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2016 WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee, Big Boss Man

WWE Hall of Fame
On the March 7th edition of Monday Night RAW, the WWE announced yet another Hall of Fame Inductee to the Class of 2016. To the excitement of many fans, it was revealed that the next superstar to join this prestigious group would be none other than, the Big Boss Man.

BBM got is break into the business in 1985, working within Jim Crockett Promotions, initially under his real name (Ray Washington Traylor Jr.), and then (thanks to Dusty Rhodes, the head booker for that promotion at that time), he was given the name Big Bubba Rogers. He then moved onto the Universal Wrestling Federation, where he held the heavyweight title. However, when the WWE called in 1988, Traylor followed suit, and the Big Boss Man was born.

The character was a shadow of Traylor’s former self, as he once worked as a prison guard in Cobb County, Georgia. As a cold-hearted heel, many fans will fondly remember him entering the ring with his handcuffs, and nightstick; and more often than not, beating his opponents with said nightstick when his matches were done. BBM immediately was thrusted into a storyline with Hulk Hogan, and would eventually team up with Akeem (a.k.a One Man Gang), where the larger than life Twin Towers tag team feuded with the ever-popular (and famous) Mega Powers team of Hogan and “The Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Alas, BBM’s first stint with the WWE lasted until about 1993, where the superstar opted to pursue greener pastures, and headed to the WCW. Before he landed there, he had a minor stint with All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), teaming up with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Kendal Windham, and fellow 2016 WWE Hall of Famer inductee, Stan Hansen.

Traylor joined the WCW in late 1993, making a huge splash as The Boss, by defeating Rick Rude, then International World Champion, during a non-title match. Shortly after he entered the WCW, there was a need to change his name. As the WWE (WWF at the time) felt The Boss was so similar to Big Boss Man, and all the legal implications that could follow, WCW decided to change simply avoid any hassle and change Traylor’s character name to Guardian Angel. Initially enjoying a face run, when he turned heel in 1995, he also went back to his Big Bubba Rogers name. He also wrestled under his real name in the promotion, in 1997. Traylor enjoyed programs in the WCW with Rick Rude, Big Van Vader, Scott Hall, The Steiners, and was briefly part of the nWo (although who wasn’t part of that faction, during that period of time). The last match Traylor wrestled for the WCW was an episode of Nitro in March 1998, and then he headed back to the place where he had made a name for himself: the WWE.

Traylor returned to WWE television in October of 1998, with the same name and BBM gimmick he had before he left; just with a slightly different wardrobe. Donning an all-black SWAT uniform, he ditched the police officer attire, and began acting as Vince McMahon’s body guard, while the Chairman was wrapped up in his infamous feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. As a part of the Corporation stable, BBM was the muscle of the group, and was able to add WWE Tag Team Champion to his resume list, along with fellow Corporation member, Ken Shamrock. During his second WWE run, BBM was also Hardcore Champion, four times. Traylor had some memorable feuds that second time around, including an angle where he stole Al Snow’s dog Pepper, held the dog hostage, and then supposedly fed Snow his remains, when he organized a “special” dinner for Snow in a hotel suite. BMM also had some incredible matches with Big Show and The Rock.

However, his WWE run started to slow down, half way into 2000. He was removed from storylines on RAW and SmackDown, and was only really seen on secondary WWE programming shows like Heat and Jakked. He had his final WWE match in May 2002, losing to Tommy Dreamer. Traylor eventually became a trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE’s then developmental territory, and was then released by the company in 2003. Once released, he had a minor stint with International Wrestling Association in Japan, where Traylor wrestled his final matches in 2004.

Sadly, Traylor passed away later that year in September, due to a heart attack at 41 years of age. His memory not only lives on through the years of incredible pro wrestling entertainment he provided his fans, but also in the form of his family: two daughters, Lacy and Megan, and well as his husband to Angela, whom he married in 1989.

While Traylor is surely missed by family, friends, and fans across the world, he will be honored on Saturday, April 2nd for all his outstanding accomplishments in the ring. A career that spanned close to 18 years, the Big Boss is truly one of the most legendary sports entertainment characters to hit the WWE during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. He will forever be remembered for his aggressiveness in the ring, how well he was able to swap between heel and face, and his straight-forward promos, as well as in-ring segments.

On behalf of everyone here at WrestleNewz, we congratulate the Big Boss Man, as he takes his rightful spot in WWE’s Hall of Fame, Class of 2016.

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    He should’ve been world champion

    • MEH

      *in the rocks voice* Since when… Ever, has the Big Boss Man been in contention for the wwf world heavyweight belt?

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