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Ask WNZ: Who Ends New Day’s Reign?

Wyatt Family
With New Day getting a bit aggressive and challenging the recently-return Wyatts, who do the staff expect to dethrone the current WWE tag team champions?

Dorathy Gass:

Without a doubt, The Wyatt Family will end The New Day’s reign. Sadly, it would’ve been nice to see them break Brian Kendrick and Paul London’s tag team title reign record; but, I do not see that happening. In fact, I am placing an early prediction, and stating, I think The New Day will drop the titles Braun Strowman and Erik Rowan at Battleground.

John Deegan:

The Wyatts, at present, would be the obvious choice. And I do think they’d be a good choice. But the question, for me, is all about timing. I think a Wyatt win at SummerSlam makes a great deal of sense.

However, being less than a month away from breaking the record? And knowing how WWE has liked to see newer entities break records? I have a hunch New Day does drop the belts, but not sooner than SummerSlam. And right now, Bray and his siblings are as good a choice as any.

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  • countyboy98

    Battleground the New Day win by DQ, dropping belts at SummerSlam

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