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Ask WNZ: Does Bayley Get Drafted?

With the draft looming large, one of the great unknowns is how many-if any-NXT talents get drafted. And specifically, does former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley get drafted?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m thinking Bailey makes her way up during the draft, and will be one of the ‘shocking’ draft picks during SmackDown’s LIVE show on July 19th. Or at least I hope that’s the case. The WWE will have plenty of surprises when it comes to the men on the roster – according to all the rumors, buzz, and speculation that the company is reaching out to past WWE talent. The WWE needs to ensure there are some surprises as it relates to the women’s division too!  I’ve said this before, but with about 11 to 13 females in the division right now, each show will need to bulk up significantly in terms of women talent; which means that they will be turning to their NXT women for call ups. Either way – whether its on July 19th or post-SummerSlam – Bailey is ready to join her Four Horsewomen comrades on the main roster; and I’m sure she’ll be called up soon.

John Deegan:

I have to think the odds are in her favor, to be quite blunt. She has been ready for some time, same as Finn Balor.

But, should she be? I am not so sure.

The reality is, you have Bayley, Carmella, Asuka and Nia Jax. And any of those women could be drafted on Tuesday, and if all of them were? The NXT Women’s cupboard would be bare. So I am actually inclined to think she won’t be drafted just yet, but will be a call up later this year. I think there is value to keeping her around another few months, helping to really develop the next group of NXT women.

But, if I am wrong-and I do expect to be wrong-then she has earned the opportunity, and I look forward to seeing what she can do  on an even bigger stage.

Joseph Lisnow:

Without a doubt, Bayley is getting drafted. She might the first name from NXT to the call up on Tuesday. Of the entire NXT roster, Bayley’s time on the main roster is beyond overdue. She could have joined during the Divas Revolution, but that didn’t happen and it was for the best. Charlotte took all the spotlight from Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch; so, Bayley would have also gotten lost in the mix. But a new Women’s Champion will soon be crowned and the division will continue to evolve.

Ever since Bayley dropped the NXT’s Women’s Championship, she’s been in a weird place. Everyone seems to agree Bayley’s headed to the main roster and WWE might have held off (maybe to long) until this Tuesday’s draft. If there was no draft, then Bayley would have been on the main roster right after WrestleMania. Hopefully Bayley can keep her upbeat, hugging persona and show fans the talented females NXT is producing.

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  • Warren Roby

    If Bayley does go, then HHH must find new talent. Simple. NXT was meant to be the proving ground for the next up and comers. The cupboard might be bare if all the above mentioned talents leave for the main roster BUT that is why HHH is in control. To find new talents

  • Si Nicholls

    From what I have read somewhere, 6 people are getting drafted from NXT (no names yet) – for every 2 Smackdown picks Raw get 3 due to different length in time of shows – tag teams can be picked as a single pick or split up if someone wants an individual instead of both wrestlers

  • Zack
  • Fat Owens Fat

    Boo Boo Moderator deletes a comment for asking if her T shirt read “I’m a Nagger”

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