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Ask WNZ: Should Free Birds Work With New Day?

WWE Hall of Fame
This one is a bit unique.¬† With the Fabulous Freebirds finally getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, one couldn’t help but drift to thoughts of a certain current WWE tag team, taking a page out of the Freebird Playbook. So, with New Day playing the role of a modern day Freebirds, should the two teams have something to do at WrestleMania?

Dorathy Gass:

I could see a promo with the Freebirds and New Day backstage at Wrestlemania 32, or during the flagship event’s PreShow; and the connection of having these men in a segment like that makes sense. It could also be highly entertaining.

John Deegan:

Before we had New Day defending the tag team titles as a trio, or Demolition, there were the Fabulous Freebirds. I mean, come on folks, we are told on a weekly basis how New Day is defending the titles using Freebird Rules.

So, with that said…should WWE book the two teams to have some WrestleMania moment? I think so. I think it would be absolutely crazy not to. In all likelihood, this may just be something that goes down during the Hall of Fame ceremonies. But, it could certainly be worked in to happen at ‘Mania-after all, we usually get the HOF inductees on the show at some point, even to just tip the proverbial cap to the fans.

Considering they started this whole thing, it absolutely makes sense for the originals to participate on the mainWrestleMania card so that they can have a close-up look at the current iteration of a Freebird-esque team.

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  • Brett in MN

    Considering that two of the three are currently DEAD, that might be a problem.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      3 are dead

    • MEH

      I lol’d at currently dead, bring them back dammit *in VKM voice*

  • MikeLo #NewNation


  • jcice13

    how can they do anything when all the “birds are dead and Hayes is old and fat..let it go I mean who cares any way .does anyone want to see a geriatric PS Hayes? other than accepting the HOF nod that is

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