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AJ Styles Enters First Week In The WWE With A Bang

What a week for AJ Styles and his fans. This past Sunday, he finally made his WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, with a bang. His music, Roman Reigns’ reaction to him, and the crowd being thrown into a frenzy once he appeared, are what wrestling memories are made from. Speaking of his music, thanks to Styles (and DMX of course!) the newer version of Ain’t No Sunshine has been ringing through my head all week. Doing some research on this song (which I’m hoping will be downloadable at some point), his theme is actually called Phenomenal, and its bye CFO$. I digress, his performance at the Rumble was solid, starting out at number three and lasting until being the 11the superstar to be eliminated. But I really think his surprise (well, somewhat surprise) debut, really helped set the tone for the Royal Rumble; and it my opinion, was one of the highlights. By Monday, all of Styles’ merchandise was completely sold out, with a restocking date on WWE.com Shop of February 26th; which speaks volumes to this talent’s star power, and it is sure to have the WWE higher ups, perking up.

Styles moved onto the January 25th edition of Monday Night RAW, with an incredible match against Chris Jericho. Dear WWE Creative … more of that please … wait, sorry, that is a totally separate article. The WWE Universe, and Twitter exploded that night.

As the week moved on, Styles went one-on-one with Curtis Axel (with his #SocialOutcasts buddies ringside) at SmackDown. Okay, it wasn’t exactly #StylesVsJericho; but every match for Styles can’t and won’t always be like that.

The cool thing is, we’ll get to enjoy Styles at Wrestlemania, not doubt this talent will make it to the grandest stage of them all, especially with his merchandise flying off the shelves the night of his debut; not to mention the lack of star power that is missing WWE’s flagship event due to injury. But who will the WWE place him in a program with to get his feet wet? It seems during the Royal Rumble, there was a huge tease that it could be Kevin Owens. Owens has had solid programs since he debuted on WWE’s main roster in May. Of course, his matches with John Cena top the best of the best in 2015; but let’s not forget his program with Cesaro, which was pretty solid, and recently Dean Ambrose. With a stellar first year Owens has had within the WWE since entering NXT, he has a little room to allow another superstar to shine; and Owens has never had a problem with helping other talents look strong. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that even when Kevin Owens loses a match, he still wins through sheer performance; and this past Sunday’s Last Man Standing match is clear case of this. Styles versus Owens would be awesome, and I think a good first step for AJ.

I just hope WWE continues to push AJ Styles, and it isn’t a case of starting out big, and then slowly fizzling out. At the age of 38, he certainly isn’t old; but he certainly can’t be considered a younger talent. He’s also been a big fish in a little pond for so long, it’s hard to say how he will fit into the roster once things really start moving for him. Perhaps we will see matches with Styles against Seth Rollins (upon his return), Dean Ambrose, or maybe, just maybe Daniel Bryan (if he is ever cleared). For now, I think Styles should bask in the fantastic week he has had, and realize that with all he has done in the past, entering the WWE is yet another milestone he has achieved, in an already tremendous career.

WNZ fans … what do you think of AJ’s debut? Where do you think he is going? Where do you hope he will go?

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  • biz

    Nice article. Good read.

    • Dorathy

      Thanks for the comment

    • Joseph Lisnow

      always great content from Dorathy.

  • Lara_P1

    AJ proved on his debut at the Rumble just how much respect pro wrestling fans have for him. After his elimination, everyone in the crowd chanted his name and gave him a standing ovation. Then, his merchandise sells out(which is the best thing that couldve happened, bc Vince Mcmahon will see the money value AJ can bring as well; which we know all Vince cares about is $, so that should def help AJ). I see them having Styles start as IC champion, and see how it goes from there; but with his track record, it should only be a matter of time till he becomes World Champion. This guy is the best wrestler on the planet today and I am so glad he is finally getting his time to shine in the biggest stage of them all.

    ps: Here is the link to his new song

    • Dorathy

      THANK YOU!!!!

  • Si Nicholls

    Styles V’s Bryan again would be great, they had a fantastic bout in ROH in 2006

    • Dorathy

      Need to youtube that! Thanks :)

  • jcice13

    I was watching him on TV and the majority of the crowd didn’t know who he was, sure the wrestling fans did, but the WWE crowd? they didn’t know him from adam..tonight they repeat Smackdown and Raw on the uhd network and I’ll have to take another look at the audience when he enters the ring and during the match..remember..these are the same fans who asked kevin nash where he’s been for 4 years when he returned and when he told them he was on TV every week they had no idea what he was talking about..also this isn’t a put down on styles, not in the least, just that the WWE “universe” only encompasses the WWE, when it comes to “outsiders”? they have no clue, guarantee if Angle came back there’d be tons of fans asking where he’s been for years or a jeff hardy or mr anderson..Vince has done a great job at isolating his audience from wrestling..but like I said I will be watching tonight’s repeats closely to see if I saw it correctly, also I haven’t seen Smackdown yet so I was talking just about RAW

    • ajstylesjoelowki

      i can assure you ,a lot of people like to act as if they are out of this world as if they are not on internet as if wrestling fans should not know news from wrestling websites..I remember back in the day a friend of mine didnt want to watch tna on tv but he used to watch it secretly on internet .Acting las if they dont know AJ styles is it’s like saying what is TNA? NJPW ? Japan doesnt matter…
      mostly i think it’s because of his TNA ‘s past ,i am a former TNA fan and i can assure you a lot of people always thought it was cool to go against TNA even if they would know evrything about x division matches

      • jcice13

        no I am sorry but you can’t assure me of that unless you have the facts to back it up..not being confrontational with you but you just gave ma an opinion, your opinion, now if you have data to show me that’s reality then I’ll believe it..but just the fact that a friend told you that? does not mean it’s true on a larger scale

        • ajstylesjoelowki

          the point is how people in this world likes to act to not know a particular player ,team,sport when we are all on internet..If you are into a sport then you know almost anything about it ,we are not in the 90’s were you had internet wrestling fans and the other .We are all internet fans,and ROH and indy stars became attractions even before their debuts on larger scale.it’s because of internet and word by mouth.these are facts. on internet you can even create stars from nothing on youtube ,why some wrestling fans should act as internt doensnt work …it s unbelievable .podcasts youtube,infos ,facts ,2 times IWGP hw champ,international star because TNA was big in EUrope these are facts.and last ut not least usually haters know even more than normal fans on particular subject

          • jcice13

            can it be determined how many hits a TNA program received on the internet? and of those hits how many are from the WWE “universe”, who are the fans I am referring? and of all those hits how many came from the actual live crowd from this week’s RAW and Smackdown? also are all fans alike in their thoughts and how rabidly they follow something? you have not given any statistical data, you are just telling me what you believe and what you think is true and even though I am not really arguing with you I am saying that to support your claims you have to be able to answer the questions I posed…some of the things you say are true like TNA being big in europe and about podcasts and the like. and you’ve gone off on a tangent so to speak because all I said in my original post was that the WWE universe had no idea who AJ was and I gave the reason for it, I can use numbers to prove it and I can also show you evidence by the way he was accepted coming down the ramp his first 2 free tv appearances, by going off on a sin liar yet different vein does not relate directly to my comment..and once again, this being the written word, in no way should you take it as an affront to you nor is it negative, I am speaking in a normal voice having a discussion

    • jcice13

      I just watched RAW and SmackDown again and on RAW the audience for the vast majority had no idea who AJ was and watching the reaction as he went down the ramp and to the ring there were tons of people sitting on their hands not knowing how to react to him..he’s wrestling jericho, so is AJ a heel? a face? a tweener? they had no clue…as for SmackDown they pulled the same thing they did when Christian had his last run..they pumped in crowd noise..there was no way on earth the amount of noise translated to what the crowd was doing, also when the pumping stopped and they went to a more live cut of the show it was almost dead silence and that just wouldn’t happen if a crowd was chanting as boisterously as it sounded..but given a few shows and them getting better acquainted with him there’s no doubt he’ll get the ovations he deserves, I just hope Vince doesn’t mess it up

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