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Ask WNZ: Was The Engagement Awesome Or Dud?

On April 2, we saw something that was greatly speculated about the week before WrestleMania, and yet was also not expected at times, based on what Cena had previously said on Total Divas. So, how did you feel about the proposal? Was it pointless?

Dorathy Gass:

It wasn’t pointless, but the move continues to make these two look like reality star media junkies. I read somewhere that Nikki Bella was shocked that ‘Jawn’ proposed because, despite the fact that it was splashed everywhere on the internet that he may do this, she didn’t think it was going to happen. Uhm, okay. It was just far too ‘staged’ for my liking; and I am actually one of those people who like both these superstars.

I don’t dislike them anymore, but with Total Divas debuting on the Wednesday after Wrestlemania 33, and with his proposal being splashed everywhere on main stream celebrity media outlets, one can’t help but wonder if this was simply an attempt to gain media coverage for Total Divas and the WWE in general.

John Deegan:

I don’t know if I would say pointless. I mean, if he’s happy and she’s happy, then of course it isn’t pointless. But, I would take issue with doing it on the big stage. Like, fine, it’s a WrestleMania moment that will likely be their favorite WrestleMania moment for all time…but I am one of those guys who thinks the public display, the engagement on the stadium scoreboard and the like, is better off to be avoided. And no, it’s not because there’s always the fear of public rejection (because honestly, if you are popping the question, you better have a pretty good idea she’s going to say yes). It’s because to me, that’s something that is so intimate and so personal, I wouldn’t want to do that in front of such a huge audience. But, it’s also easy for me to say, because I won’t ever have such an opportunity.

But, they did (or rather, he did, because in theory she had no idea he’d actually do it in the ring). And hey, they could, so why not, right? It won’t make me watch Total Divas or anything, so it is what it is. I found it funny, because how many times have we seen the clip of Cena telling her he did not see himself wanting to get married again, or having kids? So, either he’s just shutting her up, or she beat him into submission.

But, so long as they are happy, what do I care?

Joseph Lisnow:

I won’t say pointless. John Cena had a life changing question for Nikki Bella and both seem genuinely happy. I can’t be upset with that. Wrestling can be scripted,  but not love. Fans got a rare chance to see a proposal, which will go down as a WrestleMania moment.

From the start, all signs pointed to the two getting engaged. The announce team noted how family from both sides were ringside; something that doesn’t happen. That should have screamed marriage proposal. Then the match was quickly over with The Miz & Maryse getting destroyed. As Cena and Nikki celebrated on opposite turnbuckles, “The Champ” disappeared. He popped back in the camera’s view along with a microphone and something in his hand. We all knew what was about to happen. I thought Cena’s story about Nikki having surgery and returning was cute. It was a feel good moment and one fans would need after the heartbreak to close WrestleMania.

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  • Mike

    It was what it was. A nice moment, some who are cynical will argue it was staged and others will say it was sweet. It may be a little of both, either way imagine saying you got proposed too at wrestlemania in the middle of the ring. That’s a pretty brilliant and special thing. If you’re a man looking to pick the right time and the best moment, what better way?

  • josh

    They are no Macho Man and Elizabeth. Which is what I thought of immediately when it happened. I think it was just a stunt for their TV show. Didn’t seem genuine to me. More power to them.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    If John didn’t grab the mic and just flat out proposed it wouldn’t have been so corny. People love to see things like that. I proposed to my wife at a World Series game and the people around us cheered even though we didn’t know any of them lol

  • jcice13

    whether or not it was as real as it probably is? you just don’t do it on a wrestling where people have been told by the owner for years that it’s entertainment, this factor alone causes eyebrows to raise, and can we really blame for audience for that…also and this is just my opinion, it was cornball…after all the crap Miz spouted off about the two of them then for them to do that? well again it just makes people wonder….hey I am not saying they won’t get married or they’re not in love or anything negative about their relationship, just that this wasn’t the place for it..and as Ms Gass said, Nikki had to be in on it you just don’t put that on her by surprise

  • The Shockmaster

    A dud

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Feel good moment my peachy arse. The whole segment was a dud.

    You can see it on social media (the ones tht WWE doesn’t control or have some kind of clout with) as well in the live audience. They were dead and didn’t care. Maybe out of some kind of warped respect, they didn’t revolt on the segment Reigns style.

    It was heavily staged and rehearsed, evidenced by Nikki’s uber bad acting skills, and over the top lame proposal by Cena.

    Like many things tht WWE claims to do “for the so called good, and well being of others etc etc” like the Susan B Koman thing, the Warrior Award, Be a Star etc…….this was all done for publicity and media hype and coverage, to expand the promotion, nothing else.

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