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AJ Styles’ Global Tour


There are numerous wrestling fans complaining that TNA’s main storyline with AJ Styles is nothing more than a rip-off of WWE’s CM Punk storyline from 2011.  Like Punk, AJ Styles left and took the title hostage with him.  While the storylines are practically identical, there is one clear distinction.  The Phenomenal One plans to go around the globe to different promotions and defend his TNA title.  WWE truly had a chance to do something special with CM Punk and prove to the world that the WWE is where the best wrestlers are at.  After Punk left with the WWE title, he was back within 2 weeks.  He returned in such a short time that fans didn’t even get a chance to miss him.  Yes, he got a big pop upon his return, but I would imagine his pop would have been much louder and more meaningful had he been gone for several months.

Countless have argued that the WWE wouldn’t have benefited from Punk defending his title at other companies.  While other promotions would’ve benefited from having the WWE Champion on their card, WWE and Punk could have gained even more.  Punk had the chance to compete in other promotions, beat their top ranked competitors, and return to the WWE still crowned champion.  Had that happened, the WWE would have been able to claim that their champion beat the best competitors the world had to offer and that he returned because there is no competition like that of the WWE.  That is exactly what TNA is trying to do with The Phenomenal One.

Dixie Carter recently announced that AJ was stripped of the championship and that there would be a tournament to crown a new TNA Champion.  However, with AJ still in possession of the TNA title, he confirmed that he will go around the globe to defend it.  AJ Styles is slated to compete in Mexico’s AAA wrestling promotion on November 3rd.  In a recent interview AJ stated that he chose AAA for his first title defense because he has previously competed there and he knows that they have high level competition.  Styles made an open challenge to the entire roster and the man who answered his challenge was Mesias.  Though Mesias competed for TNA in the past, he and AJ Styles never crossed paths.

Although it is almost guaranteed that Styles will successfully defend the title, it is still good to see TNA taking this storyline to the next level.  They are hopeful that AJ defending the title around the world will garner TNA more national and international exposure.  TNA has also worked with CMLL in the past, so there is a chance that Styles may compete in Mexico’s other top promotion.  As for other title defenses, AJ is expected to go to Japan and compete at Wrestle-1 promotion.  The Phenomenal One is no stranger to wrestling in Japan.  He has competed for several organizations in the Land of the Rising Sun.

These title defenses will surely boost AJ Styles’ wrestling stock and add to his legacy, but will it do anything to help TNA?  Only time will tell and it will depend on how this story continues to develop.  On the surface, this storyline is very similar to what WWE did with CM Punk, but TNA has taken it a step further and took it in a different direction.  If executed properly, this move may show signs of life for this struggling company and TNA has the chance to make this angle special and their own.

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  • JH

    I love the prospect of AJ taking the title to defend it elsewhere, and wish Punk would have done the same on the indies, but the fact is WWE had nothing to gain, even with profit sharing from the gates of Indy and international promoters they wouldn’t have made a fraction of what they would having him come back and headline SummerSlam vs. John Cena.

    When you’re unrivaled as the top wrestling/sports entertainment company in the world, why bother with the risk of creating a potential competitor?

    • cubfan4life

      Exactly. While it would have been good to keep Punk off TV for longer, farming him out to indy promotions wouldve been too little reward for too much risk. Just the injury risk alone would be enough of a reason to stop it from happening.

  • CatchWrestler1

    This actually helps out TNA greatly – a good move for them, and those are hard to come by as of late

  • puckdinah1

    AJ and Samoa Joe should have been offered WWE contracts by now, it is sad to see how this company turned out and they have a good crop of talent that could do well elsewhere. Will they be booked the same? No, but it is a step up.

  • Eric Chism

    I disagree. TNA’s top draw is not going to be on Impact for how long? WWE brought Punk back because the fans wanted to see him. He puts asses in seats and $ in WWE’s pockets. Styles puts asses in seats and $ in TNA’s pocket…Or not. He is putting $ in the pockets of all of these other promotions. He is putting asses in other promotions seats. What if AJ blew out his knee wrestling Judas Whats His Face in where ever the hell that guy is now. What a waste! Having AJ wrestle anywhere other than on TNA TV is a waste. If TNA were doing something special, they would be playing video of AJ in all of these other places. They aren’t. They tape their crap 2 at a time, so they can’t put video of AJ wrestling somewhere else, when they have Impact taped. This is not going help TNA bring viewers to Impact.

    • Trey Doss

      while aj is gone they can build up another wrestler smh i’d say ec3 but there are more people who they can build i say it be samoa joe

      • Eric Chism

        Having AJ wrestle all over the world, but not on TNA TV, is not helping TNA’s cause. It isn’t. This is an example of why they are a failing wrestling company. Styles is the face (yeah, I know, but it is true) of TNA. He should be on TNA TV, not wrestling Judas Whathisname in front of 100 people, in whatever country they were in. It is not helping TNA. They can build people up while having their champion on TV.

        • Trey Doss

          this is the thing i dont think many people get is tna has connections in the uk japan and mexico that’s something wwe doesn’t have while aj is out in those countries he’s like the tna ambassador he’s getting tna’s name out into the world to hopefully draw in more fans

          • Eric Chism

            Is that going to help TNA’s TV rating in America? No. Is that going to draw fans to Impact tapings? No. That is why they are moving back to the small arena inside Universal Studios. That is the only arena they know they can fill. WWE has a huge connection all over the world. They pack arena’s worldwide. They have superstars from America, Canada, Mexico, West Africa, South Africa, Ireland, all over the UK.

        • Lara_P1

          a few 100 people? Im not sure you are aware but AAA in Mexico is what the WWE is in the USA.

          • Eric Chism

            OK, fine. Let’s assume AAA Mexico, w/Judas Whoeverthefuck headlining, is selling out 20,000 seat arena’s. That still doesn’t help TNA in America. TNA’s home is in America. Orlando, Florida is still America. No one is giving me anything that explains how this is helping TNA in America. That is because it isn’t. They are having trouble paying their employee’s! TNA needs AJ Styles to put asses in TNA seats, in America, where TNA is located. If TNA is moving to Mexico, then fuckin A, they might do great. As far as I know, they aren’t moving to Mexico. They are failing in America.

          • Lara_P1

            Buddy, i wasn’t disagreeing nor agreeing or trying to start a discussion. I was simply shedding some light into what AAA means in Mexico, bc it seemed you werent aware. Nothing more and nothing less.

          • Eric Chism

            Point taken. I am a little confrontational today :-)

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