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Ask WNZ: Bret Hart Added To Women’s Title Match

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Looking ahead to Payback, we now have a new wrinkle for the Women’s title match. With all of Ric Flair’s willingness to involve himself in his daughter’s matches, Bret Hart is now interjecting himself on Natalya’s behalf. So, how do we feel about that?

Dorathy Gass:

Anytime Bret Hart can show up to the party, then it’s a good day. I like Bret, always have. The only problem I have with adding Bret into the mix at Payback is it feels like they are replaying the feud these two women had in NXT; and the huge TakeOver match where Hart was in Nattie’s corner, and Flair was in Charlotte’s. I was hoping they would springboard off their past feuds, instead of doing an instant replay. While I do feel Nattie has a shot, and Bret can even out the odds, I have a feeling she won’t. So, in the case, it’s a shame the WWE is bringing him in, only for her to lose. Regardless, these women will put on quite the fight at Payback.

John Deegan:

Count me in,as I am a huge Hart fan. And, given his recent health issues? Having him be healthy enough and able to be participating in any show, in any fashion? Yes please!

Now, I was silly enough that I wasn’t watching NXT when these ladies first went at it. So for me, this is all new and exciting, so I am looking forward to Payback. But, with one caveat.

I said it before, just about Ric being around Charlotte. Heck, even Dr. Phil pointed it out during his guest host stint. Neither woman needs the man in her corner. While I get it, WWE is capitalizing off of the rich and storied history that Hart and Flair have, why not let these very capable women blaze their own trail, and write there entirely new, all-their-own chapter in the book that will detail to the world, the history of the Hart-Flair rivalry.

I am sure WWE is looking at it as a chance to make a big bout be even bigger, but part of me feels it’s insulting, as if Charlotte and Nattie by themselves couldn’t cut it.

But, forget about my soapbox. Getting to see Hart at a WWE event again, regardless of the outcome, should be awesome.

Joseph Lisnow:

I’m shocked that Bret Hart is going to be on WWE TV. He’s had nothing positive to say about the company that made him famous, including comments about working with Natalya at Payback. Plus, Ric Flair and Bret have not love loss.

While I still think Charlotte has this match in the bag, the presence of two Hall of Famers brings more interest. The way Bret acts, this could be his final WWE appearance.

Who knows if Bret will even show or try to perform. He could stand there like a statue to annoy Vince McMahon. While I’m not a huge Bret Hart fan (always been Team Shawn Micheals), seeing his presence makes any show better. Like him or not, he’s a major star in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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  • Zack

    Bret isn’t essential to this. They’re simply trying to recreate the magic that Nattie and Charlotte had in their NXT match, almost down to the last detail. More power to them but it’s not really a big deal.

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