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Ask WNZ: Is Jericho A Rumble Threat?

With his surprising return on RAW last week, Chris Jericho announced his entrance in the Royal Rumble. Considering his resume, and the fact that he announced his participation weeks ahead of time, should we think Y2J is a legitimate threat to win it all? Or, is WWE getting rid of all the good surprises too soon?

Dorathy Gass:

I love Chris Jericho (face or heel), but I do not think he is a legit threat  or contender to win the 2016 Royal Rumble, especially now that the stipulations have changed and whomever wins become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. First, it’s not a stretch for a part-timer to win the title, however in Y2J’s circumstance, he is rarely involved in actually WWE storylines because of touring and other Fozzy commitments, as well as time with his family. I remember reading an article where Jericho said he likes staying away from television, as the programs really commit you to the company, and he simply enjoys wrestling for the fans at live events and his condensed WWE schedule at this point in his career. I also don’t think WWE is blowing all the good surprises too soon. It’s really too early to tell. Chris Jericho’s announcement was a way to promote the event, as many on the roster have thrown their hats into the ring (Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Curtis Axel, etc.). I think the bigger surprises (an NXTer entering, potentially an AJ Syles, Triple H maybe?) is still on the horizon for the day of the event, as the match unfolds. I think (hope maybe?) there is more to come.

John Deegan:

My first thoughts? Way too soon to announce a part time star, a surprise entrant such as Jericho. But, maybe he’s going to be back for more than a few shows this time around? WWE needed star power in the Rumble, and Jericho surely gives them that. I then began to think that, by having him announced this far in advance, is it just a matter of wanting added star power for the show? Or are they aiming to build up his credibility and at least have fans believe he is a contender, more than most others in the match?

But on the flip side, you get a fairly big name announced now, as opposed to one of the handful of Superstars that surprise us every year. So, is WWE working to just get all of the surprises out of the way now? Or are they lining up something big for this year’s Rumble? And what could that be? With guys like Rollins and Cena out for a good long while, WWE needs a shot in the arm. Jericho could be that, and Brock is back too. But what would happen if Kurt Angle’s old theme music hit? Or, we got new music and AJ Styles stormed the ring? Or, what if Vince became amnesic and forgot what happened in 2015, and all of a sudden we get Hulk Hogan strutting to the ring? Crazier things have happened, I suppose. And we haven’t even covered the likes of HHH or Sting, among others. WWE might have to get a little creative, but there are some pretty big names (Daniel Bryan!) sitting out there, so the smart money says that, as big as Jericho’s name is, there should be bigger ones yet to come.

Joseph Lisnow:

This year’s Royal Rumble is interesting because of the twist with the title. I think almost anybody (not Bo Dallas) has a shot. Chris Jericho hasn’t had gold in a while and a program with it would be great. Jericho could win the Rumble and then move into a feud with Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns. Jericho’s presence would help elevate the two young stars. Also, the WWE is short on talent with the recent injuries and they keep adding up as WrestleMania draws near. Let Jericho win because it’s something he’s never accomplished. Repeat Rumble winners are boring, so no more Reigns or Brock Lesnar as both seem like the top choice to win this year.

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  • Lisa

    I really do think Jericho will be pushed to the top of the card this time around. Over the past several years he has been underutilized and that has seen him lose his status as a top star in WWE fans’ eyes.
    WWE needs to get things right this time. Give the guy one last big run. He’s a top player – excellent mic skills and great in the ring. He deserves it.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Actually agree with you here. A rumble win along with a heel attitude would give the WWE a much needed boost in the arm. Jericho could teach Roman a lot in a few short months.

  • Si Nicholls

    I would of thought nailed on, the last 4 standing will be Roman & Brock (obviously) then any 2 out of Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Big Irish Lump, Bray Wyatt, HHH and Daniel Bryan. Then either they will somehow get Brock out and Roman wins, or more likely Brock wins and then Roman faces him again at Mania to cement him with a title win over Brock

  • Lemmy Is God

    Why I would like to see Jericho get one last run at the top since he’s always the first to put new talent over, he is no threat

  • Damian Starr

    Jericho would have been announced to try and sell Network subscriptions I guess? But to me WWE have overdone his surprise returns, like it’s obvious he’ll be back when Fozzy aren’t touring…

  • MEH

    Not with that lame Rooty Tooty Booty he’s ain’t lol

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