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Ask WNZ: Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar Fallout?

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In case you missed it, there are reports that, following Lesnar busting Orton open at SummerSlam, Chris Jericho went after the Beast in the backstage area. So, this one seems to be a simple question: will they, or should they, be punished?

Dorathy Gass:

My two cents? No, neither should face any punishment; and I have a couple of reasons to back this up. While yes, their behavior, being two high-level WWE superstars was a poor example to set, both men were reasonable in the entire situation. Now, I’m only going by reports I’ve read, as I wasn’t there to witness the encounter first-hand. From what I gather, Chris Jericho’s reaction to the entire way the main event unfolded was only out of concern for Randy Orton. So, despite the fact that he isn’t WWE management, and he really has no say (even if the bloody ending wasn’t planned) either way, Jericho was only acting out of respect for Orton. Lesnar’s reaction to the entire ordeal could’ve been a lot worse. While punches were almost thrown, they weren’t at the end of the day – only heated words were given. In a world where bias rules anyways (Lesnar really does what he wants, and doesn’t face any repercussions), I’d say both these WWE veterans deserve a break for how everything unfolded.

No one got hurt, and with all they’ve done with the company, the way they both reacted, was justified. All’s well that ends well.

John Deegan:

Backstage scuffles happen, probably a lot more than regular fans even realize. Many might not have even known that Jericho, back in the days of WCW, took umbrage with, and fought (and won) a backstage scrap with Goldberg. There are so many more backstage beefs out there, and some get even more ugly and nasty (or, in some cases, deadly). So, should two prominent veterans be punished? I doubt it, but at the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some form of reprimand just to keep folks in line.

Here’s the issue. Jericho looks out for wrestler safety. But, from what Orton has said, the sequence was planned-though I do wonder if he knew just how badly he was going to get busted open. So while Chris has a point, that as dramatic as the blood can be, the vast majority of wrestling matches nowadays? They don’t have blood. So while it can add something to a match, the Superstars have proven, time and again, that bleeding, whether planned or unplanned, does not need to happen anymore. So he can be mad at Brock, but probably Orton too. Along with whomever in Creative floated the idea, endorsed the idea, or allowed the idea.

I do wonder though-was Jericho lashing out because he was mad that Lesnar busted Orton open? Or was he collectively mad that WWE has given Lesnar such a ridiculously long leash? I mean, if I were a Superstar, and I just saw a bunch of people get suspended, and here’s a big guy who failed not one, but two UFC drug tests, administered by one of the tougher testing facilities in the business…and he’s still on our show? Yeah, I’d have a short fuse too. Maybe he was angered by the fact that, as the New Era rises, Brock is not new. He’s not exciting. He’s just a muscled up guy who throws a lot of German Suplexes, some knees in the corner, and an F5 here or there. People complain about Cena and his five moves of Doom, but here’s Lesnar, an accomplished amateur and MMA guy, and suddenly his arsenal seems to be limited to less than five moves? I’d say Jericho might have had a lot of issues with Brock, not just the elbow that split Randy’s scalp open.

Joseph Lisnow:

I don’t see either person getting punished. Emotions were running high at the end of SummerSlam (especially with the somewhat controversial main event) and that’s what happens when the uncontrollable Brock Lesnar and a veteran Chris Jericho are mixed. It was unprofessional by both men, but not shocking. I think WWE will chalk it up to tempers getting out of control. Now if someone threw a punch, then WWE would probably take action as this incident occurred in the gorilla position and in front of the roster. Plus, Lesnar wrestles sporadically and Jericho comes and goes as he pleases. There’s no point in handing down a punishment if either superstar can easily walk away and return in a few months without disrupting major storylines. But, I know want to see Jericho vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania.

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