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Ask WNZ: Does Becky Need A Partner?

And we mean a true partner, not Charlotte. So, does Becky get someone to even the odds? Or does she fly solo?

Dorathy Gass:

I don’t think Becky Lynch needs anyone to be partnered up with, and is doing a solid job of singling herself out by taking on Team B.A.D. on her own. My only hope is that WWE will book her differently moving forward. It’s no secret, I’ve said it before, why is there no top female heroine in the WWE divas division? So Roman Reigns can clear out a ring, John Cena can win a match after still being cheated against – and that’s entirely believable; but Becky Lynch can’t pull out all the stops to gain a win over Team B.A.D.? I’ve already barked about the female WWE hero in previous articles, so I’ll move to say I think Lynch will continue in singles competition.

John Deegan:

Probably not. Especially if WWE finally just blows up these Diva teams, as they should. Sasha has had moments where you swore she was ready to walk away from Naomi and Tamina. I am more inclined to say the teams should should be done away with, more than Lynch needing backup. It’s harder to include Team Bellas, since they’ve sort of faded into the background over the last month or so, though that could be changing.

But, assuming WWE thinks keeping Team B.A.D. around is a good idea (it’s not), then yes, I think Becky should get some backup. If it would be Bayley, I doubt it happens until April, following WrestleMania. If it happens before, my money would be on Natalya. But, as Dorathy said, why couldn’t the Lass Kicker be a one Diva wrecking crew, when necessary? Why can’t a Diva “Hulk up” and no-sell in order to clear the ring of a bunch of foes from time to time?

Joseph Lisnow:

It looks like Becky Lynch has no choice but to go solo. Out of the three divas plucked from NXT, she seems be in the worst position. All three ladies are talented. Charlotte’s the star and Sasha Banks is the attention grabber, leaving Becky somewhere stuck in-between. Giving her a partner wouldn’t help her career. Outside of the Bella Twins, finding a partner is a challenge to produce on TV for divas.

I don’t see Becky getting a title run in the near future. Charlotte has another six months with the belt before WWE decides to make changes. By then, the Bella Twins could be relevant or Bayley might debut on the main roster. During that time Becky will have to find a role or face jobber status. After the Royal Rumble, fans might not see Becky in the title picture. If Becky is not in the title scene, then WWE won’t use her for TV.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I’ll be her life partner

    • josh

      Agreed sir.

    • Drama Mustafa #NewNation


    • Someguy


    • The Shockmaster

      No, I’ll be her life partner!

      • MikeLo #NewNation

        No She’ll be mine

  • josh

    She doesn’t need a partner. They need to start having these women wrestle on their own. Be there own person. It’s nice to see them partnered every once in a while but it has ran it course right now for me. It’s time for the NXT ladies to shine on their own. Becky is doing great. Sasha needs to be on her own cause she is great by herself too. As much as I dislike Flair 2.0 she also needs to be on her own without her father. Makes me wonder where she would be if she didn’t have him by her side.

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