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Ask WNZ: Who Helps Who More?

It’s time for another round of Ask WNZ. This one is geared toward what happened, on RAW, this week. Specifically, who will end up helping who, more: Enzo and Casso, or John Cena?

Dorathy Gass:

The relationship seems mutually beneficial, but if we had to weigh it out, I’d say John Cena helps Enzo and Cass a little more. They are new to the main roster, and Cena not only has tremendous experience they can learn from, he’s been the face of the WWE for so long. Being in a main event-calibre program will only elevate this tag team, as I said in another article, having Enzo and Cass come in for the save during the July 4th promo between Cena and The Club, only proves just how high WWE brass is on this tag team.

John Deegan:

Honestly? I think Enzo and Cass are doing Cena a favor or two with things. Let’s be blunt, shall we? Cena is as polarizing now as he’s ever been. No matter which pairing WWE came up with, odds are they would be more likable than Cena is, so I see this as a calculated move. In reality, I think such a move is probably more of an attempt to revive Cena as a decent babyface option, even though he’s not even a main guy now.

So in the end, I would say the pairing benefits a few people. Fist, I think it will end up helping anyone who joins up or not, simply because the exposure is a good thing. I think Cena himself  will benefit in ring, even if it is the cheap seats. And sometimes, the cheap ones pay off the best.

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