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Ask WNZ: On Bayley’s Debut

That’s right folks. Bayley finally made her main roster debut on the RAW following SummerSlam. So what did our writers think of the move?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m very excited! And by the looks of the crowd reaction she got on the August 22nd edition of Monday Night RAW and how Twitter exploded: I’m not the only one. My only concern is just how quickly she’s being placed in the title race picture. Still, I understand the logic. Nia Jax still needs to be built up; Paige is on a 30-day suspension; Sasha Banks is injured; and Alicia Fox and Summer aren’t exactly contenders. Perhaps Bayley is successful in a program against Charlotte, as it is not that uncommon for an NXT newbie to dethrone a women’s champion. Still, Bayley is so over with main roster audiences that even if she doesn’t become champion, she can still move on and enjoy success in the RAW women’s division if the program is booked well. Only time will tell.

John Deegan:

Very excited, even though the move was so obvious. Here’s the rub: the RAW women’s division needs talent. They had lost Paige to an injury, and then just when she appeared close to returning, got herself suspended 30 days for a Wellness violation. And with Sasha having an injury issue, there was a need for some fresh babyfaces. And, you won’t find one more over with fans than Bayley.

Do I like her being inserted right into the title scene? Sure, why not. The transition might be questionable-she loses an NXT title match on Saturday, but on Monday is gunning for Charlotte? That might be a stretch for some, but she’s certainly proven she can be the best, so I don’t see any harm in it.

Whether we see it in a few weeks, or a few months, a Bayley-Charlotte match is just a matter of when, not if. And, if the guys aren’t careful, it might just steal the show.

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