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Ask WNZ: AJ Styles As Number 1 Contender?

WWE Championship
With RAW in the books, we have a new number 1 contender to new champion Roman Reigns’ title. And it’s the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. What do you think about his rise to the top spot?

Dorathy Gass:

Shocked, surprised, a little nervous, yet excited!

Shocked: I don’t think its too soon for Styles to be the title race picture, but by WWE standards, I thought, they would think he is.

Surprised: Off the cusp of mixed reactions during his Wrestlemania 32 WHC win, and then almost being booed out of the ring Monday Night after during the post-Mania RAW, it’s interesting that the number one contender would be a face. During the Fatal Four Way, I was fully expecting Y2J or Owens to win (leaning more towards Owens), so it’s surprising that they would pit a face against a face; especially with the fact that Styles is so popular and over (with the kids as well); and Reigns has a polarized popularity. But hey, maybe it’s time for Reigns to heel (yeah right), or maybe …

Nervous: … Or maybe it’s time for AJ’s burial. I’m kidding, but I’m not. The WWE is experiencing a nice wave of popularity with Styles. His debut was highly anticipated within the WWE Universe, and it seems to me that he is connecting very well with the main roster fans. However, it’s how they want to move forward with both of these characters, that worries me. Is the WWE bent on continuing to build up the Reigns character with a solid title run into SummerSlam, and potentially beyond? Is Styles just another notch to help Roman get there? Is the match being booked to help Roman throw some great matches under his belt, as Styles is a competitor that can put on a stellar match, and bring out the best in his opponents? Will this turn into a solid program, or is it one match being booked to set up program with another superstar (i.e. a returning Seth Rollins, or potentially the one we all have been waiting for: Dean Ambrose versus Roman Reigns). Will this match, program, whatever this is, help both superstars look strong? The potential answers to these questions make me nervous.

Excited: I like Styles, I’m excited the higher ups view him as a no. contender for the title. There is also a 50/50 chance this means he could win the title and become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Anything is possible. I’m just excited that he gets that opportunity; win, lose or draw.

John Deegan:

At first glance? Stunned that this is where WWE is allowing things to go. But in a good way. It wasn’t all that long ago that we’d be given a rushed-back Cena, or some other offering whom we have tired of seeing in main events. Heading into that match to decide who would challenge Roman, fans had to be ecstatic-only one participant had ever held a WWE world championship-Jericho-and his last run was quite some time ago, so it’s not a big deal. We knew that anyone who won, would be a relatively fresh face. It’s a breath of fresh air. It means that many fans ought to be pretty happy with at least one person in the main event.

Though, I already have a bad feeling that Jericho will run in during the match to attack AJ and either cause a DQ, or do damage that otherwise costs Styles to lose.

So, ultimately, I say the excitement level is pending. Getting him in the match is one thing. Having him actually be a legit contender? Different story entirely.

Joseph Lisnow:

I do agree the push to the top is quick, but not surprising. AJ Styles is facing Roman Reigns; a man who just spent a year feuding with The Authority and winning the WWE Championship from Triple H at WrestleMania 32. Think about what accomplishing all that means to a young WWE superstar? Even if you didn’t like the match, Reigns or Triple H; the ending saw a major shift in WWE’s new top star.

Styles will go in a massive fan favorite, though WWE isn’t pulling the trigger and giving him the belt. Reigns will get a lengthy title run (perhaps until Seth Rollins returns) and Styles will be one of the names. The match should be quite good and a chance for Styles to show WWE if he’s championship and main event material. Big match for both men; more for Styles. I think Styles will work well with Reigns and may get a WWE Championship run down the road. First, he might need to win Money in the Bank.

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  • Jonny

    Dorathy where in the hell do you think Reigns reaction was mixed at Wrestlemania. Were you watching the show or your fanboy bias taking over. He got a negative reaction, period. In fact other than boos, he got no reaction at all, which was worse. Also your “Yeah right” comment to Reigns turining heel. If it means that you shouldnt think he should turn heel at this point, then you really are fanboy crazy.

    • Dorathy

      Re: WM, I wasn’t there. The booing did override the cheering from what I could tell at home, but I read a few tweets from very credible sources AT THE ACTUAL EVENT that the reaction was mixed, that there many fans cheering for Reigns. These aren’t just ‘fans of Reigns'; these are pro wrestling journalists. I wasn’t there, just writing what I’ve heard. The ‘yeah right’ was being sarcastic. I think he should turn heel, i’ve written a couple articles on this. My ‘yeah right’ was geared towards the WWE’s inability to see this. Hey, maybe they will turn him heel, but I don’t think they will. He’s indeed Cena 2.0 in every sense of the word: the push, the polarized popularity, and the heel speculation. Just my 2 cents.

      • Jonny

        dont know what tweets you had, but the reaction was negative period. just look at live feeds as well you will see. He hasn’t been polarizing a while now. Polarizing means a crowd is 50/50 which honestly Cena gets most of the time. Reigns get mostly boos, with a few cheers, if not all boos. that is not polarizing. it is basically universal disdain for the man.

        So the many was actually a few, booing did not override because there were very little if at all cheers, plus even if there were they didn’t last long or people cared enough to continue cheering.

        And calling people professional journalists and being a fanboy/fangirl commenting on their favorite wrestler are two different things.

        • D.M.T

          Ok that’s enough, you’re being kinda rude to her for no reason.

          • Jonny

            How am i being rude? Did i curse here, did I insult her? Did I attack her religious/political views? Please explain to me oh white knight.. Because as far as I am seeing I responded to a column , isn’t that why she posted and the purpose of this site?

          • D.M.T

            Are you really that simple minded? You don’t have to insult someone to be rude. It’s the way you respond to her each time. White knight? Is that supposed to be funny? Grow up.

          • Jonny

            Simple minded? Apparently you need to go back to school and learn what being rude is. Further more Dorathy can defend herself quite well i think and if she is offended she would say so. She doesn’t need , or quite frankly cares for anyone to defend her.

            and if you don’t know what white knight means, then you need to grow up lolz.

            So learn what being rude is, or stay the fuk out of things that doesn’t concern you.

          • D.M.T

            Yes simple minded. Take your own advice and go back to school. Lol this a forum you idiot, I can respond to anyone I want. Don’t like it? That’s too bad.

          • Jonny

            Dude u know you just contradicted yourself right? yes this is a forum, and i responded to someone. If you didn’t like it, too bad, the person I responded too had no problem. Are you retarded or just naturally angry . So who is the idiot now…..

          • D.M.T

            Lol how did I contradict myself? Just because this is a forum doesn’t mean you have the right to be rude for no reason. Being nice costs $0.00. It seemed like Dorathy had no problem because she’s not supposed to argue with keyboard warriors. So who’s the retard now Jonny? Naturally angry? Says the guy who sounded angry when responding to Dorathy. I’m done wasting valuable time arguing with you. Do whatever you want, people get what they deserve sooner or later.

          • Jonny

            wow u got some issues dude, hope you get some help.

            And for your info she has no problem with me, and me to her.

            And by the way, again with the white knight bs, how do you know what she supposed to do or not do. Arent you a keyboard warrior ? She didn’t have to argue becuase there was nothing to argue about.

            Also if you want to see what rude or anger actually is, i can show you if you want. And hollow threats?” you get what they deserve” really?. As i said get some help man.

          • D.M.T

            Lol cool story. I need some help right? Says the guy who continued being rude by calling me a retard and telling me to go back to school. Whatever makes you sleep at night. Don’t look in the mirror because you might find out that you are everything that you’re accusing me of.

          • Jonny

            Wow u serious. U r the one replying to me first on something that you have no right on commenting on because said person had no issue with. And i am not just saying that, i was told that by her. Yes its a forum but if said person told she had no problem with the comments why are you attacking me?

            So i shouldnt even continue this reply but i will because i am amazed by the level of idiocy you have.

            You are the one that told me to go back to school first. You are the one started with the cheap jabs of grow up and what not. So when i reply the same way its a problem? So who was the rude one now?

            You keep contradicting yourself and being a hypocrite when it is you that started everything AND expect me to just let you have your way.

            So yeah wipe that mirror and have a look.

          • D.M.T

            Ugh are you for real dude? I simply said that you should stop being rude to her for no reason in my first reply to you. You then responded calling me a white knight. I don’t like it when people call me names which is why I called you simple minded. You then told me to go back to school. I didn’t like that either so I called you an idiot and then you responded with another insult. Yes I did have a look in the mirror just now and I don’t see a hypocrite. You could have avoided all of this if you didn’t call me a white knight first. I don’t care if you didn’t mean it as an insult, just don’t call me names.

          • Jonny

            white knight is not a “name” like calling someone jackass and so on, which serves that you don’t know what it means. And again you contradict yourself again. You started everything dude. Just stay out of other people’s business. You accused me of something first. Get your facts straight first man.

            YOU could have avoided this by just minding your own business, beause I keep telling you I have my own coinversations with the person and everything is fine, and if anything was off I would have been told so.

            and furthermore before you start saying this is a forum. You should learn how to use one. Yes you can respond to something, but unless it is topic related and not attacking someone like how you did, then its wrong.

            I am simply repsonding to being wrongfully accused of something. So scroll up, read the comments, and look at who started this. Peace.

        • Dorathy

          Were you at the event? Live? Just curious.

          There were a couple tweets, i follow a bunch of different people/online pro wrestling mags/podcasts. I can’t remember them all, but, Korderas comes to mind, only because I’m a huge fan of his. Former WWE ref, and hosts a WWE aftershow in canada. I wouldn’t call him a ‘fan boy’.

          There are cheers for Reigns here. Pretty split but haters are louder! Just saying.— Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) April 4, 2016

          "@RoFlo: Roman Reigns finally got cheered. #WWEChampionship #Wrestlemania" See, I'm not the only 1 who witnessed this!— Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) April 4, 2016

          PS – I know the definition of polarizing, but thank you for the refresh.

          • Jonny

            Yeah but the way you wrote your column, you describing the cheers as if they were substantial, contributed to something or meant something. It didn’t. Of course some few people will cheer reigns, like any other disliked superstars, it is just in this case, there were so little, it is hardly noticeable. And yes I have family that went to WM, just like you had your contacts, there are many videos taken by fans of the events, many forums/blogs on it. They all say the same thing. The man basically was boo’ed out the building.

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NBNC ???????

            Fight Dorathy Fight lol

  • Mike

    I think wwe have taken note and have shifted reigns character, he’s slowly turning at least into a tweener status. I believe he will turn heel organically and wwe will allow it to Happen.

  • The Shockmaster

    WWE have stuffed up. Reigns isn’t being booed for ‘heel heat’, he’s being booed because the majority of fans can’t stand him. Attempting the old heel-face switch will achieve nothing.

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