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Ask WNZ: Best & Worst Of Payback?

In our first question of the week, it’s a good time for us to take a look back at the week’s big show, Payback. It’s a two part question this time around, as we ask the writers: what was the best part of Payback, and what was the worst?

Dorathy Gass:

Best of payback? Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn. Both superstars put on a stellar match, and considering the challenge of having to perform after Enzo Amore was injured and carried off in a stretcher; I was impressed on how both Zayn and Owens dove right into the match, literally. They were so entertaining, they had me forgetting completely about what had just happened in the tag match. I was also quite impressed with the main event; Styles is incredible in that ring, and should definitely close more pay-per-views. Worst of payback? To no one’s fault, Enzo’s injury was low note. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with Ambrose/Y2J (they didn’t have a terrible match, it just wasn’t what I thought it would be). Lastly, the ladies killed it, once again, however, I really hated the closing of the match, and the Screwjob 2.0 ending; I thought it was lame.

John Deegan:

For me, I will give two best of, and two worst of. I totally agree with Dorathy, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was an awesome match. Beyond that? The McMahon announcement. Well, let me rephrase. The segment itself, I thought it was kind of a dud. Too long (though this could have been drawn out to make up for time due to the short opener). But the decision? Thus far, I think they’ve created an interesting dynamic. I am certain it won’t last, but it will make for some interesting situations.

The worst? Enzo’s injury shortening the tag team match was a huge downer, though I am glad he appears to be OK, and with some luck we will see him and Cass making a run at the tag titles soon enough. And the segment between Vince, Shane and Stephanie. Yes, I liked the outcome, as we all got to see it in play for the main event. But the segment itself….I don’t know. It felt too rehearsed maybe? It was supposed to be almost like a conversation, but it just felt too contrived, in my opinion. For what it was, it could have happened on RAW-because it felt like a RAW-level announcement.

Joe Lisnow:

The best of Payback was seeing how Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and AJ Styles would interact. There’s been talk of Styles turning heel and while the pay per view didn’t confirm my thoughts, this past week of TV has me doubting my initial thoughts. The whole show was far from the best or worst pay per view in the past 24 months. Still, better than 60% of the other main shows. I’m a big fan of leaving the fans shocked and/or surprised (good or bad) as the final image in their head heading to RAW. Styles and Reigns told a good story in and out the ring; making me look forward to how they work with weapons at Extreme Rules. I’m sure they will deliver a better match, worthy of memorable main event for 2016.

The overall show was better than expected as matches were given enough time. Easily, the worst moment was Enzo getting injured. For a few seconds, fans didn’t realize what was happening; neither did the referee. Then referee sees the severity and the tournament final was tossed at this point. That’s fine as health comes first. Watching the 10 minutes the medical staff worked on Enzo showed this was nothing minor. If I was nervous, Enzo, wrestlers at ringside, his friends and family must have been shocked/terrified. He seems to be on the mend, which is fantastic news. Whenever someone gets hurt bad enough in such a tough sport, the injury can still be dangerous years from now.

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