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30 Best WWE Matches of All Time

featureimage-30-best-wweWhether you’re watching Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, or enjoying a monthly pay-per-view (PPV), there’s nothing like watching a solid WWE wrestling match between two incredible superstars.

There have probably been thousands upon thousands of WWE matches to marvel at over the years, both within the male and female rosters; however, only a select group can really be labelled “the best of the best.”

Here’s a list of the 30 best WWE matches of all time.

30. Natalya Vs. Charlotte – NXT Women’s Championship Match – NXT TakeOver May 2014

The ladies start this list off with a match many say truly sparked the recent spotlight placed on the WWE divas division.

With two WWE legends at ringside (WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart in Nattie’s corner, and two-time WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in his daughter Charlotte’s corner), these superstars who were born for wrestling greatness battled it out over the NXT Women’s title. This match proved the females in the WWE can tear the house down just as well as their male counterparts.

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  • Jean-François Maigrot

    Bret Hart British Bulldog

  • Paul Long

    Hmmm….. Fairly good list. To each his own I guess.. Piper vs Hart — Taker vs Hunter doesn’t deserve to be in the list imo. Boring.

  • Tyler

    just to point out three minor corrections… HBK/HHH was Summerslam 2002, Rock/Hogan was WM 18 in 2002, and HHH/Taker was HHH’s third and final attempt as he faced him at 17,27, and 28 respectively.

  • MEH

    Nice one! Some pretty good ones there. If have to include somehow Angle vs Benoit Royal Rumble (can’t remember the year), Eddie Guerrero vs Edge SmackDown ladder match, think u already put Savage vs Warrior retirement match. Bret vs 123 Kid, Daniel Bryan vs Bray Royal Rumble

  • fouc33

    Not the worst list but there was to many divas match’s. Shouldn’t be any on the list if its top 30 of all time.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      gotta give the divas some love/respect.

      • fouc33

        I definitely respect them and they’ve came along way but we’re talking the top 30 matches in the entire history of the company.

  • Michael Cullison

    Another note, wm x ladder match between hall, hbk was not the first in wwe history, shawn having face bret hart in the first one over a year before, but the match was ‘okay’, it was the wm x match that made the ladder match so popular

  • Michael Cullison

    And even though we all like to think it was andre’s first defeat there, even wwe in recent years has revealed footage, not only had he been defeated several times before, it wasnt even the first time hogan slammed andre

  • Lance ‘Shockey’ Burnett

    Michaels vs hart ironman match doesn’t make list???

    • Joseph Lisnow

      that’s in my top 3.

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