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Ask WNZ: When & Where For Cash In?

Almost as big a question as who will cash in, is the matter of when and where?

John Deegan:

I pondered this one quite a bit. There are a few scenarios we haven’t seen, and some we have. I don’t imagine a cash in again at WrestleMania, for example. Probably also not seeing one on the same night, though I would never say never. But for this one, I have two options. One I’d like them to consider, the other being the one I expect to see happen.

Option 1: At a house show. Think about it: we’ve had titles-major ones included-swap hands during a house show, most recent being Samoa Joe winning the NXT title. What better way to boost the interest in these shows than by having a most unexpected cash in? I don’t think this happens, but I think it should at some point.

Option 2: On a live Tuesday SmackDown. This one makes a ton of sense. WWE just announced they are moving SmackDown to Tuesdays and airing it live. What’s something we’ve never seen? A cash in on SmackDown. Now that the show will be live? Any spoiler concerns are moot, and this is absolutely my choice for the where. As for when? I could see this happening right around the debut, but more likely in the Fall.

Joseph Lisnow:

The odds of getting both answers correct here is like winning a $10,000 scratch off. It happens, but not often. To give RAW and SmackDown a bump in viewership, have the title change occur there. A pay per view works, but more people will see RAW and SmackDown.

As for when, I enjoy the person holding the briefcase for as long as possible. The Money in the Bank concept works all year if the briefcase is yet to be cashed in. There’s so much going on with WWE in July that the cash in will be after the draft. SummerSlam works, especially with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins feuding. It’s the perfect opportunity to add someone to the mix or have the former Shield members feud for months by removing the title.

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  • Joe Brown

    Jack Swagger cashed in on Chris Jericho during an episode of Smackdown. The mistakes that are made in articles on the site never seem to surprise me.

    • JMD

      except, it’s never been cashed in on a live smackdown, which i figured you’d pick up on, since the lead in was “moving to a live tuesday smackdown”.
      but hey, surprise, you weren’t right….

      • Joe Brown

        Here’s how it was written….”What’s something we’ve never seen? A cash in on Smackdown.” Doesn’t say anything about a live Smackdown. Actually you’re lead in suggest that since Smackdown is going live, that it would be a good idea to do a cash in. I interpret the English language how it is written. So my correction to your article stands.

        • JMD

          I know what I wrote, I know how I wrote it, I know how it reads. It still says “you’re wrong”. Or, you suck at reading.

          Seriously, point two says what? “On a live Tuesday SmackDown”.

          Do you need me to point it out? On a LIVE Tuesday SmackDown.

          So, yes, if you think you interpret the English language…you failed.

      • biz

        No he is right. The “writers” on this site are a joke. They post whatever they feel like and there is no one to proof read and make sure the information provided is actually factual or just someone’s head cannon.

        A great example would be the multiple articles mentioning a 4th new day member when that wasn’t even teased, or the times that the writers have speculated that Johnny mu do, Rey mysterious, and Jeff hardy might return to wwe at mania this past year even though they were under contract to other promotions.

        But hey, surprise, the writers suck.

        • JMD

          One, in case you missed it, I too am a writer here.

          Two, part of the duties we have, is to create content. Sometimes we speculate, as in “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if so-and-so could come back”. It doesn’t mean we thought they could, or even were available.

          Not saying we couldn’t benefit from editors, and not saying every piece is perfect, but hey, if you (or anyone else) thinks you can write better pieces, why not send us an e-mail and offer up your services. It’s extremely easy to say “the writers suck” when you yourself aren’t a writer. Thus far, every one who has gone there, has opted not to sign on to write for the site. Just saying…

          And, relative to contractual obligations, we’ve all seen wrestlers under contract with one group, show up to work for another. Maybe not a lot. Maybe not often or even lately, but it has happened. If someone is motivated enough, or significantly bankrolled/lawyered up? Never say never.

  • Jakerams

    MITB winner this year should also win the title by other means and not be able to use their briefcase.

    • biz

      It would be cool to see a mr mitb as world champ and when he finally loses his title, he cashed it in to regain his title.

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