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Ask WNZ: Charlotte Or Becky Lynch?

How about this one to get a debate started: which women’s champion is better, Charlotte or Becky?

Dorathy Gass:

This is really hard to say, as Becky has never held WWE gold; and Charlotte has during her time in NXT and now on the main roster. I love what Charlotte is doing right now in her RAW division; she’s a phenomenal heel and an incredible champion. I think Becky’s win on Sunday was well-deserved, and I can’t wait to see her shine as SD LIVE’s (babyface) alpha female. They are both good, but Becky needs a solid reign before I can really answer that question.

John Deegan:

Who is better right now? Charlotte, if we just stick to the easy metrics, such as title reigns and length of reigns. It’s not even close.

Who do I like more? That’s an entirely different question, which is just a matter of personal opinion, and for my tastes, I prefer a wee little Lass Kicker.

But that’s the thing, really. It isn’t much of a debate yet, and now with the brand split, we don’t know when we will next see these two women duke it out.

Here’s my honest assessment. If I were building a women’s roster from scratch, and just looking at accomplishments, Charlotte would be way ahead. But if I knew who I was getting, I’d likely go in a different direction-though, honestly, there are some other women I’d pick before Becky, even.

It’s fun to debate, sure, but I think, at least right now, the nod is to Charlotte.

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