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2016 WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee, Jacqueline

WWE Hall of Fame
Joining the men this year in the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame is a female who enjoyed a 25-year career in sports entertainment, and helped pave a road for future talents when it came to women’s wrestling. On the March 14th edition of Monday Night RAW, it was announced that Jacqueline would be inducted into WWE’s prestigious Hall of Fame, Class of 2016.

Jacqueline Moore began training in 1988, and debuted in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) that same year. Under the stage name Sweet Georgia Brown, she performed in Japan with Frontier Martial-Art Wrestling and also worked on the circuits of Women’s Pro Wrestling and the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association. In 1991 she would make a move to the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) under the name of Miss Texas, embroiled in feuds with Luna Vachon, Uptown Karen, and Debbie Combs. Jacqueline laid an incredible foundation for her wrestling career during the five years she was at USWA, becoming the first Women’s Champion for the promotion, holding the title on eight separate occasions, and becoming the first woman to hit the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 list in 1993.

Then, the WWE came calling.

Sadly, her first run with the organization (then known as the WWF) was a short one. While she was supposed to debut as Jeff Jarrett’s manager, under the name Wynonna, and filmed some vignettes; due to injury, she never made it to programming. While this may have been saddening news at the time, it wouldn’t be the last time she would work with the world’s largest wrestling promotion; and needless to say, Jacqueline moved on, working with Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1995, and then a year-long stint with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1997. While in WCW she got to work with some wrestling legends, including Kevin Sullivan, and the late Chris and Nancy Benoit (a.k.a Woman).

With much more experience under her belt, Jacqueline returned to the WWE in 1998, where she shot to success: capturing the Women’s title two times, and the Cruiserweight belt during her six-year run with the company. Feuding with other legendary diva, Sable, it was in September 1998 when Jacqueline became the first African American female become the WWE Women’s champ; with her second title run in 2000.

Jacqueline was also well known for her Pretty Mean Sister (PMS) team with Terri Runnels; portraying two strong females who knew how to take charge of their lives and control the men around them. D’Lo Brown, Meat, and Ken Shamrock became three victims (a.k.a ‘love slaves’) to the women during their PMS run.

Jacqueline would move on to enjoy some pretty incredible matches with Lita (including a Hardcore one, revolutionary for any time), Trish Stratus, Victoria, and Jazz. She was given the opportunity to participate in the very first season of WWE’s reality television show Tough Enough in 2001. She also acted as a referee in various matches in 2002.

While Jacqueline enjoyed a brief run as Cruiserweight Champion in 2004, she was released by the company later that year.

But that did not stop Jacqueline from perusing her pro wrestling career. She enjoyed the independent circuit for about a year, and then joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) where she dabbled in wrestling, managing, and as a road agent. While with TNA, she worked with fellow WWE alumni Micki James and Gail Kim, amongst other TNA talents, until her contract expired in late 2011.

Jacqueline has always truly embodied what women’s wrestling is about, and has built a career within the industry that any current WWE diva would want to attain. She had the looks, the athleticism, the charisma, and tough as nails attitude; never backing down from a fight.

On behalf of everyone here at WrestleNewz, we congratulate the Jacqueline, this year’s fearless female talent, as she enters the WWE’s Hall of Fame, Class of 2016.

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