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20 Greatest U.S. WWE Champions of All Time

]The WWE roster provides a showcase of talent from all over the world, including: Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Europe. As such, when we look throughout the history of the company, and zero in on the WWE Championship, there is undoubtedly a plethora of superstars who have held this title from nations worldwide. From Canadian-born Edge, to the ever-popular underdog, Mexico’s Rey Mysterio, the WWE Championship title has landed around the waists of many international superstars.

Still, it seems that talent from the U.S. has predominantly reigned as it relates to title holders. Here’s a list of the greatest U.S. WWE Champions of all time.

20. Sgt. Slaughter

When it comes to the all-American hero, Sgt. Slaughter has become synonymous with this idea, thanks to his ever-popular ‚Äė80s WWE character. He only held the title once, then known as the WWF World Heavyweight title, but has continued to be a staple in the company‚Äôs television shows and pay-per-views (PPV) over time.

While the 2004 Hall of Famer is retired, and out of action, he also represents the company as a WWE ambassador, and is still instantly recognizable by his army-like ring gear, sergeant’s hat, and those dark glasses (not to mention his grizzly voice on the mic).

Greatest Champions (20)

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  • PlanoStu

    Umm Dorothy,

    Bret Hart
    Bruno Samartino

    There are others too, but those definitely belong on the list before Seth Rollins

    • biz

      Brett hart isn’t a U.S. born wwe champion.

    • Dorathy

      Samartino was born in Italy; Hart is Canadian.

  • Orbit Storm

    I’m awfully confused as to how these rankings were conceived. Number of reigns? Length of reign(s)? Popularity? Fan approval? Success inside/outside the ring? Talent? Each of these candidates are ranked disproportional to any of the aforementioned ranking criteria.

    Having Punk ranked ahead of Shawn Michaels is shameful but ranking him ahead of Lesnar and keeping Brock outside of the top-10 is disgraceful. Lesnar’s dominance in the ring, his relationship with WWE’s greats (matches against just about everyone), being the then-youngest WWE Champion ever, breaking The Streak, his success before/after the WWE, etc all puts him in the same league as the company’s very best.

  • MEH

    Everyone has their own opinions so can’t knock your list but I do agree with some. However, I can’t agree with Naitch being number one for greatest WWE Champion. If it was greatest wrestler or performer then yes. I love the Sarge but he wouldn’t make my top list either. I’d slip undertaker and RVD in there some how.

  • D.M.T

    I stopped reading when I saw The Rock at number 5. That means that Cena is higher on the list and that is ridiculous in my opinion.

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