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Ask WNZ: Fastlane’s Best Match?

It’s time for us to reflect on Fastlane before we kick it into high gear heading toward WrestleMania. This week, our final Fastlane question to the group: What was the best match from the PPV?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s a bit of a toss up between the Ziggler/Owens bout, and the United States Championship Preshow match with Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto; but I’m leaning towards ADR/Kalisto. It seems interesting that we as fans seem to huff about certain matches that make it on the Preshow; but hey, something has to start the show, and as it seems, the WWE higher ups decided on the U.S. title match being placed within the Kickoff.

Not only did I find the match quite entertaining, the storytelling compelling, the outcome was very surprising as well. All in all, a solid match.

John Deegan:

I can concur with Dorathy-she picked two very good matches. I am going in a different direction, however.

For me? Give me AJ Styles and Chris Jericho. Every match these two have had thus far has been money, and this one was no different. As I was watching it, I could not help but daydream about a possible Iron Man match at WrestleMania. In a perfect world, we could get it, and it could even be for a championship. But it won’t be, and I have doubts as to whether we would even get another match between these two in any form at all.

Hopefully the folks pushing the big men will come to the realization that they have some very gifted and talented wrestlers on the roster-guys and gals who can work a match, tell a story and entertain a crowd, but don’t have to necessarily be giants to do so.

 Joseph Lisnow:

I really liked the Chris Jericho – AJ Styles match. The entire feud has been great the trilogy ended with an exclamation point, which should come as no shock. Styles and Jericho have had different careers, but have always been over wherever competing. Besides the final match delivering, it was the short segment afterwards. The two shook hands and I was waiting for Jericho to deliver a low blow as he turns full heel (like he’s done in the past). It didn’t happen, but it was teased with all the tension in the air. The work in the ring was handled phenomenally and the booking was on point.

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  • biz

    Rather then 5 articles 3 paragraphs long about the same ppv, you guys should combine them all into one long article. I like these, just seems you could combine them all into one rather then spending weeks after ppvs talking about what worked and what didn’t.

  • Zohaib Hassan

    with hands down…..Jericho vs. AJ

    • Joseph Lisnow

      they could feud all year and it would never get dull.

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