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Ask WNZ: How Good Can Divas Triple Threat Be?

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At WrestleMania, we should have a number of matches to look forward to. One of them, we know, will be a triple threat match for the Divas Championship. So we ask our writers: just how good can that match be?

Dorathy Gass:

I think pretty darn good to be honest, and I recently wrote an article about it. There are many moments in the past few years that have been markers or milestones in this divas revolution; the ladies still have a ways to go, but I think this Divas Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 32 will be another marker that fans and pro wrestling journalists point to when they talk about how far the divas division has changed, in the future.  I do believe a divas match will someday close a main roster pay-per-view; it’ll take a long while (if ever) to close a Wrestlemania, but I also do think it is a possibility if the women stay focused enough. When they hit one or both of these milestones, people will be pointing to this match a one of the catalysts. These three NXT ladies are blowing up women’s wrestling in a great way, and WM 32 will not be an exception this. I’m so looking forward to this match.

John Deegan:

Taking nothing away from the WWE Championship match, nor the Hell In A Cell match, this match could easily be the match of the night. These three wrestlers are incredibly talented, and incredibly invested in their craft. Notice, folks, that I said wrestlers, not Divas. These three can bring it, as well as any man on the roster can. So if WWE really wanted to be ballsy, and really wanted to make headlines, they could make this one the main event.

OK, I know they probably won’t, and I am pretty sure there’s a general rule that the WWE Title match is the default ‘Mania main event. But that notion aside, these three can be that good.

So, when I am at my keyboard typing up my post-WM32 Nutshell, I really expect this match to be one of the few I am considering for match of the night, and one of these women could very well be star of the night. And, when it’s all said and done, I really expect this to be Sasha’s coming out party.

Joseph Lisnow:

This should be a great match and one of the best encounters on the show. Ever since the divas revolution in the summer, I knew these ladies would meet at WrestleMania. Who would be the face(s) and heel(s) I didn’t know. While there are other top divas in WWE, like Paige and Bayley, the three in the triple threat can be the future of the business. Becky Lynch, Sasha Bank and Charlotte can work storylines for the next six months. They know each so well from NXT, but now the divas are on the main roster. It’s time for that NXT magic to be seen by a much larger audience.

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  • Jonny

    this match will suck. Unless WWE lets them do/go how they did in NXT, then this match will suck

  • Zack

    This must be an NXT style match. Stiff, high spots, counters and move teases by the dozens. No gimmick crap with Flair. Let them steal the show (and they very well could)

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