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Ask WNZ: Does Finn Balor Have A Shot?

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Here’s a simple one, really. On RAW, we saw the main roster debut of Finn Balor. And what a debut it was, as he wound up winning two matches and getting himself a shot at Seth Rollins at SummerSlam-winner becoming the first Universal Champion. So does Finn have a shot, and what do our writers think of it?

Dorathy Gass:

I think the match up will be incredible; but whether or not Finn Balor ‘has a chance’ against Rollins is hard to say. Clearly the WWE thinks quite highly of both Seth and Finn at the moment. Rollins was the number one, overall, draft pick; three-time WWE Champion; was the first in the Shield to hold the championship … and so on, and so on. Rightfully so. He can entertain the crowd, hold a solid main event match, is incredible on the mic, and plays one heck of heel. Then you have Balor, who had quite a main roster debut himself. Huge pop on Monday Night RAW, was included in RAW’s fatal four-way title, and beat Roman Reigns to head to SummerSlam (SS). What a whirlwind, and it was only two weeks ago (or so) that he was on NXT. Quite a large move, in a very short amount of time. The fact that he is main eventing SummerSlam (well, its hard to say if this match will close the pay-per-view, but at the very least, its one of the top ones), says a lot about how high WWE brass is on Balor.

At the end of the day, this is sports entertainment. Balor has all the elements needed to succeed on the main roster, but to go from NXT to becoming RAW’s new champion may be a little too much. Still, I didn’t think Balor was going to win the fatal four-way and semi-final match to move on to SS in the first place (not because of lack of talent, just how things work, most of the time when a superstar debuts); so, you never know

John Deegan:

Does he have a shot? Statistically yes, he does. Either he or Seth is going to win it. Duh. What do I think about it? I think it’s awesome, because getting new people in the main event scene is refreshing.

I think his win means more than just the SummerSlam match. I think it has implications about what top brass think of Roman Reigns to some extent, and perhaps it’s even an indictment of the bigger wrestlers again. Look at it this way (especially if you expand things a bit to include Ambrose/Ziggler): there isn’t a true heavyweight fighting for the belt that we used to know as a Heavyweight Championship. None of the men vying for them weigh more than 250 pounds. I feel like it says a lot that WWE went with Balor over Reigns. They took someone with a clearly more favorable reaction from crowds, but someone who is also extremely talented and athletic, and deserves to be in the conversation as, pound for pound, one of the better wrestlers in WWE.

Considering that I think guys like Bret Hart and HBK gave us better matches than the true heavyweights like Hogan or Nash, I like the direction things appear to be going in with Balor and the rest of the new era. I yearn for another 60 minute Iron Man match for a championship, and with guys like Rollins and Balor, it’s not unthinkable. And it could be epic. I can dream, can’t I?

Joseph Lisnow:

I’m stocked Finn Balor is on the main roster and is already in the title picture. It shows the hype is real. As for winning the new Universal Championship, it’s soon for Balor. Seth Rollins has proven he can be champion and carry the company (let alone a brand). He’s not only proven it, but his first title reign was fun to watch until the unfortunate injury which changed plans. These two guys have the potential for match of the night, which is a challenge as the card is stacked. If Balor can keep his buzz going for a few months and delivers with Rollins, his day as champion will come. It won’t be this year and maybe not in 2017, but his day is coming.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Why do all Ask WNZ articles only involve Dorothy and John? It’s only 2 options but I do respect them both. Maybe it’s time to add more WNZ writers or reach out to us-The Peanut Gallery of WNZ, would make for a good read!

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  • Mike

    Rollins is a two time champ. The win that wasn’t really a win as it was a draw a few weeks back
    On raw cannot count as a title reign. I think Finn has a small chance but of course you’d imagine Rollins will win.

  • Bradley Patterson

    Yes sheamus and Becky run out and help balor and they form a stable and rock

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