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Ask WNZ: How Far Can The McMahon Feud Go?

On the March 7 episode of RAW, Vince McMahon made sure things got even more personal than they already had gotten in his program with son Shane. So, just how far can they push the envelope? How far should they push it?

Dorathy Gass:

Vince is a ‘go big or go home’ type of guy, so I imagine the whole program will get far more personal. The beauty of a feud like this, is that it is a storyline where ‘life imitates art’ (or vice-versa in this case), and no one can take ‘personal’ storylines to an entirely different level quite like Vince McMahon; therefore, I imagine this will get more personal, and fast. Shane’s mentioned his sons more than a few times, so I’m wondering if his family will get involved in this to some capacity? While Triple H and Stephanie seem quite guarded when it comes to photographing their daughters, Shane and Marissa don’t seem the same; plus, if the kids are included to some capacity, whose to say they wouldn’t use actors. Regardless, with three weeks away until the big event, it seems pretty inevitable that this McMahon feud will only get more personal.

John Deegan:

I think it can be pushed more, and with several weeks to go, I expect it will be. Whether we get it before or at WrestleMania, I fully expect to see McMahon’s grandchildren brought into it. And why not? I believe around their ages, both Shane and Stephanie had been around and may have even been seen on camera. No, I am not thinking of some active role for them-I am thinking more along the lines of how Mick Foley’s kids made it on to PPV coverage as their father was obliterated by The Rock. The downside of that (especially if you’ve seen Beyond the Mat) is that the kids don’t know it’s fake, or to what degree it’s choreographed. So I could also make a case for keeping them out of it, outside of the mentions in promos.

And, of course, there’s one person we have not heard from yet, and I’d be somewhat surprised if we didn’t between now and April. She, of course, is the matriarch of the McMahon clan, Linda McMahon. I can only imagine she might have something to say about her husband being so hateful toward Shane. Or, perhaps, she sides with her daughter.

And, then there’s that matter of what leverage Shane has over his father. Does it involve the family? So much could happen between now and the match, it’s hard not to imagine it getting more personal.

Joseph Lisnow:

There’s no telling how large a WWE angle can go, especially when the McMahon family is involved. If the WWE keeps the storyline going past WrestleMania (even without Undertaker), then there will be greater importance placed on this whole thing. As of now Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon are the only three family members involved from the most famous wrestling company. There’s a chance Linda McMahon becomes involves, but that seems slim. Now, Triple H getting added to the angle seems likely after WrestleMania. Then there are the McMahon family members (like Shane’s direct family) who haven’t been seen on TV or taken part in storylines. This entire control of RAW angle could last a year. Maybe it’ll turn out pretty good and people will forget the failed WCW invasion and rather remember the current 2016 story. With everything being about family and the McMahons always having more leeway, there is no telling how far the WWE will go. They’ve already crossed into PG-14 and above with the current language.

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  • Meg Matthews

    I think one possibility Shane has over Vince maybe Vince had an affair, maybe a child came along because of it & Shane found out (just a storyline who’d really have an affair with Vince? ?

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