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Ask WNZ: Balor Versus Bullet?

With AJ Styles now in WWE, and Finn Balor rocking his Balor Club in NXT, here’s one thing to ponder. Both men, during their time in New Japan and elsewhere, were leaders of Bullet Club. For the time being, WWE cannot use that moniker, so we have Balor Club. But, could you imagine if WWE was able to secure the use of Bullet Club? Could we see those two former leaders feud over the leadership spot?

Dorathy Gass

Anything is possible when it comes to storylines, and this really would be a fresh new angle to work with. There only may be a set back or two. First off, the most obvious, is using the Bullet Club name on WWE programming. I’m not 100% sure about legal formalities, and the ins and outs when it comes to trademarks (hey, I’m a writer, not a lawyer); but, if the Bullet Club trademark is owed by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), then it may be hard to even mention the faction on WWE television for storylines. Secondly, in order to educate the main stream WWE audiences on the Bullet Club, and its history, to build steam around the storyline, WWE would need to at least have one video montage with photos and potentially clips of past matches, etc; and again, I’m wondering if that would be doable … or how much it would cost the WWE (money-wise) to do so, and if they would feel this would be worth it. Would NJPW even allow it? Again, I know very little about trademarks, but they are filed, to protect a brand, and create control. If the WWE wanted to use their trademark, videos, etc; would NJPW make this easy for them?

On paper, the angle sounds fantastic, on so many different levels. Bringing together a handful of incredible talent, that obviously have chemistry together, with a history; and it is something many WWE fans want to see.  I’m just wondering if the logistics around it would be worth if for the company, or even doable.

John Deegan

I know relatively little of the history, but from what I have seen, read and heard? Oh Hell Yes! This could be an awesome angle, especially if Vince and Hunter can work out a way to have a deal with New Japan, in order to use the name and who knows what else.

In a perfect scenario? I would say the rights are secured, and AJ starts working with Bullet Club on the main roster. Sometime later this year, Balor makes his main roster debut, with some backup, and it’s Balor versus Bullet, winner take all.

I’ve seen where some see Bullet Club as even better than nWo, which I think is high praise. And if Vince or Hunter is hearing that? Then they are likely also hearing cash registers, since when nWo last roamed the wrestling world, business was beyond good. Now, I don’t know if they can be financially as lucrative as nWo was, but there’s no doubt that WWE would love to come close to that level of success. If Bullet Club, or Balor Club, or both, gives that chance? They will take it.

And we will all benefit.

Joseph Lisnow:

While the idea of AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor sounds like a match anyone would want to see, it shouldn’t happen. Styles has found his way to the WWE and been an instant success on the main roster. There are plenty of worthy opponents for him to battle. As for Balor, he’s comfortable on the NXT roster and has expressed interest to remain there as the brand expands. I think Balor’s decision is for the best as he’ll get lost on the main roster like Neville. Other members of the Bullet Club are headed to WWE and will maybe be paired together, but the original stable is done. Vince McMahon likes for his creations to be shown on WWE TV, not ones that were created someone else and by another person(s). Balor vs. Styles would be fun to watch, but I don’t think the match is in WWE’s cards.

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  • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    I think Balor Club is just his fan base not the stable name #BulletProofNation or something to that extent should be name of the stable…

  • Bonkerz

    I like the name “Bulletproof” – even though it isn’t “Bullet Club”, it still makes them sound unstoppable/untouchable. There’s a lot they can do to add to their gimmick with a name like that while still being PG enough for Vince to let them appear on TV.

  • biz

    I doubt we will ever see bullet club in wwe. Why would they pay a large sum of money to njpw for the rights to something that they can just recreate with a different name. When gallows and Anderson come aboard I’m fairly certain it will be to team with balor to form a group. Whether they call this the balor club, bulletproof or the bulletproof balor club, everyone will know what they are meant to be.

    I’d rather AJ stay out of the way. If he’s going to be part of a stable, I’d rather that he team up with joe or even take a current tag team like the ascension and make them phenomenal.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I don’t know if Shawn Michaels in his prime could make the Ascension interesting. My guess is with the newest influx of free agents (Styles, Anderson, Gallows, Nakamura, Aries who I forgot had signed with NXT in the first place), the Ascension will be among those ‘swept out’ after WM to make more room. The only thing that can save their butts at this point would be a drastic gimmick tweak, a manager, or a new Brand Extension, which would necessitate WWE carrying a roster rather larger than the one they currently have available.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    For what it’s worth, one of the NXT Announcers namedropped “Bullet Club” (yeah, said exactly like that) on the most recently aired episode.
    Could be a sign of something.

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