuted on the main roster. A new program with Dean Ambrose, or potentially Dolph Ziggler may continue to help with his momentum, regardless of how it turns out. As for Ryback, here’s hoping the WWE continues to keep his star rising, and does not allow him to fall below mid-card level. Perhaps allowing him to challenge the newly crowned U.S. Champion, Alberto Del Rio can help keep him relevant and at the forefront of WWE programming.

Charlotte And Nikki Bella

Nikki reached her record of longest reigning Divas Champion; and Charlotte was crowned Divas Champ shortly afterward. With Charlotte retaining last night, and proving she deserves to be at the top of the divas division, it is clearly time for both ladies to move on. Confusing to see Paige along with Becky Lynch celebrate Charlotte’s win at HIAC last night; will Paige solidify her semi-heel status with a clear-cut turn on Charlotte, and nix this back-and-forth thing she’s got going with Nattie? Either way, Charlotte needs to sink her teeth into a solid program moving forward … not only for her, but for the Divas Revolution. As for Nikki, I think it’s time for the Bellas to take a back seat to the spotlight when it comes to the divas division, and allow for newer talent to shine.

Seth Rollins And Kane

With last night’s devastating loss, the WWE bids adieu to Corporate Kane, but from the looks of it; Demon Kane is probably here to stay for the next little while. As he moves away from the title picture, could there be a possibility that he aligns with his brother The Undertaker, to take on The Wyatts at Survivor Series? As for Seth Rollins, I have a weird feeling he will be preoccupied with Roman Reigns in the next coming months.

Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker

Speaking of The Undertaker, I’m sure we will find out more of what is going on between him and the Wyatt family on RAW tonight. It seems that after October’s busy ‘Go To Hell’ tour, Lesnar may be taking some time off (we are hitting hunting season up here in Canada shortly). But when Lesnar returns … who could his next victim? Sure, WWE Creative could be setting up an explosive program with another part-time superstar (potentially The Rock, gearing up for a Wrestlemania 32 match?). Or, Lesnar (and the WWE) could give some newer talent a chance to step into the ring with the Beast Incarnate. Perhaps a Roman Reigns? Ryback? Or even a Kevin Owens.

Any new, budding programs you would like to see develop in the coming months? Post-HIAC, it seems like there will be a slew of new activity on the horizon tonight on Monday Night RAW, as it relates to feuds.

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    WWE dot com is asking the same question on if Reigns is going after Seth’s title next. Storylinewise it makes a lot of sense given that Seth cashed in on Reigns’s big opportunity at Mania and won that title, Lesnar already invoked his rematch and was screwed by Taker, so that gate is almost closed now unless Lesnar demands another fair rematch which I dont think is going to happen because a win over Taker again would not look good if he were to lose to Rollins at a ppv. Besides I think Lesnar worked more dates this year alone than the previous years combined. He’s probably going to take a long break for his next appearance.

    Coming back to Roman, the locker room segment with Ambrose was possibly the beginning of the hint that a new feud is going to be on the way for him. I’m going to predict that Reigns will go after Rollins and Ambrose will pretend to be on his side, eventually at one of the next few ppvs, Reigns gets screwed by a heel Ambrose. Ideally too soon for that heel turn but if i was booking this, I can see Reigns lose to Seth in a title match via Ambrose’s “unintentional” interference. Then Reigns and Ambrose have a semi-fallout leading to the Royal Rumble. Both the men enter the Rumble event for a chance to go after Rollins again. Dean tries to eliminate Roman out of nowhere and Roman reverses it and wins the Rumble. Then Dean and Reigns start feuding and at some point on Raw Reigns puts his Rumble victory aka #1 Contender on the line for Dean to prove he’s better in a possible Last man standing match. That match will result in a Draw which forces HHH to create a live audience WWE.com poll by asking the WWE Universe who they think should face Rollins at Mania.
    Option A) Reigns
    C) Both in a triple threat match.

    Obviously the poll will result in C and we have the Shield Triple threat match at Mania. Face reigns, Tween Ambrose and heel Rollins. #Best4Business.


    Lowman reigns vs lesnar ? Bahahahaha, lesnar would murder him in the ring, and nobody would care, in fact, the crowd would be chanting suplexcity louder than ever

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