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Ask WNZ: Are Heel Dudleyz Golden?

Wyatt Family
With the apparent heel turn on RAW (I say apparent because, well, not everyone hated what they did), it’s time for us to wonder: will a heel turn increase the chances of a Dudleyz 10th tag team championship?

Dorathy Gass

Anything is possible, but I don’t see them winning the tag team gold anytime soon. The New Day is far to over currently to be dropping the belts, and I really think that The Dudleys turn was really more to help heat up the tag team division and helping gain sympathy for The Usos (as faces), than anything else. I’m not implying that they won’t hit their 10-time championship reign; but I don’t seeing it happening until well after Wrestlemania, maybe even the summer, if it happens at all.

John Deegan

I say yes. But I also thought they’d have won that 10th title by now, so what do I know.

I think it’s time for the grizzled veterans to show the young guys how a heel team, or an anti-hero type team, can run the division. And perhaps this move allows WWE to fully turn New Day, and then things get really interesting.

I will say this. If the Dudleyz haven’t won the tag belts by early Summer, than WWE better have even bigger plans for them. Preferably not a break up. Was thinking more like, make the unthinkable happen, and have a certain other set of tag team brothers return to WWE, challenging Bubba and Devon to determine which team does better with tables, ladders and chairs. And seriously folks, if we don’t get a 10th Dudleyz reign, getting a renewed rivalry with Matt and Jeff? Well, that’s a pretty decent consolation prize, isn’t it?

Joseph Lisnow:

Whenever WWE does a change, whether face to heel or heel to face, it shows renewed interest on the promotion’s part. I didn’t see this heel turn coming until after the Dudleyz had their 10th reign with the titles and WrestleMania 32 passed. The WWE pulled the trigger a little early, which creates buzz around the iconic tag team heading into WrestleMania (maybe their last time on the grandest stage as a team). Personally, I’d rather see a title change as faces but there’s no arguing the Dudleyz make tremendous heels. I recall all their near ECW riots. The Dudleyz got buried by the Wyatt Family the past few months, so maybe the heel turn is needed. I feel come WrestleMania, we’ll have new champs.

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  • Mean Dean

    They need to stop trying to turn guys heel versus the rocks relatives, it keeps on backfiring on wwe creative , last Monday proved that people are even sick of the usos

  • Mike

    I don’t think people are sick of the usos they’re a great team, always a good watch in the ring. Dudleys and bubba in particular cut a brilliant heel promo on smackdown. Which should be spoken about but it’s apprent the writers here don’t watch smackdown, which they should.

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    New Day will lose the titles at Wrestlemania

    • Joseph Lisnow

      they’re so over, they don’t need the titles.

  • biz

    Didn’t this website report a month ago that hardy resigned with TNA? My only complaint with the articles on here is that you guys literally throw so many scenarios out that are impossible to happen. TNA isn’t going to fold in the next 3 months and they aren’t going to let one of their few remaining big names go to the wwe just to be nice.

  • Angry Dragon

    I’m hoping this all leads to The Dudleyz, Usos and The New Day competing in a TLC for the gold at Wrestlemania. Got to break that attendance record, right?

  • Jonny

    Uso’ have been getting mixed to negative reactions as of late. A lot of crowds chant No (instead of So) during their shtick as well. SO the turn is basically for their benifit to help get back some of the fans on their side

  • Big Poppa

    My first thought was, they’re trying to get the Uso’s back over… But as I think about it, I see a triple threat tag team championship match at WM with New Day turning “face” simply because they’re tooo over to stay heel. I think they want the titles on the Uso’s but its clear they’ll get booed at WM. THATS where I see Team 3D winning the championships leaving the newly turned New Day with something to go after. The Uso’s are young & have years ahead of them, they don’t neeeeed the titles right now.

  • Aldrich Yan

    Heel Dudleys , Definitely golden , Heel Dudleys without tables? thats not so gold

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