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Ask WNZ: Is Brock Lesnar WWE’s Biggest Star?

WWE Champion
Simply put, after his win at UFC 200 win (minus the alleged failed drug tests), is Brock Lesnar the WWE’s biggest star?

Dorathy Gass:

I can’t remember the last time any superstar, on the current WWE roster, has been plastered all over the media (in such a positive light), like Brock Lesnar has been this past week. With all the buzz, I’d say he’s undoubtedly WWE’s biggest star currently (sorry John Cena). And with all the speculation on whether or not he’d win his UFC 200 match, I’d say the chance Lesnar took on stepping up to the plate and fighting (as well as WWE’s risk of allowing him to do this), has more than paid off. In many ways, by Lesnar fighting in the match, and winning, he’s legitimized the WWE and absolutely placed a spotlight on the organization and brand. He could’ve gotten injured, he could’ve gotten destroyed in the bout; but he didn’t, and in doing so, it’s not only a big win for Lesnar, but a huge win for the WWE.

John Deegan:

This is tough, because I admittedly take some points away for Brock’s part-time status. Because, in fairness, he’s not the only WWE asset who is getting himself all over the news lately. You can call Brock a big crossover star, but you have to also consider John Cena too, seeing as he just hosted the ESPYs and is frequently on GMA, and has hosted a reality show. So I think Cena has at least some claim to that title, too.

Where I would give Brock the edge? He has handled Cena with ease (though, hey, that’s scripted!) and, more importantly, I think a heavyweight win in UFC resonates a bit more in a WWE ring than a hosting gig on an ESPN awards show.

So perhaps I would say he’s WWE’s most feared Superstar? A true legitimate bad a$$, his fighting resume can be rivaled by pretty much no one, past or present, in WWE.

Joseph Lisnow:

Brock Lesnar is WWE’s biggest star and this generation’s greatest crossover athlete. He went from college wrestling sensation and later WWE Champion in his rookie year, which involved winning the King of the Ring, Royal Rumble and taking part in a WrestleMania main event. After leaving WWE, he almost made the NFL before being cut in the last round.

Instead of giving up, Lesnar would join MMA and his second fight was under the UFC banner against former heavyweight champion Frank Mir. He didn’t win in his UFC debut, but would win the belt only a few fights later. He can also claim to be on UFC 100 and UFC 200; both monumental events for the organization. The past few years have seen Lesnar destroy everyone WWE has put in his path. In the years since returning to WWE, John Cena, Triple H and Undertaker are the only ones to defeat him.

And we can never forget Lesnar ending Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak, which might be his biggest accomplishment. My point, Lesnar is the greatest prizefighter in this generation; let alone WWE.

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  • MEH

    I’m going with The Rock

  • Pablo Escobar

    Brock lesnar is the WWE biggest athlete and fighter being successful in WWE, NJPW and UFC and almost in the NFL. The biggest star is of course The Rock with a lot of successful movies.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    hey Deegan, would you take away points from Taker too because he appears only around Mania time? 😛 When was the last time we saw Taker appear on Raw/SD on a weekly basis?
    I used to watch SD regularly to see how the WWE utilized Taker’s persona as the Deadman because they built him like a non living entity so you never really thought of him as a roster guy backstage(like hanging out with other wrestlers waiting for their time slot to wrestle/cut a promo etc).
    10 years ago he would randomly appear between cruiserweight matches and beat them up to send a message to the top guys in storyline. Now he’s just a Mania match guy appearing to collect his Mania paycheck. Atleast Michaels had the decency to bow out of the industry altogether even though he looked to have another 5-10 years of matches in him. Wonder why HBK didn’t take a part time contract to spend more time with his family half a year and wrestle the other half year like these part timers do now.

    Its a shame HBK vs Rock never happened.

  • Mike

    He is a huge star and the most legitimate guy on the roster. But in the world
    Of entertainment and movies ect cena is streets ahead. It’s a different kind of star. Of course the rock is a clear number one. But I wouldn’t even count him. He’s just a movie star that sometimes appears in wwe.

  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    He’s boring now ?

  • BooGonk

    You don’t have to play the good guy, Deegan. We’re all adults here. He’s a Bad a–.

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