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Ask WNZ: What To Expect From Ambrose – Reign?

WWE World Heavyweight title
After his stunning cash-in at Money in the Bank, we ask the staff: what should we expect from an Ambrose championship reign?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s a hard to say, there is so much going on right now. I hope, Dean Ambrose will have a solid reign with the WWE World Heavyweight title; one that extends for at least six months. Initially, when the Triple Threat match announced for Battleground, I thought things didn’t look so good for Ambrose. I certainly wouldn’t like to see him lose his title during his first defense, and so close to winning it – especially when he’s won it via a cash-in. With the recent suspension of Roman Reigns, I think it’s looking pretty good for Ambrose, it just may be his time to shine as WWE Champion, with a substantial title reign under his belt.

John Deegan:

The question was posed to us before news broke of Roman Reigns’ Wellness suspension, and it only becomes more interesting with that factored in. While watching a title be passed around like a hot potato isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it is.  When Seth Rollins had the title, it was a pretty nice reign, though not approaching historic lengths. But since he was stripped, we’ve had reigns by Reigns, Sheamus, Reigns, Hunter and Reigns again, before Rollins and now Ambrose. So that title belt has gotten around quite a bit lately. For that reason, I think it’s time for a lengthy run with one champion, but I don’t know if we will get it. Admittedly, the instant Rollins captured the gold on Sunday, I was already thinking he’d have the title till next year’s WrestleMania. Obviously, that’s not (yet) in the cards. I think if WWE was wanting to give Ambrose a run, it hopefully wasn’t a token, month long run. If he survives Battleground, I’d like to see him keep it until at least the Rumble. If by then, WWE isn’t quite sure what they want to do with the WM main event, it wouldn’t be absurd to have Ambrose lose and have a refreshing winner of the Rumble-instead of something predictable like an Ambrose win and another Reigns Rumble win. To me, I think the match at Battleground is the key. If he retains, I think we get a reign of a decent length.

Joseph Lisnow:

This whole suspension of Roman Reigns could be the reason Dean Ambrose is now champion; and the same goes for Seth Rollins. I feel like Ambrose being champion is overdue, while still not sure if he can get over as the top person in WWE. Looking back at his former Shield brothers, Rollins succeeded and Reigns never stood a chance of being accepted by fans. It’s almost a game of waiting. We’ll see how Ambrose does with the WWE Championship. If tickets go up and the his fan support grows, then let him run with the title for several months. As for Reigns, he’ll return in 30 days and right in the main event picture. This suspension probably angered top WWE officials and Reigns might have to deal with those consequences after the current storyline ends. If Reigns gets removed from the title picture before the summer ends, it’s safe to say WWE has lost support.

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    “I expect horrible things to happen during Ambrose’s title reigns. He shouldn’t have been champion to begin with.”- Lisa and Jakerams

  • jcice13

    dos anyone really think this title reign will be any more than say to Summerslam?

  • Mike

    I think ambrose will hold the title at least until October/November. He’s fully capable of being the champ. He will work every show and he is great on the mic his matches are always good and sometimes great. He is funny and also can be very serious. Don’t see any downside

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