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Ask WNZ: Happy For Another IC Ladder Match?

Zack Ryder
We saw it coming, but it was finally made official on the penultimate RAW: there will be a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. So, we ask our writers: are you happy to see it?

Dorathy Gass:

No, I’m not. Feels way too déjà vu for me, and it just reminds me once again about what happened to Daniel Bryan, and the fact that he was out after WM 31, and retired recently; and the idea just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I would personally be far more interested in either a one-on-one with Owens and Zayn (or Styles, but that’s not happening). Even a Fatal Four Way between Owens, Ziggler, Zayn, and the Miz would have been better than setting up the exact same match as last year. Heck, Stardust and Ziggler were even in last year’s match. It’s lame. I’m sure the match will be entertaining, but re-doing the same concept (to me) is lame.

John Deegan:

Yes and no. I enjoy ladder matches as much as the next guy…but this wasn’t the one I wanted to see. I am on record as saying I wanted to see another Money In The Bank ladder match. But we aren’t getting one, so it is what it is. I am sure the IC ladder match will be fine,  but here’s my beef with it. We had one last year. It’s beginning to almost feel like lazy or complacent booking. If it had been like, a one on one match? Ladder involved and for the IC strap? That would work, it’s different than last year, and one of the best ladder matches ever-maybe the best one ever-was a one on one match at WrestleMania. I guess, for me, I want the biggest show of the year to have a match or two that we can look forward to every year, but a bunch of matches that are unique and stand on their own. That, and there were two one on one matches that would have been excellent-Owens/Styles, or Owens/Zayn. Both likely would have wound up as better draws, but that’s just my opinion.

Joseph Lisnow:

I’m happy the match is back as it allows several superstars the chance to appear on the main card and ladder matches are always fun to watch. The one downside, is this year’s IC Championship ladder match doesn’t have the names like last year; so it probably won’t top WrestleMania 31’s action or spots. That’s okay to me. Last year’s match some could say stole the show and it might be impossible to top that match. I think Kevin Owens will retain or Sami Zayn wins the belt and they reignite their NXT feud. The WWE could always shock the fans and give some like Zack Ryder the belt. It’s doubtful, but then again anything can happen in this type of match. With all the injuries as of late, let’s just hope nobody gets badly hurt. The competitors are surely going to be sore the next day.

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  • Mike

    I see it as only a very good match, that will be very entertaining. They could make it a wm tradition for the ic title To be defended in a ladder match.

    • MikeLo #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      I hope it’s not a WM tradition lol

      • Mike

        Why. A multi person ladder match is very entertaining and gives people an opportunity to showcase their skills
        On the biggest stage.

  • MikeLo #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


  • Zack

    It’s a cheap comb-over for story development in the IC Title picture. Hopefully they have an entertaining match where half of the guys don’t have too much reason to be in it other than highlights and a WM payoff. And then next year, they can do better for the title. Also, if they want a ladder match, switch over MITB. Put King of the Ring in that monthly slot.

    They might as well unify the US and IC Titles then reintroduce the Cruiserweight Title. A unified IC Title for the guys on their way to the top. A Cruiserweight Title for the guys who realistically won’t be at the top of WWE but who would take pride in their division. The Cruiserweight Title can’t be a spotfest/Lucha title though like it previously was in WWE. It needs the prestige of a world title for guys of the lower weight class.

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