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Ask WNZ: Celebrity Inductee Or Not?

We are less than a week away from WrestleMania, and we seem to be missing one thing. There is, as of this writing, no celebrity inductee into the Hall of Fame. Usually, we get a celebrity in each class. So far, the 2016 Class has none. So are we going to have one, and if so, who?

Dorathy Gass:

Its possible, with one more Monday Night RAW and SmackDown to get through before the big event. Rumors have been circulating that it could be television personality Regis Philbin, there was word about inducting the late and great Lemmy from Motorhead, and even Sasha Bank’s cousin, Snoop Dog. I guess only time will tell. All three names have had significant dealings with the WWE, and while it’s a long shot that Lemmy will get inducted this year, I’m gearing towards him. The music he has created for WWE in the past, not to mention Triple H’s music, has been incredible. Still, I’m bias, I’m a fan. Regardless, while this wing of the Hall of Fame is mocked by some fans, in some instances, the induction is deserving, and all three men that I’ve mentioned have played significant roles within the WWE, in the past.

John Deegan:

I would be kind of surprised if there wasn’t one. And honestly, when Lemmy died, I thought for sure he and Motorhead would go in, and with Triple H lined up to be in the main event, or one of the top matches on the card? It just makes sense. If not Lemmy? There are several names who should be in, but are not. You could choose from two boxers-Muhammed Ali, or more recently Floyd Mayweather. You have Cyndi Lauper also not in. My last two favorites who aren’t in? William Shatner and Andy Kaufman. That Kaufman isn’t in seems like a huge travesty. And honestly, outside of Mayweather, I think any of them would make for a nice addition to the Class of 2016.

Joseph Lisnow:

The WWE usually announces the final Hall of Fame entrant the week of WrestleMania, so I do think a celebrity will be getting inducted. I’m going with Snoop Dogg. He’s a major fan of wrestling, appeared at WrestleMania in the past, and is related to Sasha Banks. I understand why most people don’t like the celebrity wing, though Snoop may get a positive reaction. Come on, it is Snoop Dogg after all. If you haven’t heard any of his songs (shame on you), he’ll draw people to watch the ceremony and WrestleMania. I think his speech will be fantastic too based of his TV Roasts appearances. The only concern for WWE, is they might want to have someone near the censor button and to avoid giving talent that interact with Snoop a drug test for a few days because the man does like to smoke lots of marijuana; but WWE frowns upon that kind of behavior. If Snoop doesn’t go in, it’s because he has a prior commitment. Again, he’s related to Sasha Banks and it’s her first WrestleMania, so his presence seems likely.

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  • MEH

    I’m happy with any of the aforementioned names including Liberace and Pam Anderson.

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