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Ask WNZ: Are You Excited For The Rumble?

WWE World Heavyweight title
Simple question, but are you? Do you think WWE has done enough, and booked a strong enough card, to get you excited for 2016’s first PPV?

Dorathy Gass:

I love the Royal Rumble, and as a long time fan, I get excited about watching it every year. Other than Wrestlemania, it truly is my favorite WWE pay-per-view. It also puts us on the Road to Wrestlemania, and this is also my favorite time year! So with that, I’m pretty stoked about the entire card. I’m curious to see who will surprise us during the Rumble match itself, and how it is played out; the WWE World Heavyweight title being on the line certainly does put a twist on things. I’m definitely rooting for Becky Lynch to capture the Divas title in her match against Charlotte; and I’m pretty sure the Last Man Standing match between Ambrose and Owens will not disappoint. The Kalisto/Del Rio match should be pretty solid, and the Usos/The New Day is sure to entertain. So, yes, I suppose the WWE has done enough to excite me, when it comes to the Royal Rumble.

John Deegan:

This card is shaping up, but I don’t think things on RAW have done the PPV any favors. When I look things over on my own, and remind myself it’s the spectacle that is the Royal Rumble, it’s hard not to get excited. But the past couple RAWs have done nothing to really get me over-the-top excited for the show.

I admit, I’ve had concerns or doubts about the show’s lineup. The other matches rarely matter on a Rumble, and they certainly aren’t the focal point-this year more than ever,  with the WWE Champion being decided by way of the Rumble. But how the Rumble has been booked somewhat irked me. I get it, the title is the important thing, so yes it gets focus. But, the overbearing Authority/McMahon beef with Roman has been, in my opinion, overplayed and needs to just move on. Putting the title on the line, one versus all, is a pretty big draw on it’s own, without needing to keep that Authority storyline going.

I will say this. I think the Rumble is one where WWE can get a little bit lax. Meaning, it’s the Rumble. You sell the PPV based on that, not a singles match, not a tag match. You sell it on the Rumble itself, no matter what is at stake, be it the usual number 1 contendership, or now the big title. But I can’t fault WWE for that. I think it’s almost like Christmas…I get excited in part wondering who will surprise us in the Rumble, and how it will unfold. Then, if it disappoints (as last year’s did), you want to take it back. Maybe expectations are tempered, but if they bust out 3 or 4 surprising names, all will be forgiven yet again.

At the end of the day, as it gets closer, I admit. I am getting excited for the show.

Joseph Lisnow:

The Royal Rumble is typically one of the most exciting cards of the year. Sadly, that statement has lost value the past few years; with the most recent Royal Rumbles really flopping. Since WWE announced Roman Reigns as the number one entrant, it took some of the shock value out of the match. With how the past three Rumbles were booked, the event has become all about Reigns. Still, anything can happen in the match and it usually has some surprises that leave everyone pleased.

As for the rest of the card, every match involves a title. The Last Man Standing and Royal Rumble matches will take half of the show. The other several matches will have a quick finish and probably be rushed. The last few Royal Rumbles events have played out terribly, so hopefully WWE fixes the card before they lose another fan.

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  • The Shockmaster

    For me, all the foreshadowing is pointing to either a record-breaking performance from Reigns in yet another attempt to get him over, or HHH getting involved somehow (in the rumble match). Not excited about either prospect.

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