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AJ Styles/Roman Reigns: Things Are Getting Good

Watching Monday Night RAW this week, I was in awe of the incredible creative work around the Styles versus Reigns program. What started out to be a confusing storyline, with Styles becoming number one contender the night after Wrestlemania, has turned into something phenomenal (pun-intended) to watch.

I truly believe programs that evolved around a face versus face storyline make for more compelling angles. Watching each character evolve when being pitted against another good guy is always something that keeps fans tuned in. In this instance, the lines are a bit blurred when it comes to who the face and who the heel of the program are. On the one hand, I feel like Reigns is playing a bit of an invisible heel; sure, he’s been set up as a face (his character overall) however with the distain many have of the superstar within the WWE Universe, in a lot of ways, he is the heel in the program. Or are Gallows and Anderson the heels, aligned with a Styles’ face? The struggle between doing what’s right, and still defending your pride is helping the audience to further connect with Styles, and helping his some-what new character (to the WWE) evolve in front of audiences. The second chapter has been written within the Styles’ WWE story, and it’s a good one. Would I love to see Styles as WWE champ? Absolutely! Could it happen? Anything is possible; Styles has really taken the ball and ran with it, and deserves to taste WWE World Heavyweight Championship gold.

More over, the forming of factions, and how easily each superstar has had family, (or friends that feel like family), align to their leaders has been an incredible transition to watch as well. This past Monday Night, the factions were named, and The Club versus The Family program has been born.

I’m loving every minute of this. While a bit skeptical heading into Payback a while back, what’s happening now is exactly the recipe of a great program. It’s become personal, the fans have become invested, both teams are providing solid promos, and the matches are stellar. Perhaps we can thank Styles, Gallows, and Anderson, for bringing the best out of the Samoan clan; but everyone is stepping up their game to one degree.

In a lot of ways, The Club is saving The Family. The Usos were on the border of becoming irrelevant, with social media comments from fans saying their brand had become stale; and even pairing them The Rock seemingly couldn’t save them. This new program is bringing them into the forefront, they are given the opportunity to participate in a storyline with talent that is fresh to the WWE main stream audiences, and whether people view them as heels or faces; they are making a splash. In turn, their cousin Roman seems to be adding some depth to his onscreen persona as well. The beauty of the storyline is that it not only focuses on the conflict between Reigns and Styles, it intertwines between the Usos/Gallows and Anderson, as well as adding another layer of intrigue with clashing ideals between Gallows/Anderson/and Styles.

Still with me?

The best part? While at one point I was annoyed by the idea of ‘what comes next’, I’m not fascinated by it. It seems no one is making a snap move to move over to the dark side, rather, there is a solid gray area for all characters; and this could be indicative of what the so-called “New Era” is about. What does heel really mean?  Should we really be cheering for the faces? Who are the faces? Does it matter? Absolutely not, because we are being entertained.

What even more refreshing, is that while the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is being dangled as the main prize, this feud is becoming more about comradery, and standing up for those closest to you. I do feel that in the end Reigns will hold onto that championship, but in the end, when all is said and done, The Club will walk away from this program looking strong. And because it is so much more than the title, the spotlight is somewhat being taken away from Reigns in this sense. Let’s face it, the majority of fans who don’t like Reigns, are annoyed that he is champ, and annoyed he gets so much airtime, etc. Remove the title as the ‘end all and be all’ of the program, the motivation, and all fans (that are ‘Team The Club’) are left with is a satisfaction that their team is getting the better of the Samoans, regardless of who is walking away champ.

Then there is Roman. He seems to rise above the occasion when he is placed in a group. I can’t put my finger on it, and please, chime in WNZ readers, but his star seems to shine brighter in a faction. Some may argue that he needs people to carry him, and I won’t disagree; however, if the storyline works, and I am being entertained, what do I care? And while I’m not comparing Ric Flair to Roman Reigns – please DO NOT get me wrong – there is no comparison and Reigns is far to early into his career to even place him in any of the same categories as Naitch; Flair did have the Four Horsemen while he was champ, many a time. Although we all know that Flair could’ve stood alone; he had the mouth for it and in-ring style, but always having someone by his side seemed to work for him. If a faction environment works for Reigns, then who am I to judge.

At the end of the day, who needs a face or heel in a program. If all arrows are pointing to entertaining fans, I’m comfortable living a new era within the WWE where lines are blurred, storylines are exciting, as I sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

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  • That boy Alejandro

    Roman and AJ styles should have a storyline just between them, i don’t like the usos and gallows and Anderson on this storyline. Theres been 3 6 men tagteam matches between them it gets boring after a while have the club go after the tagteam titles and leave roman and Aj styles to do their own thing.

  • Z….

    kind of off topic, but I thought it was funny, and that some people here would appreciate it, so I’ll share this quick story…I met this girl a couple of days ago, and she turned out to be a wwe fan (she brought it up), so naturally I lied and said that I watch too lol. I asked her who some of her favorite wrestlers were, and she named “Dean Ambrose, and I think everyone here sees where this is going lol…She then named Roman Reigns and John Cena…And I never saw her again rofl…no, but I did hesitate for a good while (after having considered it) before finally asking what appealed to her about Reigns, b/c that was the best phrasing I could come up with without being a complete douchebag. She replied with 2 words “He’s hot.” At this point, I’m having a really hard time keeping a straight face, especially as I started to respond by saying “Thats probably Vince’s thought process too.” I then asked her what she thought of the new talent, like AJ Styles. She doesnt like him. I didnt really get a clear response when I asked why. I asked how long she’d been a fan, referencing the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars, and she said that she’d been a fan since then. Honestly, I havent decided if I’m actually going to try to see this girl moving forward. Not only would it mean that I would have to watch WWE, but those last 2 choices of hers are hard for me to justify. I could see the Cena thing coming, but Reigns? lol On top of that, I might get stuck going to Wrestlemania 33 now…Anyway, short story essentially over. Hope a couple of people enjoy the laugh

    • Tomo

      That makes less sense than Vince’s obsession with Reigns.

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      If she’s a Reigns fan I’d despise her too !!!

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    To me this whole new era thing is nothing new. Yes we have new people, but its the same storylines and same shitty booking. You can feel the momentum of a lot of these new stars waning already.

    And if current booking dictates the club will not come out looking strong. So far they hav been booked to make reigns look strong. Thts it.

    So unless booking and writing changes, they can bring any number of new guys, the product will resort back to the norm in a few months as it is the case now since Wrestlemania.

    • siddus

      Yes, Reigns has always come out on top despite being outnumbered, making Anderson and Gallows look very weak. It was a problem in the past with the way they booked Cena and now they’re doing it again. One of the reasons that the Attitude Era roster felt so strong is that almost everyone on the roster was booked to look relatively strong. That meant, if you were in a handicap match against an established tagteam – you lost, even if you were someone like the Rock. If tagteams held that power again then the division would seem far more credible and, in-turn, the individuals in those teams would be more credible when wrestling solo.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Funny thing is WWE just tried this angle with BumMan vs the Wyatts. No one wants to see the Boo So’s and WWE has tried for the last 3 years to get BumMan over. The sad thing is even the new call ups look better than RR, and with Cena,Rollins,and Orton coming back that’s more than 2/3 of the roster (divas included) that look more like stars than the actual champ !!! SMH

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