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Ask WNZ: John Cena At WrestleMania 32?

It’s still a couple months away, but John Cena did just very recently undergo surgery to repair an injured shoulder. He’s passionate about being there for the big shows, and none are bigger than ‘Mania. So does Cena defy human biology and the surgeon’s timeline for recovery yet again?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m not an injuries expert, but it wouldn’t surprise me if John Cena ended up defying the number of months he should be off, and return for Wrestlemania 32. He’s defied the odds before. I don’t doubt John Cena will return before he’s scheduled to, but I’m still apprehensive to say that he’ll return for Wrestlemania. It’s possible, but not probable simply because of the amount of time we have until the flagship event, and the fact that  a) Super Cena or not, he had surgery, and probably needs at lease six to eight weeks to recover from that, alone, for get about getting his shoulder prepared for physical performances,  b) he is older, and age is a factor and c) I’m no expert on injuries (see above). Would it be (kinda) cool if he returned for Wrestlemania … absolutely (sorry Cena haters). Is it likely? I’d have to say no.

John Deegan:

Will Cena want to? More than likely yes.

Will Cena be physically able to do so? I wouldn’t be on it.

Should Cena? Absolutely not.

Look, when Cena made it back in time for the Rumble a few years back, it was a shock to many. He hadn’t been announced, and everyone figured he was another couple months out. He came into the Rumble at number 30, and it’s a Rumble. You flip guys over the top rope. A wrestling match it is not, in the traditional sense. So by having Cena come back early, but really only to win the Rumble, WWE was taking a caluclated risk-that being, they expected to be able to have him do less, physically, in the Rumble, to set up ‘Mania. And in the 2 months between the Rumble and WrestleMania, his recovery would be more complete. You have him show up, do interviews, and if need be, compete in matches that protect him-tag matches and the like.

WWE does not have that luxury now. No doctor would allow someone to be in the ring less than a month after surgery, the wounds just are not going to be fully healed. The risks of re-injuring that surgical area would be too great. And doing that would likely put him out of action even longer than the projected 6 to 9 months that had been tossed around.

A few years ago, I could see it happening for many reasons. Roster depth was lacking. Cena was hands down “the man”. And, he was younger. He’s not old, don’t get me wrong…but he’s not in his 20’s anymore. He is older, he has more wear and tear on his body than he did the last time he came back fast. Coming back fast, as you get older, is much harder to do (without pharmaceutical assistance).

And even if it is WrestleMania, possibly the biggest one ever, would Cena want that? Used to be an easy answer to give, and while it probably still is, I have to think that he’s slowing himself down a bit. I mean, the guy just took a couple months off, just because. He wasn’t hurt, he just wanted (and earned) time off. I have to think part of that was him realizing he’s not a young guy anymore, and his body needs time off to recover and allow him to continue. I think he understands that there are a number of strong, young Superstars on the roster, and he no longer has to be the only guy shouldering the load.

I won’t say no chance, but it’s so slim at this point. And if he did come back, I wouldn’t blame anyone for questioning what help he got in recovering so quickly.

Joseph Lisnow:

We are talking about John Cena, so he will absolutely be competing at WrestleMania 32. The moment Cena had this injury, he went right into surgery within 48 hours. A few days later when Cena was home, he probably went to work on rehabbing the injury instead of letting it heal. It’s extremely risky to do that and can lead to a worse injury in the middle of rehab.

It’s Cena and he is willing to take that risk, especially with Undertaker waiting for him at WrestleMania. This could be the final shot Cena has against Undertaker and he won’t let it slip away. Cena wasn’t supposed to compete at WrestleMania 24, yet he recovered in three months compared to the six plus months doctors diagnosed. It’s like he’s super human,

If there was ever a Superman of the WWE, it’s Cena. He could break his leg in two places the day before WrestleMania and he would gut it out by dragging his limp body to the ring. That’s the kind of worker Cena is and with all the WWE injuries as of late, the promotion needs “The Champ” at WrestleMania more than ever before. If Cena misses WrestleMania 32 I would be shocked. In four weeks, Cena will be back doing what he loves: entertaining fans as he prepares for Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Cena could however return to do the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. It’s a multi man match and Cena wouldn’t have to carry the load by himself. That would be his and the WWE’s best and safest bet.

  • Zack

    IGF-1 comes to mind….

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??


  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Cena is GOAT

  • Si Nicholls

    Now WWE isn’t selling PPV’s in the traditional sense because of the network in the States, then Cena doesn’t need to be there for the kids to push their parents into buying it any-more. For the adults we already know Rock, Taker, HHH, Lesner, Owens and Ambrose will be there and that’s enough star power to sell the event. The under card is pretty strong as well with Becky, Sasha, hopefully Paige, AJ Styles, New Day, Uso’s, Roman and then the normal fun matches like mitb if they do it this year

  • Lisa

    Lisnow, well said.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      thank you, Lisa. I know we don’t agree on everything. we have found our middle ground with Cena.

      • Lisa

        I guess there’s always a middle ground.

  • Mean Dean

    Human growth hormones and antler oil, that’s what Cena is all about

    • Joseph Lisnow

      if it help him return before WM 32, that’s fine by me.

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