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Ask WNZ: Fastlane Disappointments?

For our final Fastlane question, we are still keeping it simple. Following the PPV, what were you disappointed about?

Dorathy Gass:

The most disappointing aspect of Fastlane was its predictability. I enjoyed the Triple Threat main event in terms of action, I was just disappointed with the outcome. It’s no secret, I do like Roman Reigns, and I did enjoy the momentum wave he was riding into the Royal Rumble. I felt his championship win and reign was solid … however, the momentum he once had heading into the Rumble has stifled a bit, and I think it would’ve been fine to mix things up a bit in terms of the Wrestlemania 32 main event. I’m not at all displeased with seeing Triple H versus Reigns, but Ambrose versus HHH would’ve have been a unique twist. I also had hoped for some kind of turn, either by Reigns or Ambrose, since they had been teasing it so much, for so long, leading up to Fastlane and prior to that point. I’m sure it will happen, at some point.

I also was disappointed with the Divas Championship match; the again the action was good, I didn’t like the outcome.

John Deegan:

The easy one: that WWE stuck to their guns and put Reigns in the ‘Mania main event. I knew they would, but part of me was still hoping for a swerve.

The less easy: No broader story set up by the Divas title match. I fully thought we might get a bit of a series between Charlotte and Brie, but apparently that is over and done with, as one of Becky or Sasha appears to be next in line for the title shots.

The totally easy: Having R-Truth on the card, in just a weird segment and match. The furthering of an R-Truth/Goldust pairing can and should take place on RAW. Or Smackdown. NOT on a PPV, in a time-killing match. That just bugged me. Wasn’t an announced match. I could maybe allow that on the pre-show, but on the main card? in the last hour or so of the show? Questionable.

Joseph Lisnow:

Honestly, Fastlane was okay but nothing special happened. With this being the final PPV before WrestleMania 32, I was hoping WWE would do something memorable. Instead, fans had to watch matches that they’ve seen in the past. If I was writing WWE, Shane McMahon returning at Fastlane would have been the way to go. His return wasn’t announced, so it didn’t matter if it happened a day earlier than planned. Shane would have gotten the internet and social media buzzing, which is where Fastlane failed. It’s tough to produce an amazing card which is sandwiched between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Fastlane needs some kind of gimmick to help it better stand out.

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  • Zohaib Hassan

    I agree with all the points above, but I would like to add one of mine too.

    The Outlook of PPVs’ . I am saying this again and again, and I will continue until WWE does something about it. I want to watch a PPV, that looks different, their outlook and appearance should be different than weekly programming to make them look like a PPV.

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