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Does AJ Styles Have A Real Shot?

It was surprising just how quickly AJ Styles was thrusted into the title race picture, winning the number one contender’s match on the April 4th, post-Mania edition of Monday Night RAW. A pleasant surprise some may say, and I agree.

I’m a fan of AJ Styles, and I want to see him succeed within the WWE, and I’d say so far, he’s having a pretty solid run. An explosive debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, his merchandising selling out on hours later, stellar matches, and connecting with a vast majority of the WWE Universe: really, in three short months, a superstar, or WWE brass for that matter, cannot really ask for much more. To boot, with a good chunk of main event talent, and title contenders out on injury (Rollins, Orton, and Cena); makes sense that they would consider Styles for a shot at the title. He’s main event material, a veteran of the business, and knowns that ring inside and out; is it really too soon to thrust Styles into the title race picture when he’s held so many world championship titles outside the WWE?

But title race picture and WWE World Heavyweight Champion are two entirely different categories, and my question is: does Styles have a real shot at becoming champion?

I sit here on the fence and truly ponder that. The fan of Styles says ‘yes’ (YES!YES!YES! – had to place a DB nod somewhere in here); the long-time WWE fan and realist (and general downer) says ‘no’.

No, because Styles has only been with the company for three months; and holding the holy grail of championships is a big job, that isn’t really just handed to anyone. Yes, Roman Reigns has received a huge push, but he’s still been with the WWE for more than three months. Speaking of, Styles also isn’t the typical type of talent that Vince is high enough on to give the big title to, and it takes most of these types of wrestlers a few years of proving themselves before becoming champion. Dare I say the biggest reason I believe the WWE has gone with Styles for the Payback main event is because he’s a phenomenal wrestler (pun-intended), and he will offer an entertaining match for the post-Mania PPV. They may also be testing the waters with Styles. Can he close a pay-per-view in the WWE? Sure, he’s been able to do this worldwide, within other organizations with much success; but those promotions weren’t the WWE.

Alternatively, lately I’ve been leaning towards Styles as a true contender. He’s a veteran of the business, he’s over with the fans, his merchandise equals money, and it might be a huge error on the WWE’s part if they do not jump on the momentum he’s created since entering the organization. There’s also the Roman Reigns factor; and the fact that while Reigns was making waves with the Universe at the end of last year, as soon as Wrestlemania season hit; so did the positive reaction of the crowd. Reigns dropping the title to Styles may make sense, considering just how much the WWE Universe is behind AJ.

WNZ fans, what do you think? Does AJ Styles have a true shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Leave your comments below!

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  • Xbias

    No way he’s winning the title. But I don’t understand the build-up to the match so far. If you only watched Raw last week, you would think Roman was feuding with Bray. Let them encounter each other, and let AJ tell Roman why he is going to beat him. They can still both be faces, and hate each other. I hope WWE steps it up this Raw.

    • biz

      Agree a million percent. If anyone watched raw they’d thibk AJ was feuding with Owens or Sami.

  • CactusJack

    I have some serious doubts on Reigns dropping the title after less than a month from Mania. As of right now we have a face vs face scenario, so I would not be surprised to see an heel turn (a partial reunion of the Bullet Club?). I only hope that Aj will not play the classical transition challenger in the wait of the returning injured talents (Rollins, Orton, Cena).

  • bigfoot3169

    I can’t see the WWE allowing Styles to win the title so soon and/or have Reigns lose it so soon. If anything, I hope Styles will force a good match and help raise Reigns game. I expect a heel turn (Reigns)

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    It hurts me to write this because I’m such a big fan of yours but I didn’t even need to read the article. We all know that you have a better chance of seeing a ice cream stand in hell before BumMan Reigns loses the title to AJ. The funny thing is both guys are doing a form of a super punch so that’s kinda weird and limits BumMan to 3 moves instead of his usual 4 LOL ! But hey since it’s my birthday I’m gonna leave your boyfriend alone Dorathy at least until Raw comes on

    • Dorathy

      You should’ve! I’m a fan of Styles and I’d love to see him win the title! Happy Birthday ?!!!!! :)

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation


  • Si Nicholls

    AJ is your typical WWE transitional challenger, someone who is very skilled in the ring but is there to put over a different talent, he is almost being treated the same way as most wrestlers from the UK are, without obviously coming from here. I hope he gets the title and I am wrong, however I can’t see it happening just yet, will he get a run at some point, absolutely, but Roman losing to someone of AJ’s size not going to happen after WWE have spent 3 years making 3.0 look as strong as possible with his limited in-ring skill set

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NBNC ???????

    AJ will win the title some day, just not against Roman.

  • Z….

    I said 2 weeks ago that Bullet Club could cost AJ the title at the PPV…after reading the Raw result tonight, it seems like thats exactly what they’re gonna do. Pretty predictable, but I think they’re going for impact with Bullet Club coming in, and interfering in the World Title match, especially with AJ involved, is a pretty good way to say they’ve arrived and are there to do some real damage

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