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Ask WNZ: Steve Austin At WrestleMania 32?

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Here’s a special Ask WNZ for our readers. Today is 3/16, and in honor of the man who made 3:16 famous to wrestling fans around the world, it’s an Austin-centric question. We will keep this one topical as well, discussing if Austin will be involved at WrestleMania this year, and if so, how.

Note that this week, we only have two answers, as Dorathy is enjoying some much-deserved time off.

John Deegan:

I do think Austin will be involved at WrestleMania. It just makes too much sense. He’s doing a podcast during WrestleMania week, featuring another WWE Hall of Famer that will be present at AT&T Stadium, Mick Foley. So even if we just get the 15 minute nostalgia act to open the show, as we got a few ‘Manias back, or if he’s more involved in the actual card? That I don’t know, but I expect something.

If I had to predict which match, I would go with the Hell In A Cell. To me, Shane versus Undertaker looks to me like it’ll be going the way of last year’s Sting/HHH encounter. That is, I think we will get a decent enough match, until we get a lot of outside interference that fills in some time and masks some things-in this case, Shane’s ring rust and being nowhere close to Undertaker’s level. If it is done well, then no one would complain. Here’s hoping…

Joseph Lisnow:

In the words of Steve Austin, “Oh Hell Yeah!” WrestleMania 32 is coming from Austin’s home state of Texas and looks to break the attendance record by jamming 100,000 fans inside the arena. Plus, the WWE roster is light on big name stars due to all the injuries. Currently, the only two matches Austin could be involved in is Undertaker – Shane McMahon or Triple H – Roman Reigns. The problem, is where does the WWE go after his interference. He’s not wrestling anymore, so those two matches are out the window. If the WWE wanted to push the envelop, I suppose Triple H could stack the deck against Reigns; so Austin has to appear to save the day. WrestleMania closes with Austin celebrating alongside Reigns, who gets to close the biggest show of the year. Or Austin could stun Reigns after he wins the belt, which would send the crowd home happy. I think a better route is to have Austin simply come out for a promo and get interrupted by Social Outcasts. Four Stone Cold Stunners later and a beer bash would get the crowd popping. That shows the magnitude Austin has on wrestling, despite being retired for 13 years.

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  • MEH

    Well Austin has already confirmed that he will be there but he still has not been told what role he will play. He’ll probably end up on a cutting Edge Peep show with The Rock.

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