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Ask WNZ: Could We Be Getting Bullet Club in WWE?

As rumors swirl about a possible AJ Styles signing with WWE (as of the writing of this, nothing had been made official), we wanted to ask the staff what they think about a possible Bullet Club reunion happening in WWE?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s quite possible. From what I am reading, not only is AJ moving to the dark side, but many other talents from that stable and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). Still, before fans get too excited, I don’t know if the WWE will still acknowledge them as the ‘Bullet Club’, as the faction was really created and built popularity in another promotion. But, because of that popularity, it absolutely would make sense to have these men form (or reunite) as a stable, with a similar name or reference as the Bullet Club, in the WWE (whether that be on the main roster, or in NXT). Mind you, the reports I’m reading are indicating that Styles will probably be placed right in the main roster, with potential a small amount of NXT shows, just so he can get his feet wet with the brand.

John Deegan:

I have not seen much of this group, but I’ve been hearing about them for a while now. Here’s my thinking on it. Styles himself has been available for a while now, so why the sudden interest? Was it his lobbying? Was someone lobbying on his behalf? Or has someone in Stamford gone crazy and decided they want to get all the talent they can on their roster, and hope they can keep everyone happy?

Thing is, WWE has problems. Rating are down, and Superstars are dropping like flies. If they have a chance to bring in one-or more-top stars, and with them bring a ready-made, super-over stable? It makes sense. Look, the suits in Stamford love to think of new stuff and not recycle the old stuff, I get it, especially if it’s something they can trademark and sell the crap out of. But, in this case, if bringing Styles and friends over and onto the main scene equals a much needed ratings boost? That’s a no brainer.

Joseph Lisnow:

­­­I think WWE is bringing in some of the group, not everyone. The biggest and most well-known person is AJ Styles, but the other members of Bullet Club (past and present) are some of the best Indy wrestlers around the world. Not in the United States or Europe; the entire world. WWE will comb through the group and see who fits their model for success.

As for WWE using the name ‘Bullet Club’ or acknowledging the group’s previous existence, is tough to call. Vince McMahon likes to have a 100% hands-on approach with his superstars and these individuals became successful with the WWE boss. I feel WWE will have to mention the history between Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and whoever else they plan on signing. I do hope they re-sign Kenny Omega to a developmental deal. I watched him for a few years in Jersey All Pro Wrestling and he was a star from his debut.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    it wont last long wwe will most likely mess it up

    • Lisa

      You’re right about that. They’ll somehow find a way to f*** things up.

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      I think if anything Hunter will put his two cents in instead if letting Vince get involved with BC

  • Philip Hollett

    Just please for the love of God keep the Young Bucks well away from WWE. They others are great, but why would we want The Hardyz MkII when the real Hardys are still wrestling?

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      I want the Bucks Back in WWE…and how are they the Hardyz “Mkll” (whatever that means….I guess that means copies?) Because they’re real brothers? Because one is named Matt? That’s where they comparisons stop…the Bucks are maybe inspired by some things from the Hardy’s but hell they have the rockers Esq attire …they are inspired by their favorite teams growing up and that’s like saying The Bullet Club shouldn’t be in the WWE they are too much like the NWO and a lot those guys in the NWO are still wrestling or Dolph shouldn’t be in WWE because Billy Gunn is still what…that’s a lazy excuse to not like the Bucks…and The Bucks and The Hardys have had matches against each other and they were pretty entertaining

  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    Why couldn’t they still be Bullet Club? NWO was still NWO when they came over from wCw and the phrase “New World Order” is some pretty evil sh? lol and why wouldn’t they talk about AJ, Doc, and Anderson and their BC past and past on the indys…they talked about Joe, Balor, Neville, and hell I think they even talked about El Generico while speaking on Zayn on NXT

    • Lisa

      Well, WWE did purchase WCW including the rights to the NWO brand. The Bullet Club name would never be used on WWE TV.

      • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

        I’m not talking about the purchase I’m talking about the name if they wanted they could make a deal with NJPW

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    They should bring in the Bullet club to feud with the League of Nations.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      League of Nations is no Bullet Club.

  • izakkson

    My idea for debuting them would be to have Bray and the Wyatt family in the ring cutting a promo on the ‘March to Wrestlemania’ special. Have Balor’s music hit and he comes out alone minus face paint and in street clothes. Bray laughs at him and is like “what are you, one man going to do to stop me and my family” then you have Balor walk straight to the ring and get up on the apron but have some kind of hocus pocus and he disappears. Bray loses his s— a little bit but then just laughs again. Follow up on the next Raw you have The Wyatts out again cutting a promo. Balor again comes out alone and in street clothes but this time with a ‘Balor Club’ shirt on. Bray repeats the laughing stick and Balor again walks to the ring and get up on the apron. More hocus pocus with lights going out. The lights come back on and AJ, Gallows and Anderson are on the other 3 aprons. All out brawl incurs. Then you have a few weeks of teasing of a fight but with no actual matches. Then at Wrestlemania you have a 4 vs 4 with The Wyatts out first and The Balor Club debuts all in face paint and demon shit like Finn and they go over after a lengthy back and forth but convincing win.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    AJ could either feud with Finn for a while down in NXT or join the group or jump ahead to the main roster. I don’t see anyone else from the Bullet Club joining WWE. Young Bucks just recently signed a new contract with ROH, Fale and Tonga said they’re staying and Kenny Omega is getting a major push as the new leader of the Bullet Club.

  • The Shockmaster

    Just call them ‘The Wolfpac’ #rehash

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