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AJ Styles Has Finally Made It To The Big Leagues

WWE Champion
What an incredible night for AJ Styles. Moreover, what an incredible 2016 for The Phenomenal One. Finally making it to the WWE, after years of doing the indies and working in Japan, in less than a year, he’s holding the holy grail of WWE gold.

Whether you are a fan or not, it’s undeniable that Styles has talent: in the ring, on the mic, his look, athleticism – I could go on and on. After months of speculating as to whether or not he would hold a high-level title in the WWE, last night he and the company proved naysayers wrong, and walked away champion at Backlash.

And this is the true beauty of the new era in the WWE. We can debate as fans who can (or should) be considered the top guy within the company, but it seems the company itself is taking a bit of a turn when it comes to one top guy. It also seems like they are listening to long-time fans. Dean Ambrose first broke this mold earlier on in the summer, a talent that many considered ‘top dog’ material, but that we also could agree that Vince may not see that same viewpoint. Then Finn Balor won the Universal Title, now Kevin Owens holds it – and yesterday, AJ Styles added WWE World Heavyweight Championship to his long list of world gold that he’s racked up from the many promotions he’s shined in over the years.

Would this have happened if potentially the roster wasn’t broken into two, brand extension and all? I don’t think that matters either way. In the grand scheme of things, AJ has officially racked up another world title win and is undeniably one of the top talents the WWE has to offer right now. He made history last night, and has really etched himself as not only a phenomenal (pun-intended) commodity for the WWE, but one of the greatest professional wrestlers of his generation.

So, what now for Styles? Well, I do believe at some point Dean Ambrose will be given a rematch; but I do not think that will change AJ’s current WWE Champ status. However, I will say, I do feel like his days are numbered. While reviewing the video montage at Backlash (that I have seen a number of times before) prior to his match with Ambrose, I shook my head a bit. Last night match was incredible, but the story around Styles versus Ambrose was weak at best. It had so much more of John Cana in it, than it should have (in my opinion).

Cena has vanished since SummerSlam (Hollywood has come calling, thus his in-ring hiatus). He was defeated, cleanly, which was not only a testimony to AJ, but Cena himself. Styles stealing his head band has been quite symbolic on so many levels, and I imagine that once Cena returns, his target will be Styles. And as we have all learnt in the past, Cena is sometimes down, but always rises to the occasion when it counts. I imagine a title picture program is in the works for these two. Will Styles continue to dominate, or will the WWE Universe see a 16-time title reign for John Cena? It’s hard to say at this point, but regardless of what happens in the future, the reality is Styles is champion now. Whether he loses that title in one week, one month, or a year; he’s climbed the mountain, defeated the odds that were stacked against him, and has the accolade of being known as WWE Champion – and that feat within itself is quite an accomplishment.

WNZ fans! Leave your comments below. What did you think of the main event match at Backlash? How do you feel about AJ Styles as WWE Champ? Will it last long? I’d love to hear from you!

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