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2016 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee: Sting

WWE Hall of Fame
The man they call Sting was, for a long time, the man Vince McMahon couldn’t have. Even after McMahon purchased WCW, Sting was one of the few talents who did not take part in the merger.

And just why would McMahon want the face-painted Superstar? Quite simply, the man was the face of WCW for over a decade, and perhaps the biggest star to have never worked for WWE. But he was a man who worked all over, with Jim Crockett Promotions, which lead to his tenure with WCW. After WCW was purchased, Sting waited for his contract to expire before moving on, briefly with World Wrestling Allstars, and of course, more notably with an extended stretch in TNA.

Throughout his career, he proved to be a talented and charismatic wrestler. His first started out as a tag team act, with his partner Jim Hellwig-himself a WWE Hall of Famer-though we know him as The Ultimate Warrior. It wasn’t until Hellwig left for WWE, leaving Sting without a partner in the UWF, that his career trajectory began to trend toward a singles star. His star only grew as he, working for Jim Crockett Promotions, became a part of NWA and then WCW. He was not hard to like, nor was he hard to push. He had the size, the look and the charisma you’d want in a top star, and legends such as Dusty Rhodes saw the talent in Sting early on. Whether as the blonde surfer with the brightly colored tights, or later as the dark and brooding “crow” Sting wearing mostly black and white, it did not matter. Fans the world over loved Sting. Yet he was a star whom the WWE was not able to sign.

Even during his run with TNA, which was quite successful, any time his contract was coming up for renewal, it was always speculated as to whether or not that would be the time he’d finally join forces with Vince McMahon. And, virtually every time the contract was up, Sting opted to renew. He was having an excellent run, and with the limited schedule, it was a great deal for him. But Sting knew he had one thing he had not yet done. He had not been a part of WWE, in any way shape or form. Nearing the end of his career, something had to change.

In 2014,that something did change. Slowly but surely, Sting was being introduced to WWE audiences, by WWE. The major first step was his role in pieces prepared surrounding the Ultimate Warrior, Sting’s former tag team partner, around the time of Warrior’s passing. Things grew from there, as he was a central figure tied to promoting the game WWE 2K14, being announced as being a playable character. But still, no actual appearances for WWE, so the extent of his involvement remained a mystery.

That all changed at Survivor Series 2014, as Sting made his surprise debut to aid the babyface team in driving The Authority out of power. Specifically, Sting took on Triple H, setting up that feud which would culminate in their match at WrestleMania 31. He worked his last match at Night of Champions last year, challenging Seth Rollins for his World Championship. Unfortunately, during the match, Sting took a bad bump during a buckle bomb spot which revealed a neck injury that ultimately will prove to be career ending. TMZ recently reported that Sting is expected to retire, with the announcement anticipated during his Hall of Fame speech.

Sting as a wrestler probably has few, if any, regrets. He’s had a career that most only wish they had, both in terms of longevity and success. As fans, most wish he’d been in WWE sooner, because there were so many dream matches that either never happened, or never happened on WWE television. And with his injury, they won’t ever happen. But his video library is now out there for fans to enjoy once again, and he’s receiving his well deserved accolades with his addition to the WWE Hall of Fame.

We at WrestleNewz congratulate Sting on his selection to the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2016!

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